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New Age

For a time now I have been asked (and asked myself) to comment on the New Age movement or/and what kind of spiritual norm I identify with..

-          the answer is… NONE.

Believe in no one and nothing – no one and nothing can be your saviour. You are your own voice. That is the idea of being an individual. Only within the knowledge that there-is-always-more-to-know will you realise that there is…, well…, …more.

Does this resonate with New Age?

“Not entirely, no – and not with any other mystical side of any religion either.”
New Agers and Channelers have stated the concept that we are actually in a New, New Age. This is also true – according to Astrology and Astronomy, we have reached a stage in the earth’s timeline of a cyclical change and development in our Solar system. It is thus not difficult to grasp that we are moving into a new age of the world’s ‘ongoingness’.

So much of the New Age movement is not so much about changing spiritual values, as it is about escapism. And thus, in effect, it suppresses and diverts spiritual self-realisation instead of advancing it.
When a system becomes as much a boxed in point of view as those that went before it, it is not much better – the box might be a bit bigger, but it is still a box.
There is no judgement in this – it is simply an observation.

Please consider the following:
We already know that everything exists within a certain energy field – thus everything that exists IS an energy field; which comes from the unique vibrational pattern generated through thought and emotion.
With other words – all that exists is from the same energy, but with different patterns.
Different energy signatures/patterns manifest different forms, like insects, water, animals, the air, clouds, human bodies, trees, the sky, etc. At a certain level of frequency, all this energy is everything, and everything is thus connected to everything else.
Taking the above model, it will mean that energy and consciousness is the same thing; resulting in the conclusion that there is really no ‘them’ and ‘us’ – only ‘we’ and, ultimately, ‘I’.
So, without going into too much esoterics here, the question is one of whether you are going to accept that we are all part of a universal intelligence, and then to what extent you are going to believe you allow yourself to connect with this unending ocean of potential.
If you are only going to do it a little bit, then that is what you are going to get. Your life will be lived as in a cocoon, where you deny yourself a link to infinite wisdom, knowledge, love and understanding. You will live an ordinary life dominated by predictability and fear; a disempowered state of being.
If you accept that there is more to infinite consciousness than meets the eye, you have the tools to understand that your life is part of the eternal journey of evolution through experience.
There are view qualities as unseemly in a person as possessiveness – in truth this is a quality that comes from an exaggerated form of a belief that you are not good enough in other people’s eyes. Whether you are a billionaire, a high-flying business man/woman, a shop owner or waiter; there is hardly any human who’s never thought: “After all I did for her/him”, or who never itched to give unsolicited advice.
Such a state, whether temporary or chronic, usually occurs when people aren’t connected with their own source of love, and thus depreciate their own worth (for whatever reason – usually adapted in childhood – this could be because of an unhappy home or physical/mental abuse). It’s an emptiness that seeks to fill itself with the attention of other people; good or bad attention, it does not really matter. A person who displays lack of self-worth is someone who will always hide their “face” behind clever remarks and an attempt at hiding their pain and discomfort by insulting other people and always having something to say to make others think that they know better. In fact, it is those who need to think that they know better to be able to avoid having to deal with their own heartache. (Please do not see this as a ‘them’ and ‘us’ situation – we all know the quality of possessiveness is simply that; a quality.)
Someone who is weak-willed will say: “Love, never leave me.” Possessive people can be kind and very giving, but only up to the point when their pain body is triggered my some action or innocent comment that will make them protect themselves from possible further perceived hurt.
Someone who is strong-willed (not referring to arrogance) will know that love cannot leave them; yes, people can leave your space and remove their direct attention from you, but it is only you that can make yourself believe that love has left you, although, ultimately, that is not possible.  

When all is said and done, there is no remedy for possessiveness, or any other self-defacing characteristic – a quality stemming from the lack of personal conviction – other than your own change of belief of not loving yourself. 
If you desire something tangible to assist your change of belief, then I will recommend the Bach Flower Remedy: Chicory.
Another is to use the crystal Rose Quartz as a meditative tool placed on the heart.
But for me the best and simplest method is to be kind. Firstly be kind to yourself and then be kind to other people and animals, etc. Listen to yourself as an outside observer and practice not to react by putting a slight delay on your reaction time so that you can think reasonably and kindly.
Do not become a slave to other people because you think you are being kind - that is just weak-minded foolery.
If you cannot find something nice to say, then keep quiet. Remember that a need to protect your opinion is mostly a sign that you have a need to protect your pain. Not always, but mostly.
Of al the pages and books of advice that one can obtain – it all boils down to one thing: BE KIND. Kindness that is not genuine will not work and people will pick it up before you can say “hello”, but nothing is stopping us from practicing kindness, except our own convictions.

With much love & regards,

Act as if you are separate from no one and nothing and you will heal the world.

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