Saturday, 2 May 2015

Turbulance and Illusions

Decency, respect, kindness and compassion – which is the most mature form of love –  will assist us getting through the storms and challenges of this life

As we move forward in a sea of thought, it is easy to get caught up in the rapids of others’ rhetoric and experience. I would like to point out that this is not always the most prudent route to take. When we move out of the turbulence of experience found in the shallower waters, with its obstacles of fear and doubt, we will find smoother sailing in the deeper flow of love and forgiveness. It is in this atmosphere that we will be able to plot a course of truth, integrity and wisdom with little interference from the unseaworthy crafts of others. Once we are secure in our own inner Knowing, we have the guidance system capable of circumventing or weathering all of the storms of life.
As for those (of us) that continue to be tossed about in the rapids of experience, we will continue to be pummeled by the events in our lives without the rudder that will steer us Home to God until we let go of the material and reach for the life-raft of spiritual awareness. We have to bear in mind here that there is a notable and decisive difference in the definitions and meanings of RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY – the observation is that religion depends on spirituality for its identity and requires rules and regulations to define itself, but spirituality depends on naught as it stands alone and simply is what it is without dependence on anything. As for how this impacts life as we know it, I might offer that it behooves us to seek deeper waters than where the turbulence of life threatens to capsize our craft.
All is not navigable if the "outside" forces ramp up to gale force. Going within to the still safe harbor of our souls is probably the best course of action. Release the rudder that keeps you on the current track and allow yourself to free-float to see where life is taking you. While we may not find the ultimate destination, it will allow us to transcend the storm until the course becomes clearer. All may not be as it appears and it is frequently only when we remove ourselves from the fray that we are able to see the paths around the edges where there is a common ground of experience, waiting to be explored.
Turbulence is a great motivator for change. There may not be an incentive for a course correction until we are jolted awake to perceive things that may not be progressing the way we had planned. Allow the pieces to surface so that you are able to assess the options clearly. All is in the flow of the divine mystery but some routes are easier to navigate than others. Man-made barriers are signs that there are many lessons involved if you attempt to circumvent the direct path on the manifest of your soul's path. All journeys lead Home but some will take longer and cause more bruising if you try to detour away from the inevitable. Allow the inspiration of your soul to be the GPS that will bring you to clarity.
-          Ignoble suffering does not ennoble life
To remain in balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies that rule our universe is simple in approach, but need to be practiced on a continuous basis to achieve: **

·         Actively live life with the following principles at all times:
-          A Balanced Countenance
-          Gentleness
-          Expansion
-          Integrity
·         Actively and consciously – every day –
1.      Free your heart from hatred.
2.      Free your mind from worries.
3.      Live simply.
4.      Give more (of yourself to this life as it is).
5.      Expect less (in the sense of expecting in return).

Physically exercise your body to create that clear air space around any situation, person or yourself.

“You can't hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.”

You will not achieve balance otherwise.

** Please note that the balance of the Feminine and Masculine energies in this paradigm do not refer to female and male; these are related concepts, but are not the same. Our universe cannot survive without both the Feminine and the Masculine, which are one concept and are only seemingly split for reasons of experience – neither is more important than the other and neither depends on any being for their identity. The ONE has two sides, and neither is, or ever will be, whole without the other, regardless of what anyone has to say..

What is meant when we say: ‘We are living in an illusion?’ Does each person have his or her own reality or do we all share one reality?
By definition an illusion is deceptive, something perceived as real but without basis in reality.
The illusion of third density is that there is this one life on Earth, then you die and afterwards, according to many, there’s a nebulous place that’s either a blessed or a hellfire-and-brimstone “afterlife” where you stay forevermore. The reality is that this is but one of many hundreds or many thousands of experiences of a soul that is living in many different forms and locations simultaneously in the universe.
The illusion is that you are your body, your personality, your characteristics, your feelings, your achievements, and incidentally, you have a soul that goes God only knows where when you die. The reality is that you are the soul, a part of God, inseparable from Him/Her and all other souls in this universe; you are having the physical experience that you chose to balance other lifetimes; and you are an eternal being.
The illusion is, according to one’s religious affiliation, that the Supreme Being of this universe is correctly portrayed only by your religion, and His laws as interpreted by your religion are absolute. The reality is that the Supreme Being of this universe is subordinate to Creator, the Supreme Being of the cosmos. The Supreme Being of this universe is an amalgamation of all souls and all life forms throughout this universe and knows every thought and feels every feeling of every life form in this universe. Our universal Supreme Being cannot interfere with Creator’s law of free will when souls veer from their pre-birth agreements; so it is not His “will be done.” Although we commonly say “He,” God (or the Source by your name selection) is the epitome of androgyny, the perfectly balanced male and female energies. He didn’t devise religions—a few of his misguided godself parts did.
The illusion is that evil is the opposite of godliness. The reality is that darkness is the absence of light, the absence of love and spiritual clarity.
The illusion is that Earth is a small, solid planet whose residents are the only verifiable intelligent life in the universe. The reality is that Earth is a soul with a planetary body that is home to beings within, on and above her, and her surface residents for the most part are far less advanced spiritually, intellectually and technologically than many other civilizations.
Yes, each soul has his or her own illusion as it pertains to self, every facet of the lifetime, planet Earth, and the Source of All, but ultimately all will share the same universal reality.

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