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The Inn’s and out’s of personal power..

Ritual and custom is a good thing, but giving your power away by becoming this ritual or that custom is a dead end to your personal growth. Arguing over which colour to wear to which religious festival has zip-dee-doo-daa to do with spiritual maturation. Becoming hooked onto the 7-step whatever-plan will very soon stunt you. To be able to think for yourself after you have read the 7-step plan is the interesting part. I am talking about personal realisation – only after that can we save the world. Much has already been achieved and more will be achieved (if we wish to survive as a species) regarding this realisation of personal power. It is through the realisation of personal power that you will come to realise the unbreakable bond of communal power. Good grief, I sound like I should be wearing Jesus sandals, but the truth remains the truth.
Our current world order still does revolve around money and those who have the most of it will have the most economic/political power. My argument is not against earning money, we all need money to survive in our modern day world and the answer is definitely not to revert to ancient times where people lived in small tribes living off the land. As many modern day people will tell you, this drastic type of action as described above will only result in total chaos…, but the answer is also not to let things go on as if there were no other way. The age-old excuse of not doing something for the benefit of human kind and the survival of our planet (home), because we are too small to make a difference, is now no longer valid and is a sad excuse to avoid looking the truth in the eye. The time that things are starting and will start to go horribly wrong for us is currently happening (the sad thing is that many people know this, but feel too weak to do anything – the what-can-I-do-mentality is rife among humans and exploited by politicians).

If you are 50 – 60y today, the reality of you experiencing this planet running out of oil, e.g., is staring you square in the face.
Read The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann – the facts quoted will widen your eyes.

The belief that our leaders will save us is a fallacy. There are too many leaders out there who are in it for their own gain and those who are honest mostly succumb to the lures and pressures of powerful people who would corrupt and lie to get what they want. The time for one person to emerge who has all the answers to our troubles is not logical any longer. We live in an era of lightning fast communication and media frenzy. In ancient times it was quite acceptable and understandable for one or a few people to make themselves heard, as the world populations were much smaller and closed off as is today. We are part of the cycle of life, which is the creative energy within everything – there is no judgment in what you do, however, we are just as subject to the laws of nature/give and take/cause and effect/karma, or whatever you would call it, as anything else. Whether you believe in a Spirit, God or nothing is your choice and it is no one’s business to force you to believe otherwise. There is an ultimate reality regardless of our choices.

One of the most destructive forces to your own person is your thought. It does not take a professorship to come to this conclusion. Your thoughts have a way of running riot and to invade your space at random with information and speculation that simply serves to tire you. Take the scenario of watching a TV drama, reading an intense book or listening to a story on the radio. You begin imagining delicious expansions on the story line and sometimes it can become totally out of control and even ludicrous – what would we do without our soapies! This leads to your mind being occupied with diddly-squat of anything useful.
Having your thought taken over like this, even if it is about another person whom you might be having issues with, is a waste of energy and will tire you mentally and physically. The solution is to find a constructive option to clear your mind of wasteful thoughts. This could be many things, but I recommend meditation – getting lost in your favourite (calming) music, writing in your journal or sitting still in meditative practice.
Of course you would not be able to do this in the middle of a busy office answering seven phones at the same time with people all about. No, but meditation is a long-term investment that brings your state of mind to a calm stillness in any situation over time. Thus, meditation becomes a way of life. It cannot be used as a quick fix once in a while over a few minutes. To gain the power of a balanced mind that can assist you in controlling harmful thought you need to practice often.
I have been asked the question often enough on what meditations are best suited to any one person. That question has to be answered by the individual him/herself. The best that I can do here is to say that all meditation is beneficial to some degree, whether it is meditation in exercise, sitting positions or whatever; the ultimate goal of meditation is to bring the meditator’s mind to a focal point of concentration.

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Realizing Your Authority. Copyright ©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.

All rights reserved.

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It is not until our belief systems are wholly broken down and our faiths shattered that we can even begin to understand some slithers of truth about life.
One way to comprehend all of this is to constantly remind oneself that there is always the infinitely bigger picture that defies comprehension.

With much love & regards,
Life-Force Channeler

True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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