Sunday, 4 August 2013


You are victorious or a failure by the power of  attention. 

What you
 think, you create.  Where your attention is, there you are - and you are becoming that.  What you meditate upon, you become.

Attention is power of light in action.  Life is a compelling force.  Your attention to a thing compels life to flow there.  What sets one afire may, by attention to the same thing, put another into despair.

Remember what your concentrated attention upon a given object means.  Your human, or outer self, is the means by which you hold the attention for accomplishment.  Your concentration is your focused attention.  Concentration is an inner force held; of course, the attention is used.

Your attention is your success, or failure. It takes your acknowledgment, acceptance and attention on a thing, to have its blessing.

There is no one thing that can change your life (lifestream) like the attention. Then, there is another discipline; you may focus your attention on discord out here, but not accept the discord in the feelings.

As you connect by your attention to things in the outer world, you make it a part of your world. Nothing can enter your world but that which you invite. How?  By your attention, by discussion. There is no human creation that has power in your world except by the power of your attention. The shadows and discord live by one's attention - feeding your life into them. Where your attention is, there you are - what your attention is upon, that you become. It is imperative to make effort to control the attention. Mastery is attained by controlled attention.

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