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Who is enlightened?

Who is enlightened?

To know if you are following the right path is one of the age old and continuous questions that the human race asks of itself, even those who profess to be atheists.
It is as if a person has a ready-made question mark in a pocket somewhere about if you are doing the right thing, even if it is only a small voice in the distant background. No, not the wife.
A spiritually enlightened person (spiritually enlightened person, to me, indicates not necessarily a religious person or person of high moral standing or someone who necessarily performs endless sacrificial duties), in my opinion, is someone who understands that they do not understand everything, someone who grasps the meaning of unconditional love as is meant in its grandest expression, someone who understands that the hardest thing to do is to simply let another person be who they are  - to let a flower bloom on its own. They will tell you that being enlightened has nothing to do with religious persuasion, culture, belief structure or doctrine. You can be who you are in any part of the world and still be enlightened as to the compassion one can show to all that is life. 
There is no one path that will lead you to enlightenment. This is the point I wish to make and is the point that so many find unacceptable and confusing, because it displaces you from the comfort zone of having no responsibility other than following the rules of the doctrine that you believe in; or do not believe in.
You can read up on the consequences of this kind of exclusive belief structures in many books such as in the Kryon teachings and in Neale Donald Walsch’s books, especially Tomorrow’s God, a book that expands on the idea of the type of God that is waiting in the wings of our modern era.
So many paths…so little time…so you might think.

I overheard a conversation once, spoken among friends and acquaintances at a house party/braai (while we were all outside in the garden), about Reiki (a form of energy healing) – whether it is to be believed or not. The question of whether this form of treatment and those like it (which the human race currently classifies in general as New Age) will retain its popularity or fade was brought up. One person even remarked that he thought that this type of thing might become big business in the future. Another stated clearly that, to him, something as intangible as Reiki was not in his scope of reason and he could not bring himself to believe in it.
The point is not to believe or to not believe in such esoteric matter – some people swear by the experiences they have had and others cannot see the reasoning in it – but if you can accept another’s opinion and belief to the extent of not ridiculing it or that person, then you have mastered the great art of respect.
Here is the thing: It is not really about believing that we all stem from the same source or that we are all made up of energy that has its own intelligence, or that there is an ultimate reality that we as humans cannot realise in totality as this would defeat the purpose of our existence; neither are the arguments for or against alternative healing or the question of whether science is only proving what some alternative healers and teachers have been saying for decades.
People have always been looking for answers throughout history and separate groups have pitted themselves against each other since time immemorial regarding opinion on something or the other, especially the way people believe – or should I say should believe.
I could go on and on about this, but would it help? 

There is no honour in blinding yourself deliberately.

The only reason people will belittle another’s truth is because they are not comfortable with their own and feel insecure as to its continued existence in the face of newer truths.
The age-old method of control through religion is a well-ridden horse. In my own country of South Africa there is the past example of Apartheid in respect of political control. In the USA there are the atrocities committed against the native Indians for economic control and many inhumane acts still remain in force to this day by modern governments to keep control over what they think e.g. the American people should know and have – if you would like to read up on some factual information then I recommend Thom Hartmann’s book The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight; especially the chapter called Transforming Culture Through Politics; this chapter makes you doubt if many of our world governments really have humanity’s best interest at heart for the long term, or is it all about short term gain?
There are also the crimes committed against the Aboriginees of Australia…
…and so many more examples of racism/culturism in almost all (if not all) countries of the world e.g. China, Russia, Germany, Iraq, Rwanda– the list is endless.
All in the name of religion and/or belief. Mind you, not the actual religion/belief in itself, but the version held forth at the time that serves the convenience of a section of humanity.
Many people will hang on to their beliefs even in the face of great harm – why? The answer is simple – people have to believe in something, even if it is to hold the belief that they believe in nothing. But to believe in something that moulds your actions is something that many cannot do without and that is the only thing that will finally change a person’s actions – belief.

It takes a great person to see their own shortcomings, and an even greater one to do something to improve themselves; and a grand person to say that he/she might see and advocate perfection, but finds it more difficult to implement them him/herself.

Excerpt taken from:

Orgasms Of Light. Copyright ©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.

All rights reserved.

Ractliffe, Jacques
Orgasms Of Light / Jacques Ractliffe – 2nd. ed.

            ISBN 978-0-620-39107-8  ORGASMS OF LIGHT

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Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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