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Belief vs Knowing (2)

Quoted from a piece that was written by Lee Carrol in the 10th Kryon book about channelling…
"Channeling, by its basic definition, is actually the way that all scriptures on Earth were written, the Holy Bible among them. Think about it. When you stop to consider who wrote the Bible, you begin to realize that Humans did. When you then further examine how that all came to be, you begin to understand how channeling worked to bring us spiritual energies back then and perhaps continues to fit into ongoing spiritual information today.
After the death of Christ, the man called Saul became the apostle Paul and a follower. After he had his spiritual experience on the road to Damascus with an Angel (who some say was Christ), he was a changed man. With his newfound excitement – and while in prison for his beliefs – he then wrote letters to friends in Ephesia, to his friend Timothy, to the Galactians, and Corinthians, among others. He was a highly spiritual man, one who founded many Christian churches and helped guide the doctrine, but when he was writing letters to friends, he probably had no idea that his words would be seen someday as the holy word of God.
Long after Paul’s death, his letters were discovered and slowly became scripture. So, you might ask, what was it that made simple letters to friends become Holy Scripture? The answer is that it was the energy of the words and the profundity of the information, as seen and examined by other Humans of the faith. This is channeling at its best!
About 1,400 years ago, the prophet Muhammad had a similar experience. He received information directly from an angel, and it spawned the nation of Islam, a huge spiritual belief system on the planet today. By the way, before you go to the next thought, I’d like to remind you of the prophet’s basic message: unity! On the record is the fact that this great prophet was to unify the tribes of the Arabs and give them one God, the God of Israel! I tell you this to remind you that in only 1,400 years, you get to see what men of power have done to a divine message that you might not be as familiar with as you are with our Western religions.
The Pope, representing more than one billion Catholics on the planet (almost a sixth of the world’s population), also channels (but don’t tell him that). The church authorizes a system where he sits in the “Chair of St. Peter” (a Vatican relic) and gives spiritual information. This information, according to ancient church doctrine, is absolutely infallible at the moment the Pope gives it (not later after processing), and comes directly from God. The process is called Excathedra (Latin for “from the chair”) and it’s the Pope… channeling! Charismatic Christians have a real-time information system called Glossolalia, or “speaking in tongues”, whereby one person gives a message in a worship service in a strange language that they don’t know, and another will often stand and interpret it. When it’s not a show (sometimes it is), these messages are uplifting, and are accepted as messages from God –channeling, once again.
The actual definition of channeling is ““the word of Spirit (or God) as given to a Human or Humans for their enlightenment and information.”” In recorded history, it was often given by a messenger-angel who started the conversation with “Fear not.” (Own insert: I always wondered about that until I realised that having an inter-dimensional creature unexpectedly show up, walking through walls, might be a very frightening experience!) Those two words also carry a larger message: An angel of God will never give you a message of fear. It’s often one of liberation, escape, fulfilment, action instructions, or just plain joy! Today’s channeling messages haven’t changed in this respect, in that they’re still often given by an angelic entity who first speaks of the love of God.”
What has caused some of the greatest struggles in history on earth? Spiritual arrogance! The notion that only a handful of certain people have been picked out who qualify for redemption is what has been behind murders, massacres, vengeance, retaliation and wars. Our ideas about whom and what God is has caused more pain and suffering than anything else within humanity. Whether you read the Bhagavad-Gita, the Book of Mormon, the I Ching, the Talmud, the Yoga-sutras, etc,etc,etc, does not qualify you to condemn another or relegate their belief to a blasphemy, just because it does not agree in totality with your own. There is nothing wrong with having different interpretations. Why haggle over the meaning of words in the Quar’an or what the Bible says? Have we truly listened to what our holy books are saying or are we content with the watered down interpretations given us by so-called experts? The basic message of all the scriptures is the same; it is the interpretation that differs from culture to culture. Enrich your knowledge and read, but I caution you to read with an open mind and an attitude that will prevent you from becoming a slave to what a certain book says. People, even those who are divinely inspired, still write books by their own hand and people have their own thoughts about things and interpret things in a way they are able to understand.
You can only ever be Love by approaching EVERYTHING with love.
Think of the arrogance displayed by some people in the work place, does it get them anywhere? It most certainly does not inspire respect. You are very susceptible to becoming arrogant during your spiritual journey; the temptation to think yourself superior to another person or culture or nation is very subtle in the sense that you will probably not even notice this arrogance until someone points it out to you. Arrogance is sometimes so blinding that the person, culture or nation would never believe you even if you did point it out. Think of the self-importance that countries have heaped upon themselves because of the international aid that they provide (if only that aid was as large as their arms budgets). Even gestures of love have become a platform of arrogance. A spiritual master knows that arrogance and pride is the downfall of humanity. Everybody suffers from a bit of arrogance and pride now and again, even our most revered spiritual leaders, the point is not to judge yourself, but to be able to recognise this and correct your behaviour. Even so, there will always be those who will only judge each other by what they deem as their worst actions and see those people as unworthy or worse yet, a people that should be pitied and led toward the right path.
As stated in the Bible, in the book of Jacob, you should never say that it was God that tempted you, because God cannot be tempted and God does not lead anybody into temptation; because people lead themselves into temptation through their own desires.
Belief creates behaviour.
I once met a woman who placed great value in her spiritual knowledge. She was brought up in the Hindu belief and also displayed great appreciation for the more new age beliefs of e.g. the power of crystals, had studied Energy Healing and believed in regression therapy.
She cornered me one day and sat me down and we had a wonderful discussion about these things. She stated that she would truly want to just have one day without any seeming worries, and to be fancy free. The one thing I very soon noticed was that, even though she displayed an open mind about these spiritual topics, she was tied down by her beliefs. It is good and necessary to have beliefs, but not to the extent that would lead one into an obscurity of worrying. My goodness, can you imagine? Running to the esoteric store to find a particular crystal or incense that you must have now or the world will come to an end. The same goes for a person who would be going to church or join a monastery simply to avoid going to hell. The concept of hell and the consequent use of it as a tool to get people to obey their spiritual superiors is not part of what The-All-That-Is is, but it is your choice to experience that if you wish.
Being too caught up in the details of a belief structure, or basing your way of life on it to such an extent that you feel you hardly have room to breathe, is a sure-fire recipe for disappointment and disillusion and will only lead to frustration and unhappiness.
Don’t get me wrong – following traditions can be very rewarding in itself. It is foolhardy to poo-poo something that has meaning to another, but that does not mean that because you might wind a turban around your head every morning and hum to a crystal that you will achieve spiritual enlightenment (where am I going to find a turban at this time on a Sunday afternoon?), or by going to church every Sunday, God forgives you for being an absolute doofus to other people during the week and so we save the earth from eternal damnation. Good heavens, no!
Life is like soup – there are complex chemical reactions taking place to produce the various flavours and textures.
You are as much part of the soup as anybody else.
Seriously though, if you would like to read more about the soup theory, the meaning of ascension, what guides are and the validity of meditation, then purchase Kryon book 10 – A New Dispensation (Plain Talk for Confusing Times), authored by Lee Carrol and read chapter 7, or go to and access the channelling section and find the channelling on What’s New and What’s Not.
Excerpt quoted from:
Realizing Your Authority. Copyright©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.
All rights reserved.
Realizing Your Authority / Jacques Ractliffe - 1st. ed.
ISBN 0-620-35660-X
1. Cape Town (SA) – Non-Fiction.
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Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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