Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Being One - a personal message to those on the path of mastery

This "I AM" channeling has been reviewed and posted by Lilac Master:

Being One
The field of play in the third-dimensional world is strewn with the debris of the old and worn out. It behooves you to walk carefully around these impediments to growth and understanding. While the vestiges of the old have been eviscerated, there still remain the carcasses that continue to pollute the landscape. Be aware and therefore forewarned.
As for how you might navigate this hall of mirrors, there are a few suggestions...
This is a time of much change and much in the way of transfer of power. There are those that will try to deceive you that it is "business as usual" but you know better. It behooves you to look deeper at all of the elements in your life and to see whether they are merely holographs of the old or whether they vibrate at the frequency of Love.
First, do not be fearful of questioning even believed aspects of the present. Perhaps things are so because no one had the courage to do so before. Be courageous.
Second, go boldly, wrapped in the cloak of inner Knowing. You have insight and discernment if you choose to embrace it. You Know the right moves to make. Do not allow past programming to convince you otherwise. Embrace your boldness. The new paradigm is being created with a boldness that comes from casting off chains of oppression and refusing to allow the "should" and "musts" of the past enslave you in mediocrity. Be Bold.
Also, be Loving in all that you do. If we are to live in a frequency of Love, we must examine the things in our life that do not share that frequency. If you do not truly Love the "least of these" (even though you might not appreciate their actions) how can you create that reality in your world? Be Love.
There will undoubtedly be those around you tripping in the darkness. Be the Light that helps show the path to others. Those who stumble frequently do so because they do not see the possibilities obscured by the darkness. Share the spark that is kindled deep within you with others so that illumination will rekindle a flame. Be the Light.
Reconnect with the source of your knowledge within you frequently. Recalibration and attunement are part of the periodic maintenance required to assure that you are tuned into the right channel. When something feels out of balance it is frequently because we have lost our connection to the Divine. Stay tuned.
And lastly, we would encourage you to Share with those around you your perceptions of the new world forming. If all are as blind men examining an elephant and reporting their findings, it takes the contribution of all members of the One to envision the whole. Be the link that brings all of the pieces together, whatever that looks like. Become aware of the One that is being revealed.
And so it is...

Monday, 22 July 2013

The Mechanism of Manifestation

The Mechanism of Manifestation
(This revised information is shared with you through Lilac Master
 ‘messages to those on the path of mastery’)

When many of us, when we think about the idea of attempting to manifest something, bringing it into our reality, make it appear, solidify it, crystallize it, make it experiential, are coming from a point of view -- also definitional and belief system related -- that it is something that does not exist in our reality that we are attracting into, that we are bringing into our reality, that somehow it is ephemeral and non-physical and we have to somehow make it solid, make it appear, make it real.

This is not the case! What is representative of our preferences and what we call our desires to manifest already exists in our reality; it is already manifested. The idea of manifestation is not bringing something that doesn't exist into existence, or attracting something over there and bringing it over here. The idea is that what we desire to manifest is already here, already existent, already real. Manifestation is the process of giving ourselves the ability to realize, and to perceive that it is already here. We do not have to do any magical thing to MAKE IT or come into existence. It is already existent; it is already within our sphere of reality. It is just that our belief systems make it invisible to us.

So manifestation is not the process of actually conjuring something out of nothing, it is the process of making the invisible visible, and that simply requires an alteration of perception -- that's all it takes. So we are going to be talking about that idea as well. Let us begin right there:

The idea of one of the mechanisms of manifestation that allows the invisible to become visible is something that uses the power of paradox very strongly. We often talk about the idea of "paradox" as the recognition that we are in a very powerful place right in the center of our power. Because what to us may seem paradoxical, what to us may seem contradictory, two opposing ideas that cannot, necessarily, seem to co-exist, but do co-exist, tells us right then and there that there must be a middle ground from which they both come. And that middle ground, that balance point is our place of power from which we have generated the apparently paradoxical and apparently contradictory concepts. But because we can perceive them both, it tells us that just by the perception of those things alone we are actually in the center of those things. That they come from the center of our being. And that we are simply seeing reflections of the polarity -- expressions of the polarity of creation. But polarity within us combines and interacts in a very specific way to generate our true perfect place of balance, and perfect place of power.

So when we see paradox – we can rejoice. Because it is telling us that we are standing right in the center of our creative self and have the ability to, thus, then, manifest and transform -- and make the invisible visible very quickly.

Let me explain a little bit more clearly about the paradoxical nature of the mechanism of manifestation. Many of us have been taught to think about the idea of manifestation as an issue of intention, as an issue of focus, as an issue of concentration -- and in a sense this is accurate. However, a very important point is often left out, or at the very least sometimes this point is spoken of independently and so no connection is made to the idea as a whole concept. The two seemingly paradoxical issues here are: (1) intention, focus and concentration. And conversely on the other side, what we have often heard about through many metaphysical information sources – (2) the idea of surrender and letting go. These two things are not diametrically opposed, they are not mutually exclusive, and they work together in a whole mechanism. In other words (and thus the secret here) - one direction of the paradoxical mechanism is, the idea of intention, focus and concentration, AND THEN, after that has been done, letting go and surrendering, and letting the intention, focus, and concentration do its job on higher levels. Working these two things, linking these two things together gives us the entire mechanism of manifestation of at least one direction of the energy. We will discuss the other direction in a moment.

But, first, let me amplify this concept by explaining how this connects to the notion of the15 minute time span in the following way -- any time we have a desire, or a preference for a manifestation, the idea, yes, is that it must be representative of our passion, it must become our world. The intention, the focus, in a sense, the concentration is there if that is representative of our passion. Because when something is representative of our passion we are automatically focused on it. We automatically intend it. We will automatically be concentrating all of our attention on that idea because that is what passion does. If we are passionate about something there is no other choice. There is no other consideration, all other things fall by the wayside. That is a true description of the idea of “being in your passion” -- there simply is no other choice.

So there is automatic focus, automatic intention. If then, in what we call a peaceful state, a meditative state, or a focused state, we allow ourselves to image that passionate idea, that manifestation that is desired and feel it and build that energy up in our energy -- in our emotions, in our passion -- build that energy up to a peak over a course of simply 15 minutes and no longer, sometimes even less, when you get proficient at it, you don't always need all 15 minutes, but 15 minutes at the most is all that is necessary for one to activate the idea of the wheels and the gears and put it in motion with regard to the idea of allowing the invisible to become visible, but when you do that, when you build it to a peak, over a course of a few minutes or 15 minutes, the next step is to completely and utterly LET IT GO, FORGET ABOUT IT! STOP CARING ABOUT IT. LET IT GO AND SURRENDER IT UTTERLY TO THE HIGHER SELF. LET THE HIGHER SELF DO THE JOB!!!!

You see physical reality, while apparently complicated at times, is actually not extremely complex. In a sense it is actually built on very simple principles and we don't actually have to do very much to get the ball rolling. Our physical minds are not designed to understand how things are going to happen and how things are going to manifest. The ‘how’ is the purview of the Higher Mind, and because the physical mind does not actually have the capacity, the capability to understand, it is not designed to understand how that is going to happen. All it needs to do is flip the switch and let the Higher Mind do the ‘how’ and the things that are necessary to cause the synchronicities in our lives that need to be there, and the downloads and inspiration that needs to come to us to allow the invisible to become visible -- to allow the manifestation to occur.

So all one needs to do is a little bit, for no longer than 15 minutes; bring that up to a full peak of passion, a full peak of imagination, a full peak of visualization -- however it is that you wish to do it -- with that intensity, that concentration and that focus and then utterly, utterly, utterly let that go.

Now, I cannot emphasize enough the ‘letting go’ part. Because of certain negative beliefs, many of us find it difficult to actually let it go, but that is very important because without the letting go side you don't actually have the whole mechanism engaged. It is important to understand that the intensity, focus and concentration must be paired with the surrendering and the letting go to actually have the whole mechanism of manifestation. This is using the power of paradox built into this idea, to this process, to this Permission Slip.

Letting go means you really know, you really know, you really know that the Higher Mind is doing its job and YOU CAN NOW RELAX. The physical mind can relax. It doesn’t need to do anything else, it can relax, it doesn't need to do anything else. It is not required, nor is it CAPABLE of doing anything else.

So, really, really, really when you know this you can allow your mind, your physical mind, to just let it go; knowing it is in good hands, in a sense, and get on about your day focusing on the next most exciting thing you are capable of taking action on. At the same time, again, you must be clear about your motivations, to ensure that what it is that you are focusing on, what it is you are surrendering to, is truly representative of your highest passion; instead of something that is simply being labeled as such to actually act as an avoidance to what your highest passion actually could be. This is where you have to really be clear, again, about the idea of what beliefs you are dealing with, because many of us often fool ourselves, and trick ourselves, through a negative belief system into thinking that we are acting out of excitement, when in fact, we are actually acting out of anxiety, and covering it up because we are afraid to look at the idea of what it is that actually does excite us because of all the negative beliefs we have attached to it.

So cleaning out your motivational mechanism and finding out what beliefs you have attached to it is the primary first and fundamental process that is required in order to actually use the tool of manifestation in a clear and concise and precise manner. Once you have your motivation clear and you know that what you are focusing on is truly representative of your passion then you will find that this mechanism of manifestation works very, very strongly, and very well; and often very rapidly.

But the idea, again, is that you cannot ‘worry’ it there, you cannot ‘make it happen’, you cannot insist that it happen at a certain time and in a certain way, because then you are, once again, putting conditions on it, you are not allowing yourself to truly let it go, You are not allowing, thus, then, the Higher Mind to do its job. You are actually blocking the entire process by keeping, in a sense, the control, or trying to, keep control of the situation within the physical realm. And the physical realm is not designed to handle energy in that way. It does not have the ability; it does not have the capacity to do the job of the Higher Self. It simply doesn’t work in physical reality that way. It would be as if you dove down under the sea with your snorkel and mask and then instead of allowing yourself to rise to the surface and taking your mask off, and taking your snorkel out of your mouth and taking a breath above the water and then go back under the water, it is as if you are insisting by trying to control it in physical reality, it is as if you are taking off your mask, taking off your snorkel underwater and inhaling and wondering why you start choking, and wondering why you cannot see that far any more, why things are suddenly murky and muddy and why you are suddenly drowning.

The idea is that you must allow yourself, your whole self, to participate in this idea of creation of your reality. And you are not a whole self; you are not a whole person unless you allow the physical mind and the Higher Mind to work in concert. We know that many of us have been taught to think that the idea of the Higher Mind, being that it is non-physical, is somehow not really a part of who we are as persons, it's something else, somewhere else, on another plane, on another level and has nothing to do with what we are supposed to be doing as personalities, in terms of guiding ourselves through life, but that is not the case. In order to actually move through physical reality as a whole person one needs the back and forth, one needs to work in concert, one needs a partnership between the physical mind and Higher Mind, so that you can actually function as a whole person and use each component in the way it was designed to be used. So that you can then allow the mechanism of manifestation in the creation of your reality to work in an effortless and aligned way with the idea of the  vibration of yourself as a total being.

So, the idea of the power of the ‘power of paradox’ in this manifestation mechanism is also working in the opposite direction, for as you allow yourself to have the intensity of focus on your highest passion and you allow that energy to build up to a pin point, a white hot pin point of concentrational focus and imagery and energy and emotional feeling, bringing it to that fever pitch, and then, as you let it go, the idea that is moving in the opposite direction is the issue of concentration and expansion.

The idea here is that as you actually concentrate, in a sense, as you bring things down to a pin point, you're actually raising the frequency, you are actually expanding the frequency of your energy by focusing it down to such a small focus, small passionate pinpoint, you are actually expanding your energy, in a sense, building it up, in that sense, reaching out, letting it expand, because you are now focused solely on your passion, more in alignment with your true core natural self. So your energy will expand as you let go, in a sense, the energy then collapses back to your physical self. But as it has done so, it is similar to what our physicist call "Collapse of the Wave Form". What this means is as you focus and as you concentrate and as you expand and expand and expand your energy bubble, you are containing all probable ways of manifestation that are best for you that could occur. You are expanding your probability net and as soon as you then surrender and let it go, and that energy bubble collapses back down to your immediate reality, you are allowing the bubble to then automatically choose the highest probabilities that will actually help you bring the manifestation into your awareness.

So this is the paradoxical mechanism, as you focus, as you concentrate, as you in a sense, narrow your field of view on the thing that you are most passionate about, you actually expand you bubble of energy probabilities. And as you let it go, as you release, as you surrender, you actually allow the bubble to collapse down to the most likely ways, the paths of least resistance that are there for you to bring the kind of synchronicity into your life that will most likely, most probably allow for that manifestation to occur in the most effortless, most rapid way possible. This is the mechanism to understand.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Understanding and working with the Chakras

Understanding and working with the Chakras is a major step in ones spiritual evolution and leads to increased clarity, energetic sensitivity and what are termed ‘siddhis’.  Siddhis are essentially the development of extra sensory perceptions (telepathy, seeing into the future, etc.) and increased manifestation and creational abilities.  In ancient texts one is warned to proceed with caution because these ‘siddhis’ can be developed before one is ready for their power and they can be misused, which ends up retarding ones spiritual advancement, although, in the grand scheme of things, this is all part of our greater learning, understanding and unfolding.  However, it can lead one astray and even into regression if one is not careful.
Working with, opening and clearing the Chakras often times has the effect of suddenly healing past traumas and clearing the subconscious mind of negative/limiting beliefs developed over the years.  The Chakras store energy and if one is not aware and working with them, they are often blocked and this causes many common symptoms that we attribute to other less ‘metaphysical occurrences’.
- Truth
It is in the chakra system of the human energy system where we find the genetic source codes of the wingmaker abilities and skills for imprinting in the physical body.These abilities and skills for each chakra are listed below in order of their alignment, so study all you can on the chakras before you start the imprinting process.
Chakra Position & Abilities
12th Chakra: The twelfth chakra is our inherited link with the prime creator and the grand porthole network of the Universe energy system of wholeness, and is the aggregate of all dimensions and realities. It is here that we learn the ability of moving through the vertical time line, the hara line and BST time travel.
11th Chakra: The eleventh chakra begins the ascension process on an energy level within the individual. This chakra contains the energetic connections necessary so the individual can manifest advanced spiritual skills, such as travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, telekinesis and instantaneous precipitation of thoughts into matter. this chakra is known as the core star. 11th Chakra (Causal Body) -center for awarenes -color is silver -sound is “oh aah ee”
10th Chakra: The tenth chakra starts to open up the individual will begin to manifest many of the skills they have learned in all of their previous lives. These individuals will seem to excel at anything they undertake and any project they are involved with will take off from their influence. this Chakra is known as the thymus or Soul seat. 10th Chakra (Mental Body) – center for discernment – color is gold – sound is “eh ee eh”
9th Chakra: The ninth chakra is an interesting chakra in that it is in this chakra that all of the Christ abilities lie dormant, waiting to be released and used in the outer and inner worlds. This chakra is known as the Upper Dan Tien. 9th Chakra (Astral Body) – center for knowing – color is white – sound is “aah eee”
8th Chakra: This centre enables the individual to achieve advanced out-of-body projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom. I use the word spiritual here because these abilities and ideas are larger than the self and the earth and is were the ability of remote viewing resides. 8th Chakra (Etheric Body) – center for release – color is black – sound is “ee oh eh”
7th Crown Chakra: Miracle worker, can transcend the laws of nature, total access to the unconscious and the subconscious. 7th Chakra (Crown) – center for inspiration – colors are violet and white – tone is “ohm”
6th The Minds Eye: The third eye is the center of psychic powers and higher intuition. You can receive guidance, channeling, and tune into your higher self. This is the center that enables you to experience telepathy, astral travel and past lives and is the centre linked with the abilities of ESP and Clairvoyance. 6th Chakra (Third Eye) -center for vision – color is indigo – tone is “I”(I)
Fifth Chakra: Clairaudiance is an ability of the 5th chakra. It is the ability to hear information. The 5th chakra is located in the base of the throat, just below the voice box. Many think that our inner dialog is just an overactive brain. We are, however, always receiving information on clairaudiant levels. For example, have you ever tried to figure out how to do something and “a little birdie” tells you what you should do? This is your Clairaudiance at work and the first telepathic chakra and is the center used in meditation. 5th Chakra (Throat or Ether) – center for truth – color is blue – tone is “E”
Fourth Chakra: The heart chakra is the center of compassion. When the heart is open, you transcend the limits of your people, plants, animals, all of life. This is the humanitarian center, you care about social causes, like saving the whales and the planet earth, and is the empathic center in the physical body. 4th Chakra (Heart or Air) – center for joy – colors are green and pink – tone is “A”
Third Chakra: Center of personal power. When the solar plexus is open you have found your unique gift, the work that gives you pleasure and makes you feel fulfilled. One way to find your gift is to consider what you most enjoyed doing when you were a child, this will give you clues about your natural inclinations. In martial arts the third chakra is considered the center of Chi, the life force energy or prana as it is also known and is one of the key chakras used in the technique of invisibility. 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus or Fire) – center for manifestation – color is yellow – tone is “O”
Second Chakra: Clairsentience is an ability of the 2nd chakra. It is the ability to feel energy. The 2nd chakra is located just below the belly button. Clairsentience (also know as psychometry) is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person, place or thing. A clairsentient is an individual who is empathic and senses energies. Energies can be light or heavy, smooth or abrasive, prickly or gentle, peaceful and airy or “good or bad”. For example, when sensing a negative situation a clairsentient may feel sick, while a positive experience may feel like butterflies in the stomach, or a sense of feeling safe, peaceful and light. Learning to discern positive and negative energies can make all the difference when making decisions in life.
Spiritual advisors and counselors use clairsentience to feel and sense the information and thought forms in energy fields. The information about the nature of energies is revealed in colors, lightness, darkness, or emotions such as joy or sadness. Sometimes clairsentients experience a sense of movement or stillness, relaying past, present and future life events. This ability is known to beessential for healers, counselors and therapists, or anyone who works with people – especially a psychic or spiritual advisor. You are processing that information through the 2nd chakra. So when you are feeling energy, validate that you are having a clairsentient experience.Clairsentiance is also one of the main Navigational keys used in teleportation of the physical body. 2nd Chakra (Sacral or Water)-center for creativity-colors are orange and blue-green-tone is “U”
First Chakra: The centre of physical energy and vitality, the energy to succeed in business or material possessions. Center of manifestations throughout the ancient world in historical and mythological stories, the root chakra has been associated with dragons and snakes. Dragons are a symbol for the kundalini fire energy. It is also here that we learn the abilities of grounding and ungrounding from the earth and physical plane through learning to control the Hara line. The Hara line is the anchor in the physical plane so we must learn how to control the hara line for both teleportation and levitation, that is why we can move beyond the planes of existence and use our ability in levitation. 1st Chakra (Base or Root or Earth) – center for courage – colors are red and black – tone is low “U”
Earth Star Chakra: It is your grounding point where body energy is transformed into earth energy and the reverse. A good healthy foot chakra will help you to more easily manifest things physically, as it is the transformer of your thought energy into the earth system and is the anchor to the physical plane.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Story of the Old Soul

Every lifetime that is written upon your DNA's quantum Akashic memory carries engrams of emotion.

You came into the world expecting it to do what it always did. As soon as you started awakening to the truth that you carried in the past, you knew you might have to hide yet again. You might have blocked this from your memory, but it was there, embedded in the Akash. Some of you were burned at the stake. Some of you came back and it all happened again! How many lifetimes does it take, shaman, before you sit and say, "I'm not going to do this again"?

You awakened in a modern society this time. Now you are a Lightworker, but you say, "I'm going to go to the esoteric meetings, but I'm not going to tell others I'm going. Because I'm not going to go through that again." You're careful who you tell about what you believe, because you're tired of swimming upstream and having the current beat you back against the rocks. You're tired of losing family and friends or even jobs because you happen to believe that God is inside you. That is the story of the old soul who is listening to these words.

However, the result of all this is an old soul who comes and stands tall as a Lightworker on Earth, but who also lacks self-worth. That's an oxymoron! How can you have a lighthouse that's uncertain of its own light or if it's doing anything worthwhile? Will the waves come and knock the light out?
You can't help it. Your past is your past.

This turnaround of energy on the planet cannot instantly create giants and heroes of self-worth, especially among those who have practiced in the old energy for so many years. Perhaps you think you are ready for this shift? You are not - not for the energy that's coming. That's what is to be addressed.

There is something coming where you will be able to manifest things only dreamed of, but it's going to take belief, realignment, and new understanding. You are going to have to start some basic survival perceptions that require you to understand that, dimensionally, you are more powerful in areas you cannot see than the ones you can. You weren't taught this in school or by your mother, and you have never practiced this. That's where you stand at this moment. "Well then, what's going to happen?" The answer is that you're going to have to want to change. If you do not actively attempt to change, you will always be floating on the surface like old oil.