Friday, 21 March 2014

Visionary Leadership

It is time for all world leaders, to recognise and be held accountable for their actions. There appears to be little recognition, or awareness, that the choices being made on behalf of the people you all profess to have a duty of care to, affect a whole generation, not merely those who you seek to impress and control in the now.
For too long it has been hoped that humanity would develop greater compassion for one another, but much of those in positions of power lack the spiritual, social and creative vision to help humanity go beyond the current levels of dissatisfaction most humans are feeling.
It is time to awaken everyone to the truth that war is merely a game played by you, the leaders, at the expense of human souls for the possession of power, oil, gas, food or water supplies.

New leaders must arise, with visions that incorporate deep inner fulfillment for all, rather than just some. Radical changes within the oil and chemical industry must be made, if the planet is to continue yielding food and clean water. Greater focus on welfare programmes where people help each other to create a greater sense of achievement and inner fulfillment, must be implemented. The time of decisive change is now. The world is currently a world of unfulfilled dreams, because too many souls have attached themselves to dreams or visions that involve them doing nothing.

The next twelve years offers all of us a great time of spiritual progress. If we are to achieve harmonious, peaceful and fulfilled lives, then all of us must begin with accountability, and focusing consciously on what can be achieved for all. Special emphasis on music and media to create a more loving and peaceful consciousness is important. Rather than using media to instil fear and mistrust, those people with the power to influence, must seek to focus on community projects which create growth and lasting change with the community.
Optimism can remove all boundaries, but for humans to achieve fulfillment and be enriched, they must realise that the only pathway to inner riches, is to share the outer riches.

Governments and media have sought to keep humans isolated. Fear of organisations and groups, which constitute societies, are a threat to those in power. Media has programmed many of us to mistrust human nature, and view social relationships as bad.  The power of the media to sway public opinion, rather than help inspire and promote oneness, must be held accountable; and people must exert their influence by consciously choosing to align themselves to positive experiences, rather than negative experiences.
If the need for negative media is removed, it will cease to exist. It is essential that we all learn to support and inspire each other. We all have the ability to channel collective energies, which can affect the world; but it requires community projects and a guiding vision for our own environment first, before we can link into creating lasting worldly change.

It is time to acknowledge that our level of thinking has determined where we find ourselves today. If your cup is empty, and shows no sign of being refilled, then it is time to realise you must be the one to get up and take your cup elsewhere, so that it can be refilled. The road from childhood to adulthood calls for us to be responsible. Now it is time for us to venture in to creating new foundations; one where we will have greater influence on how our lives and that of generations to come, will unfold.
There has be a vigilant lack of accountability, responsibility and attention to detail over the years, by those who profess to lead and care for others. The focus has been on showing power, rather than creating and working towards a society that seeks to serve all.  Many of us now seek compensation for our woes, rather than exerting control and achieving it for ourselves. 
Rather than waiting for someone else to make life better, or our luck to change, we must all come to realise that change requires action, accountability, responsibility and passion.

Message to our world leaders: If you seek to avoid the disintegration of your countries, it is time you healed your countries by giving the power of transformation back to the people. It is time to work towards creating community spirit, rather than alienation. If you wish to heal the chasm of mistrust and loss of faith, all walls of discrimination and distrust between nations must be removed.  People must be allowed to speak, rather than silenced, because someone fears that what is said, will hurt someone else’s feelings.
It is time to create a consensus from everyone to reflect new values and interests, which promote growth for all. Rather than trying to control those who have voted you into power, it is time to work ‘with’ them and take accountability, so faith and growth is restored. When you seek to control, you create mistrust.
Be warned, that collectively, there is a growing intense sense of injustice from the masses. 
Rather than seeking to attain power, seek to attain unity. Return to your roots. Seek to tending the planet, sharing and growing together, without the need for material chattels to prove your worth in the world.  As leaders of the world, it is time to recognise that people cannot continue paying higher and higher monetary prices, in exchange for comfort and security. If society abandons material attachments, and releases the need to feel secure, a new world of togetherness can be achieved. Security comes from being emotionally attached, not materially attached.
For those of you who individually want to embrace this time of reformation, I ask you to consider ways in which you can help your own community. Whether you opt to buy only local produce, or you seek to support people in your local community; try where you can, to help your own community.
Share your vegetable garden, if you have a tendency to throw away excess food you have grown. Take care of your neighbour's child or ailing parent for an hour. Make an effort to say hello to your neighbour and begin to open the lines of communication. Inspire others within your community with projects, which seek to bring people together.

Consciously choose to be positive, so that your own energies radiate out into the community and the people you come into contact with. Seek to be a vessel of peace. Show kindness and compassion to your fellow brothers and sisters.  Meditate and send light into your community. The more you align your consciousness to one of sharing and giving, rather than taking and controlling, the quicker the emotional rewards will be.
It is never too late to begin being the change you wish to see in the world.

(This article is re-worked and originates elsewhere)

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