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What is it to create Light?

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What is it to create Light?

hat does it mean when some say, return to nature or be more natural? Excuse me? The answer is lengthy and also can be summed up quite quickly, but let me go about it this way: I have also found the explanations of certain spiritual/religious material either too esoteric or ambiguous, or both; taking into account that not everybody has the same take on interpretation, one can, however, overdo explaining. I too am guilty of that.
But before we go off on another tangent, let’s start with two words: CREATING LIGHT.
The question you may ask is this: “OK fine, I can see that to sustain ourselves as a species into the future, we have to do something about our way of life; to carry on as is will eventually bring destruction of life as we know it.”
The answer is not to divert back to tribal societal structures and to give up on modern life. The humans as we are today evolved over much time and lots of effort went into creating ourselves a better life. What on earth would be the point of reverting to primitive life structures?
One point of view is this: Both the primitive and modern psyche has to be looked at and the best qualities of both worlds need to be combined. If it is peaceful and honest living that you desire, then both schemes should be transcended and a new one implemented – but this can only be achieved once hate and greed have been put aside. When humans return to their natural instinct of harmonious existence, then we could co-exist; but when is that going to happen? It will happen one way or the other. Look at it logically. So many people are becoming aware of the falsehoods and political and social cheating going on around them, especially the women. So, how long before our world society reaches breaking point? How long are mothers going to stand by and silently accept a darker future for their children, one of dishonesty and malice? Even those who turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world realise that they can only turn a blind eye for so long. Men have lost their masculinity (I am not referring to homosexuality), because they no longer know what it means to be a caregiver and stand as a sturdy compliment to the feminine. Many women have lost their femininity in a struggle to become the men of the world – our children see and emulate all of this…
…and strangely enough, it is the homosexual in general who carries a hefty weight in trying to balance these two energies…, but more on this specific topic in a later discussion.
Now, you might ask, why would I be writing this? I say: My function in this is to create light, with other words to bring clarity. Attempting to bring clarity to a situation (or creating Light as the esoterics might say) is a noble act only if you are honest about your truth and do not attempt to force your opinion on another. The aim of the game is to simply create an atmosphere in which others can freely speak their truth and make decisions in an atmosphere that allows them to think clearly and without malice or fear (malice and fear are equally non-conducive to human development).
Creating Light is very powerful. If only a small percentage of humanity create Light it will have far-reaching effects. Creating Light is a process by which one will create an environment of emotional peace, understanding and exceptional wisdom about what works and what does not work. By creating a thought-space for other people through which they may make their own decisions regarding their friends, family, peers, children and fellow human beings; this is how you create Light, which is love, which is life.
If only all people could catch a glimpse of the fact that all life is sacred, to truly see this for what it is, that everybody is made up of the same building blocks and that everything is simply in a different state of being/energy. In this pure and honest state of mind who could in all sanity intentionally harm another being?

I would point out such books as the Kryon series by Lee Carol; the Conversations with God Trilogy by Neale Donald Walsch and for those who are up to it, The Book of Life – Ascension and the Divine World Order by Michael Sharp.
There are also many truths revealed in Thom Hartmann’s book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.
Things are said in these books that many have turned away from and turned a deaf ear to, because it hits home as straight as an arrow.
 There are many more relevant texts out there, but I am not even going to try and write them all down.

One of the most painful things I ever had to hear about myself came from a very good friend; a friend who changed the way I looked at certain things and allowed me to experience who I am. Through his actions – and by simply being who he is and allowing me to be who I am – I was given the head space to realise that I am indeed a spiritual teacher and healer. He once asked the rhetorical question of why I am here. What is the use of me being on earth? I instantly realised that it was Spirit talking through him and he was delivering the message. I was mortified and gratified at the same time. It was not a comment I appreciated at that exact moment and I was angry and upset with him for a few days…, but I knew what was meant. It was a time in which I was changing and was given all kinds of signals by Spirit to allow myself to become that which my essence is meant to be.
I will forever be utterly thankful.

With much love & regards,
Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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