Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The question if the world is undergoing change and if humanity is changing with it is no longer an IF or MAYBE; it is a fact.

The current times that we are living in are challenging, to say the least; not that there have not been other challenging times in the history of our species – change and evolution are inevitable, regardless.

What exactly is happening and is going to happen is now slightly less of a concern compared to how we are going to get through this – how will we survive!? 

The fact that we are undergoing an upgrade as a species should not come as a surprise – these things have happened before in the history of the earth and will happen again somewhere along the line.

It is pointless to discuss theories and speculations at this time, but I have some advice to give the world for the short term future on how to handle it all:
The question is: have we found ourselves overindulging in some area(s) of our lives lately? Are we eating chocolate and/or sweet things, for example, like there’s no tomorrow? Have we dropped the ball (or are struggling with it) on our exercise regimes and started hanging out on the couch more hours than is healthy? Have we blown our budgets of late so that now we’re sweating over how to pay the credit card bills next month? HAS LIFE BECOME ALL PLAY AND NO WORK – OR HAS IT GONE TO THE OTHER EXTREME?
In all of these cases we have lost our psychic equilibrium as a species and our collective soul is calling us back to our center.

THE PURPOSE of all of this, right now, is to collectively and individually learn to follow disciplines that serve our growth, not stifle it. It’s important to exercise self-control, but not to be self-denying to the point that it robs all sweetness from our lives… or to be so indulgent that our excesses sicken us.

THE OVERALL LESSON here for our collective development and evolution is to follow a spiritual discipline of moderation and to AVOID EXTREMES OF ANY SORT.
We must allow ourselves to enjoy the nice things in life, but not to let them overrun our good sense. It is notably advisable to give ourselves possibilities that follow a middle way; and remember: the option of “all or nothing” is the one choice that NEVER works. 

(Please note that this message pertains to the times we find ourselves in now as a species, concerning our evolution through the end of this year 2012)

Much love and kindness,

Lilac Master

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