Saturday, 7 April 2012

This world of ours is in yearning for a whole lot of love -

..and unconditional love is the only thing that a spiritual master teaches.
Thus, be open to knowing everything, but believe nothing - you understand and implement the above statement, will determine your level of spiritual mastery.
Spiritual mastery will lead you to the conclusion that there is no such thing as spiritual power – not really. To hold spiritual power over someone or –thing is not spiritual mastery. A spiritual master knows that they can only be master of one thing – and that is themselves.
Mastery of yourself will bring forth the knowledge that free will for every individual deserves paramount respect. It will also teach you that, as a Human, you will give up your free will to allow the inexplicably complicated and extremely talented force-of-that-which-creates to lead you into new creations. It can never stop and never does.
To get to this point, practically speaking? Live your life simply – get rid of the things and people that create drama in your life – and lessen the impact of the given dramatics that our existence brings into our space.

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