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Belief vs Knowing

Belief vs Knowing

There is such a myriad of books out in the world relating to spiritual topics that it gets a bit confusing to try and decide which books are the right ones.
There are no right or wrong ones; it is a matter of preference considering who you are as a person and where you are in your spiritual growth.
The goal is to become discerning about your reading habits regarding your choice of spiritual reading matter.
Some might find that their inner being resonates more with books based in mysticism and others might prefer esotericism, etc.  
The judgment call here, if we were to call it that, is one whereby we should steer away from becoming transfixed on and with one particular subject; in effect becoming its slave.
A master knows that true knowledge comes through the respect of diversity.
Enlightenment is not a thing that just happens once (and I am speaking of the word enlightenment in the sense of: to give more knowledge to someone). A person grows and matures mentally in stages, not in one day. The same when we use the word enlightenment in a spiritual sense – to receive clarity of thought regarding a situation(s).
I use the story of the appreciative healer as an example: A widowed mother who for some years had been suffering from a rare bone disease, had in a final attempt to seek a cure, gone to a well known spiritual healer. When the healer asked her if she believed that God would cure her, she responded: “…I don’t know…”. These words brought tears to the healer’s eyes and warmth to his heart. Not for any other reason than the widow’s unwavering honesty.
Unless you are able to be blatantly honest with yourself and to have the courage to inspect the best and worst traits regarding your self, you will continue to live in a world of controversy to which you have no resistance. If you turn away from your personality, unable to inspect your inner desires without pure intent to really have a look, then you are lying to yourself and others will pick up on this vibration, whether consciously or unconsciously.
Being spiritually enlightened and living practically with the knowledge that you are Divine Essence does not free you from the mundane (…e.g. the receiver of revenue), but it alters your perception and experience of events. The more you come to believe this (for it is your belief structure that must change for your perception to change) the more you will know the meaning of Light.
Even when you understand what the Light is, there is still no point in living as if biding time until your physical vehicle dies; that is not living Life.

Light, Life and Love – it is the same thing.

How do you know that what you are reading and/or hearing is true? Channellers of the current New Age will tell you that you will be able to feel the difference. This will be a perceived feeling; a sense of the energy that surrounds any situation. A true Spirit-filled message is always saturated with love and there is no ego present.
Beware of any persons or organisations who give forth a so-called spiritual message on behalf of a person or organisation and who tells you that his/her/its message is only for a special few.
That which is Spirit will never deliver a message that is exclusive or violates the integrity of any being. 
 How to discern if a person calling themselves a channeller is for real? People that truly channel spiritual information will never represent themselves as the only source of information.
We do not need gurus and masters to give us procedures for enlightenment, but they are very necessary and helpful for many people, as they serve to shine light and understanding on the path of enlightenment.
The guidelines for discernment on this subject can be found in the article Guidelines for Spiritual Discernment (1987) – in the New Realities magazine – also available in Kryon book 10 A New Dispensation (Plain Talk for Confusing Times) and on the Kryon website,
       It is a good rule of thumb, in spiritual matters, to be aware of any institution that specifically asks for membership and/or asks you to follow any human being (or, for that matter, any being), past or present.
Also, it is unwise to become emotionally dependant on friends, family, a spouse or even intuition.
Probably one of the most difficult mindsets to wrap around, currently, is the belief that we are communicating with ourselves, which would imply that we are part of The-All-That-Is – many call it God.
Then what about the so-called unbelievers?
How much you actually wish to participate or wish other people to participate in something that highlights our divinity, is up to every individual human being. Free choice is always highly respected by Spirit.

            Excerpt quoted from:
Realizing Your Authority. Copyright ©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.

All rights reserved.

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Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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