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Leslie Temple-Thurston brought out a CD called Impeccability – it is inviting, calm and full of truth. The word – impeccability – is quite a loaded word and indicates, to me, a way of life: Have you ever felt out of sorts with your living space? Hark those words that your mother might have spoken about keeping your room clean! There is much to be said for a tidy living space.

If you do not feel good about whom you are, whether you realise it or not, you will project an unseen image of low self esteem and this will only lure people who wish to lay prey to your loss of self-worth.

Ask yourself the question:
“Does this truly work for me or not?” Now, based on your level of consciousness, your answer might not be the same as your neighbour’s, and that is not to be judged.
It is not about who is right or wrong, it is always a question of: “Is this workable for me in light of my personal growth, or not?” This personal growth is always spiritual no matter what the situation, because that is all there is. So the choice you make is one of workability for you – God is not going to judge your choice – Divinity does not judge. Your choice is your own, just be aware that all thoughts and actions (no matter what they are) have their own set of consequences. So the question is simple: Are you prepared to accept the possible and probable consequences (positive and negative) of the given situation? Think about this, it will be wise to do so.
There are many issues in the media that simply serve to reinforce our own perceptions of life and diffuse our spiritual sight.
Spiritual sight is not the insight of a guru or master on a mountaintop; it can be, but I am not intentionally giving it a religious or esoteric meaning here. It is the second sight you acquire to be able to witness your own actions, but not to judge them.

It is when you expect things in return that people, including friends, can disappoint you.

So many times I have had the question about the validity of past symbols in our modern era. This includes religious and esoteric symbols of healing and knowledge.
I refer now directly to those lovelies who used to be on board with bright new ideas, but lately have withdrawn their light, because of the fear of change.
I say to those who refuse to change that GOD IS CHANGE – AND THAT IS THE ONLY CONSTANT.
Then there is also the use of symbolism and ceremony, which is a good thing to use when you want to celebrate an emotional victory or to signify the breaking away from/of something, such as a ceremonial dance or simply the burning of a piece of paper with some words or symbols written on it to signify the end of something in your life. It is healthy to do this, as the situation creates an energy that results in a particular mindset, so do not scoff at it for it has great value. It is simply something that is tangible to us and serves to give it concrete meaning.
The goal here is to continuously move away from situations that produce negative thought patterns (like mulling/worrying over something or someone) and negative imagery (like violence on television) and distance yourself from willingly taking part in negative ego-talk (like arguments and ego-puffing – a defensive behaviour to protect the ego from imagined insult). It is extremely tempting to indulge in drama; the small ego thrives on this.

As within, so without.
Quaint words you might say, but oh so true. It is astonishing to think how many straightforward answers there are to life, but they are simply ignored as quaint words and phrases, never to be taken seriously or deemed as too silly and direct to have any real bearing on the way we run our lives or how our governments rule our countries.
Herein lies the awkward silence of truth recognised, but ignored for the benefit of psychological comfort.
The age-old question of how we as a species are going to survive given all the signs to the contrary linger on almost everybody’s mind. The only way we will achieve domestic harmony and international peace – for the most part – would be for, at least, most people to agree on a single concept regarding our outlook on life.  
That agreement is none other than a spiritual one. Whether you believe in a god or follow whatever type of religion or spiritual path, or not, is pointless if no one will be left around to continue these beliefs. Whether you feel yourself to be spiritually minded or not, is so totally not the point, it is the basis of our existence as humans and Divinity’s experience as Humanity.  Having respect for different beliefs and people of other cultures is paramount to our survival. You might think yourself above this and pride yourself in your accomplishment of giving other people their own space; this is a sign of stagnation and should be guarded against. To think that you would ever stop growing and experiencing, even beyond your human form, is right up there in the cuckoo’s nest – not only in the nest, but well hidden under mommy cuckoo.  
When you begin to sense that integrity in all things is the most important attribute in life irrespective of your belief structure, then you have mastered a great feat. The only thing remaining now is to implement it. And how to do this? The answer is simple, yet complex in our way of life: Do unto others, as you would have them do onto you. Although a simple sentence, it is a complex concept for most. How on earth is humanity going to do this? It goes against the rules of our civilised way of life. Think about it…
Even our ancient prophets and also today’s prophets had/have issues with this. For most it would be an impossibility to achieve given our current world order. There is not enough trust and honesty you might say. This is true for now, but if we wish to survive as a species, then there is no alternative. What to do then? Realise who you are, even if the full picture will be hidden from you.
You are a spiritual being of great glory and incomprehensible grandness, all of humanity is.
“Those who wish to wait in their choice, thinking, is this real? will have a harder time making any kind of decision. Whereas we have told you that God works slowly and that you have plenty of time to do this and that, here is one subject that’s now at hand, even in this room… even as you read. You’re not alone in this. Have you noticed that governments are having to wrestle with the same thing? So are corporations. So is organized religion on Earth! It’s all around you, and at some point you have to take notice, and ‘connect the dots’,”… …“as it describes a Human in recognition of a situation.”
“Some are asking, ““What am I going to do with this question?”” If it’s true that you’re eternal and that you’re only here for a short time, hiding in duality, then the real test is for you to find out if this is actually so! This is a good start. Unfortunately, there will be no empirical proof for you, as there is in 4D science with other questions of physics. Instead there will be interdimensional proof… all around you. Will you let your cells talk to you about this? They know. Will you let your emotional-self marry the intellectual-self and give you an answer? It requires that you let go of old paradigms and ask God, ““Please tell me what it is I should know.”” Then within free choice, it’s up to you to decide if any of this is spiritual fact or not.”
Quoted from the Kryon Channelling: Perceptions of Masterhood II.
You can choose to read the above words as hooey and esoteric jargon, or place value in the meaning it conveys to humanity’s continued existence.

We have a responsibility to ourselves.

            Excerpt quoted from:
Realizing Your Authority. Copyright ©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.

All rights reserved.

Realizing Your Authority / Jacques Ractliffe - 1st. ed.
            ISBN 0-620-35660-X 
                        1. Cape Town (SA) – Non-Fiction.
            G.T.I.N: 97880600356608
With much love & regards,
Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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