Saturday, 25 January 2014

How living negatively affects your life..

..we are reminded of the beauty of all life, even that which repels.  We are finding forgiveness for that which separates and embracing it into unity.  We are unique and united in this u-n-i-verse.  United in Love, unique in form; informing Love’s expansion.  Your heart expands as you open it.  Find that infinite depth of Love within.  It is the Truth of who you are.

How living negatively affects your live -
Consider this: since when does ‘being realistic' necessarily mean that things will go wrong and that you have to accept that as the truth?

That doesn't mean that being realistic is automatically negative. When you view the world from a ‘realistic' standpoint, you can't help but be negative IF your version of reality is negative.

If your version of reality is negative, you are conditioned to believe that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong and whatever can go right, will probably go wrong too. Your unconsciously held beliefs make you into a negative person without your being aware of it!

So – if this negativity is so ingrained in you that you don't notice it, how do you determine whether you're stuck in a cloud of negative energy that is attracting the wrong people, wrong situations and wrong feelings? And how can you be sure you're not perpetuating that negativity?

Here's a quick quiz to gauge the level of negativity within you:
- Do you complain? All the time or just sometimes?
- Do you often discuss what's wrong in the world more than what's right? This includes the ‘terrible' weather, ‘horrible' traffic, ‘idiotic' government, ‘lousy' economy, ‘stupid' in-laws, etc.
- Do you criticize? All the time or just certain people?
- Are you attracted to drama and disaster (can you unglue yourself from the TV when there's a news story of a disaster and can you avoid getting involved in the lives of dysfunctional celebrities)?
- Do you blame? All the time or just certain situations?
- Do you believe that you have no control over most of your results?
- Do you feel like a victim? Do you talk about people doing things to you?
- Are you grateful for what is or will you be grateful when things finally start going right for you?
- Do you feel like things are happening to you? Or do you feel that they are happening through you?

These last two points are important: If you're not grateful except when things go right, you are negative. Gratitude is positive. If you are grateful for what is (including the unpleasant school of life lessons) then you can invite more and more positive energy into your life.

Believing that things happen to you puts you in the role of victim; then it's easy to be negative because it's convenient to give up that power. So consider this alternative: who or what is to blame when GOOD things happen to you? Do you acknowledge that you are responsible for the good things – as in, you worked hard; you earned it, etc… but blame external events or other people for your failures? So how come, when good things happen, they are a result of what you do, but when bad things happen, they are not your fault?

Nobody likes to hear that. It takes courage to accept that you create your life experience!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are holding on to negative energy to some degree! To clear your negativity and increase your positive outlook, you will need to retrain yourself to choose a positive attitude.

Here's another interesting idea to consider: have you noticed that positive people seem to get what they want out of life, and even if things don't go their way, they still enjoy their lives… while negative people whine and moan about their misfortunes and even the good things in their lives?

Take ownership: “When you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” – the Dalai Lama

Taken and reworked from: LoveorAbove

You can monitor and determine what kind of thought forms you are radiating forth from you by the people you draw into your awareness.

It would be better to not do something for another person than to do it for the wrong reason. Remember, it is the vibrational thought patterns that you are projecting that determine the rightness of an action, not the action itself.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Consciousness change..

It is time for every serious spiritual seeker to stop looking outside of themselves for Light to come to them in some form or another and begin to realize; "I am the Light". This step must be taken if you are to move out of the old third dimensional way of understanding the world. "I am the way, the truth, and the light."--words not spoken simply by and for the master Jesus, but words spoken by him in order to explain to those listening that "I" is not a personal "I", but "I" is the Divine -- the one and only "I" -- your true identity. Since the Divine is all there is, it must also be your real Self - how else could we exist?

We are rapidly reaching the point at which more people are questioning the status quo than not, which is a sure sign of consciousness change. Do not expect change to manifest fully in one moment, but know that evolution on such a grand scale must be a gradual process. We have lived many lifetimes in and of the third dimensional energy that always reflects the pairs of opposites -- experiences that are deeply ingrained physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is what is now clearing, releasing, and bringing about the changes taking place within us. 

This will enable us to hold higher frequencies not present on earth before. Be patient, and know that when we gave our permission to ascend, our Higher Self began the process. We don't have to make it happen, it IS happening for it is the Reality of us all. 

"I" is the name of the Divine and the words "I AM" do not refer to one human being, but to the true essence of every being. "I" is a sacred word. Throughout time and even now, there are those who, through gross ignorance and ego, have misinterpreted this truth to mean that they in their humanhood were God. In this false sense of self they always proceed to set up rules and teachings for others with dire consequences if not obeyed. Their spiritually ignorant followers, more often than not, do experience dire consequences of some sort, for in their choice to follow these false prophets they willingly give away their power.

Many have sought in the past and still seek to find enlightenment through certain practices, churches, teachers, symbols, etc. all of which definitely help lead one to a certain point of enlightenment. However, there comes a point when the spiritual student must let go of these tools, and step into their own power and identity or they will forever be students of truth, never realizing or experiencing truth.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Directing the flow of energy..

 Directing the Flow of Energy

If you believe that all is going according to divine plan, you are correct in your assumption. However, this may not be a direct route as you assume. Envision the branching patterns of a dormant tree. While all twigs will evidently connect with the root, there are many side shoots that may take one on a divergent path, leading to the end result. The whole subject of free will means that you have an opportunity to take whatever side route you wish, knowing that it in some way will provide the lessons you require to arrive at the final destination, according to a preconceived plan. All of the lessons will be mastered. You are however able to choose the order and difficulty of the mastery.  

Given this framework, how might you maximize the effectiveness of your journey? It might be suggested that you begin by listening beyond the frequency of the ego to see what calls to you at a primordial level. Where do you feel most at home and in tune with the life around you and with the people who love you for who you are, rather than what you do to enhance their life in material ways? Where do you get the nourishment you require to support your journey in positive ways that you recognize, even if the appearance might be different to the outside world? You alone Know and understand your journey better than anyone. Are you willing to listen to this still, small voice from within or is it drowned out by a chorus of diversions that are there to test your resolve?  

This is a time to become clear as to the purpose of your primary journey. Do the others on your path encourage your efforts at self-discovery or are they sucking you into filling voids in their perceived neediness? While compassion and charity are also qualities to be mastered, are they at the price of self-growth and understanding? This is a win-win operation if you do not abandon one goal at the expense of the other. Allow yourself to grow and flex the muscles of compassion and understanding as you devote more of your energies into the expansion of your outreach beyond your boundaries and you will serve yourself as well as others in the process.

As you redirect the flow of energy in your life it might be beneficial that you give some thought to the amount of time/attention you give to the various things that crowd your plate. Which ones are things that enrich and empower your effectiveness and understanding? Are you so distracted by the wants and needs of others that you neglect the things that would help you be more effective in your life? Perhaps you can be of the greatest service to others by becoming a more effective steward of your energy and abilities so that you can empower rather than enable theirs. How might your "helpfulness" be complicit in keeping others small and reluctant to build up their own muscles of competency? Step back and look at these interactions objectively in order to recognize the patterns in play. Things that are expedient to get the job done may not be the best solution for growth and understanding if they merely prolong the process and allow patterns to become even more entrenched.  

You are in a position to create new pathways for energetic flow. The more conscious of the patterns you are creating and replicating, the more effective you will become in rerouting your life in a more conscious and effective way. Become the thoughts and ideas that will allow you to flow effortlessly on the chosen path or become becalmed in a life diffused with indecision, fear, worry and doubt. It is time time to clean the mirror on your life and get back in the flow.