Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The energy of life

The energy of life

What is God?

God is the energy that flows through everything, it is the breath that you take, it is the other person you see, it is the tree in the park, the boulder on the hilltop, and it is you and me. God is in the worst manifestation of criminality; he/she/it is the poet, musician, prophet and also present in the best scientific brain. I could go on and write a nice long poem, but where would that get anyone? God is, and that is that.
If you have been taught that what we call God is actually a being that sits somewhere on a throne, ready to dish out punishment and reward, then you are under a false impression. I am not going out of my way to insult or belittle any religion or spiritual path, for many roads lead to the Divine. We are not here to learn what we did wrong or right to have deserved the lives we live. We are not here to mend our broken ways or to succumb to a person of authority, people who call themselves experts in the field – and we have to listen to them, because they know best. No, listen and use what is best for you, do not listen and obey out of fear.
One of the best analogies of where Spirit comes from and how we (Spirit) belong, I found in The Book of Life by Michael Sharp. This is not new information to Spirit and can be found in different forms in other places here on earth, but it is awesome nonetheless and will be new information to many.
The reason that so many people write similarly about spirituality (and I am referring to the recent writings that have become known by humanity as the ‘new, new age’ or ‘now age’) is not because they are copying each other or have run out of things to say, but because it is so important – and there are many ways to say one thing, but there may only be a few which you or I understand.
God / Spirit / Allah / Buddha / Divinity…  is “I”, and “I” am AWARENESS (not the mind).
Unless you truly understand what is meant by the awareness of the “I” and the meaning of the statement “I am the Light / you are the Light”, you will not understand it, and that is as it should be. No one can make another understand his or her perspective. It is purely only what I can describe as an “ahh…” moment, a moment of enlightenment if you will – and there will most probably be several progressions of this light bulb scenario on the same subject as you grow spiritually.
Now a toughie, I got the question: “Explain the statement: Thy will and not mine’’.
The best way to explain this is to view the body and mind as a conduit of intention and not the source of it, like with a musical genius.
Thy will and not mine, to me, is an indication of becoming a person who is able to let the innate divine makeup flow through the physical vehicle. Not to become a subject of another power, but to recognise the fact that we are all part of that divine power, or what many call God.
Now, the titillation here is to say: “Well, then that means I am God.” This is true, we are all God, and we are part of God, for there are many different forms of the energy that permeates everything. To limit that which is God to one particular species or object in the wide expanse of the universe and beyond is what is holding many people back in the quest for development as comprehensive beings and complimentary creators of reality.
In a nutshell, we are all part of The-All-That-Is; creating our own reality within the confines of our understanding, which is part of creating the ultimate reality of existence of The-All-That-Is.
Picture yourself as a sapling growing in a wide meadow on a large planet. There are many fields, rivers, rocks and..and..and.. on this planet. You are part of this planet as much as this planet is part of it’s solar system, etc..etc.. – sounds a bit like a Japanese cartoon?
As you mature as a tree, you provide shade – and in this shade another ecosystem develops.
How do you let the Light through? How do you get the Divine essence flowing? You do not. All the meditation and spiritual study will mean nothing if it is not done with a definite intent of finding The-All-That-Is within yourself. It is a process that happens in its own time, if you allow it – and once it is started; to stop it will be to inflict chaos upon your mind-set.  This Energy/Essence cannot be forced.

The richness of individual expression cannot be achieved unless a duality has been created that will allow that expression to occur. This does not make you alone a god, but allows Spirit to experience individuality in many different ways. Without the curtain of duality, this experience on Earth that Spirit is having would be pointless. 

“We are not human having a spiritual experience, but spirit having a human experience.”
       Source - Barbara Marciniak

With much love & regards,
Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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