Monday, 6 December 2010

Life is not an intellectual process..., it is a feeling (no3).

There is the question of all the external things that apparently help for something or another. This oil will do that; that colour will have this result, a particular crystal will achieve this in your life, and holding your fingers in a certain position will bring you whatever…

Doing something external in the hope that it has an internal result; or smelling, eating or drinking or having a tarot reading in the hopes that it will solve your problems – financial or medical….; nonsense?..., or not?
Believing in the stars to such an extent that you cannot go one day without consulting astrology before making any move(s); or – even worse – believing that you have to send whatever healing over the wires of life to bring clarity or longevity to someone else’s life….

Now PLEASE don’t get me wrong here – I am NOT saying that the above mentioned things do not have an effect, but it is not what we think it is.
Yes, external situations have great effect on our internal psyches –it does not take a rocket scientist to deduce things that are mere common sense; there are many powers of suggestion that will bring about certain calming effects on the body, even cause the body (brain) to release certain chemicals, and/or jolt specific memories – this is known.

The snag is that we take it too far. We place so much stock in external remedies that we forget about the side that really matters: The authentic power of one’s own personal authority. If you are going to put a specific crystal in some purified water and drink it for some calming, restorative reason – perfect with no judgement – and freely do so, but please realise that it not the crystal itself that is going to have the effect, but your intention and belief – which is yours and for nobody to judge; and the functionality of this belief also greatly depends on whether one tries to convince others that it is THE WAY to go. There is an enormous amount of personal stamina to be gained from authentically being who you are, and at the same time keeping your methods private – not intentionally hiding them, but knowing that the more you intentionally display your core system, the more exhausted you will be in life and the less your life will actually run smoothly. And the other side of the coin is also shiny: We are often times hesitant to stand firm in our own beliefs, because we fear judgement by our peers.
A good friend is someone who will not judge the fact that I listen to meditative music to quiet my mind down, even if they do not see why; and still be my good friend. But then again I do not impress my methods on my friends either.
Understand that it is not enough to want peace and security or even to teach it; sometimes you have to be willing – and able - to defend it. And what “defend” means to you, both in thought and action, will reveal to you and others your level of self-mastery.

The masters had a phrase: "It is well with me, it is well with my soul." They would say it even in times before death, in times that were frustrating, and in times of difficulty. It is because they were focused on one thing and one reality - that the love of God inside them creates love of self. This has been said before. It has been channeled many times. It’s even said that it's the secret to mastery. Get to the place where you are content with that which is in you, which is God, and let all of the other things around you slowly develop in appropriateness as you learn what to do with your life. Do not decide in advance where you're going to go or what you're going to do.

A note to those who are in the soul business:
When you go into the soul business, be careful. Only people who are soulless try to penetrate the souls of others.
You who search for Divine answers, have lost yourself, and finding Divine answers will make you miss yourself even more.
In this matter I have no advice to give except, if you’re in the soul business, be very discerning about your advice, because it is for no one to say why things happen the way they do – the “how” of things is not our concern, but the concern of Universal Intelligence. We only have to show up and do. It is because people invest so much in their “stuff”, that they are devastated when the “stuff” flops, poofs into thin air, or breaks. So much stuff is only put together with a spot of spit and super glue anyway.

As you go through life and observe her fancies, you realize that there are a few secrets to living a good one -
- Respect people to such a degree that you do not advise them off their own path of evolution and maturity. If they broke a leg and thus missed the state championship for something, then so be it – this could be (or be part of) the Intelligent Design of them meeting their future main squeeze! Which, if they did not break that leg….. As for you, just be there and bring the eats.
- Do not presume to know more or less than anybody – each person is where they are at, because they are.
- Listen to the wake up call: quietly serve – be decisive – learn to say “no” – and make no judgements.

It is when you resist life that the pain becomes insufferable. Stop thinking that you have to make it happen and rather allow it to happen. Allowing life to happen sounds very simple, and, yet, we make it so difficult and involved. That is probably why very view people are actually good at it for extended periods of time, and why many see it as underdeveloped and/or judgemental when they encounter it in another. The simple truth of the matter is that life does not give people a break – life goes on. It, however, does not test you either. And please remember that there is no such thing as luck, fate, or destiny; we made that up. Life is. You are responsible for your own maturity within the given paradigm of an earthly existence.

I have been asked many times what the path to enlightenment actually entails. Truthfully? Who knows? All I know is that enlightenment encompasses the time it takes you to be happy with who you are at any given moment and with where you are in your life at any given time and with what you have – no matter what. That’s very important.

With much love & regards,
Life-Force Channeler

Copyright ©2010 Jacques Ractliffe.

True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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