Monday, 13 January 2014

Directing the flow of energy..

 Directing the Flow of Energy

If you believe that all is going according to divine plan, you are correct in your assumption. However, this may not be a direct route as you assume. Envision the branching patterns of a dormant tree. While all twigs will evidently connect with the root, there are many side shoots that may take one on a divergent path, leading to the end result. The whole subject of free will means that you have an opportunity to take whatever side route you wish, knowing that it in some way will provide the lessons you require to arrive at the final destination, according to a preconceived plan. All of the lessons will be mastered. You are however able to choose the order and difficulty of the mastery.  

Given this framework, how might you maximize the effectiveness of your journey? It might be suggested that you begin by listening beyond the frequency of the ego to see what calls to you at a primordial level. Where do you feel most at home and in tune with the life around you and with the people who love you for who you are, rather than what you do to enhance their life in material ways? Where do you get the nourishment you require to support your journey in positive ways that you recognize, even if the appearance might be different to the outside world? You alone Know and understand your journey better than anyone. Are you willing to listen to this still, small voice from within or is it drowned out by a chorus of diversions that are there to test your resolve?  

This is a time to become clear as to the purpose of your primary journey. Do the others on your path encourage your efforts at self-discovery or are they sucking you into filling voids in their perceived neediness? While compassion and charity are also qualities to be mastered, are they at the price of self-growth and understanding? This is a win-win operation if you do not abandon one goal at the expense of the other. Allow yourself to grow and flex the muscles of compassion and understanding as you devote more of your energies into the expansion of your outreach beyond your boundaries and you will serve yourself as well as others in the process.

As you redirect the flow of energy in your life it might be beneficial that you give some thought to the amount of time/attention you give to the various things that crowd your plate. Which ones are things that enrich and empower your effectiveness and understanding? Are you so distracted by the wants and needs of others that you neglect the things that would help you be more effective in your life? Perhaps you can be of the greatest service to others by becoming a more effective steward of your energy and abilities so that you can empower rather than enable theirs. How might your "helpfulness" be complicit in keeping others small and reluctant to build up their own muscles of competency? Step back and look at these interactions objectively in order to recognize the patterns in play. Things that are expedient to get the job done may not be the best solution for growth and understanding if they merely prolong the process and allow patterns to become even more entrenched.  

You are in a position to create new pathways for energetic flow. The more conscious of the patterns you are creating and replicating, the more effective you will become in rerouting your life in a more conscious and effective way. Become the thoughts and ideas that will allow you to flow effortlessly on the chosen path or become becalmed in a life diffused with indecision, fear, worry and doubt. It is time time to clean the mirror on your life and get back in the flow.


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