Sunday, 28 November 2010

Life is not an intellectual process – it is a feeling (no 2).

Apparently I am not a man of many words, except when the chatter bug bites me every few months.
Oh well, what can I say………….. . People often ask me why I am so quiet – and finally I seriously thought about it. I think it has to do with my conviction that there is really very little to say when one observes life.
And…, an absolute in walking along a path of self-mastery, is to keep your spirituality to yourself – not as a secret, but as a form of remaining within your power. It really makes an enormous difference. 
One word often-times has way more significance that an explanation. If you need to explain yourself all the time, you still need clarification about yourself; this is not a “bad” thing. It is part of the process and a necessary step on one’s way to understanding whatever it is one gets to understand.  

…And YES, even (and especially) if you have had thoughts of suicide, you are on a path that is preparing you to understand what all of this is about. It hurts, and it takes time. Stamina does not just happen.

…And NO, it is not about living a life filled with material riches, the right car, house or spouse – and also not the lack thereof.

To gain insight into self mastery is only a spiritual quest involving the understanding that one cannot truly understand life-force. Many will not complete this path; why?, because of the lure of divination as a means to divulge the future or answer questions. Although there is a place for this within one’s development, it must necessarily come to an end if one is to truly find meaning in the chaos…; and then rediscovered some time later, only to be assimilated into your life as tools for living a life from the perspective of the soul.
As one progresses into greater spiritual awareness one eventually stops relying on the tools of intellect, logic and common sense; however, these are then revisited when one’s consciousness has further matured in life; to be embraced on a new plane of awareness and applied with a new understanding and responsibility. This is how our consciousness grows. In my view there are three important levels of maturing responsibly: First we face the opportunities to accept responsibility for our actions; when that is learned we come into contact with situations that teach us to take responsibility for our thoughts; and then – and then only – can we successfully learn to accept responsibility for our own happiness. One can liken this spiritually to the definitions of Young Soul, Mature Soul and Old Soul. 
Oh, and a note of advice – the universe is of itself chaotic and random – thus in perfect harmony. It is not about getting rid of chaos, but finding your own rhythm within the chaos. This is true. We are not here to get stuck in asking why we are here – the only true purpose of our existence is to find our own peace, not to try and change the winds of creation; because they will not change just because we want them to.

Be the love you wish to see in the world.
In order to receive love you have to become strong in a way that your energy stays soft and receptive, love is a very fine and high vibration and love needs to be guided and needs to be channeled in such a way that it works for you. There is an order and sequence in the way in which love flows and there is an order and a sequence in things that must be healed, that sequence is not usually explained and the most important thing is to do the thing that you would probably hate to do the most.
(..and P.S. - one of the secrets to not worsening an emotive condition or circumstance is to never, ever talk about it – with some medical exception.)

Changing what one has will only come to pass when you change who you are and changing who you are comes through changing what you think.
When you realise the truth of this, you will understand what it is to serve humanity, but not be a slave to it. With other words, you will cease being a victim in your life.
Remove all judgement about yourself and others from your thoughts and your conversations. This will remove from your life all the blame you heap unto yourself and other people. Listen.
Insecurity is the greatest social piranha in the pool of human existence.

Expecting miracles and not attaching to the details of their outcome or the expectation of how they should unfold is good, and not being surprised when miracles happen is even better. Because then it happens.
Always dwell in truth. Why? Because then you don’t put all kinds of wheels in motion that only complicate inevitable change.
Change will happen regardless of our actions; however, we can make it easier on ourselves, as the ease of change is directly proportional to one’s willingness to reconsider what is best for oneself.
People who resist change make life extremely hard for themselves – and the people who buy into their drama. 
The thing is: Life on earth is the miracle part. However, life’s “magic” is no substitute for networking, socialising and working – these are some of the greatest sources of emotional growth and learning that we have at our disposal as a developing species. Remember that changing what you have comes from changing who you are; and changing who you are comes from changing what you think, because changing what you think will change what you say and do – and how you say and do it.

Life-Force Channeler

True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

Copyright ©2010 Jacques Ractliffe.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Life is not an intellectual process – it is a feeling (no 1).

(Words from a person driven to madness by the apparent disappointment of it all).

Grand statement… My statement… Moving on.

My conclusion of life on earth has been that there is too much drama going around. Humanity has become disappointing….., and there is continuity in that expectation. Disappointment and disillusion became a repeating pattern. I was exhausted from all the self-serving attitudes of the majority of humanity. All the constant issues of people having hidden themselves behind mountains of face-saving protection mechanisms were really starting to work on my last (and already frayed) nerve! And to top it all, to deal with those that have embedded their lives in the ethers of some ultimate ethereal truth – one that is THE WAY, and one that they tell everybody else is THE SOLUTION. And, oh my, don’t get me started on the maelstrom of outright self-righteous opinions by most religious doctrines.


For heaven’s sake – aren’t people supposed to be able to think for themselves? – and then to also NOT hide behind some drama as an excuse to judge someone else?, to not judge another for doing or thinking different from you. To not judge another because they may lead a life style that you do not agree with, is a step to realising that to be fulfilled you have to stop ANY judgement – of ANY kind. And please, I am not saying these things because I am some ranting master or in any way better than anybody else; but I do know that there is an ever increasing number of ordinary people, like myself, who have become fed up with the way humanity (especially those in powerful positions) conducts itself.
It is not easy to not judge – and it is often dichotomous; because in writing the above, I have also made a judgement.

Something that does help is love of self. Dwell in truth, be thankful and don’t be surprised or attached to miracles. Oh my God, what a loaded statement you may say – but remember that the life force, that is our core existence, is simply that. Life-force seeks to enhance its life force through experience. This is done through emotional growth. Life-force is not interested in your or your neighbour’s car. If you are interested in your car, then that is your interest alone – and that is that. Life force is interested in the decisions we make for ourselves; not in the opinion of others about someone else. If less fortunate children can laugh and play and not be thinking of their rumbling tummies for a view hours, because you have helped to give them lunch; or you have brought a smile to an elderly face because you took the time to visit them in their home-for-one instead of watching TV, then – I do believe – you have wholesomely come in touch with self-respect through service. Please note: Not slavery. That achieves nought but anguish.

One thing I hardly expected to hear from people is that life here on earth has become extremely tiresome…, and mean it…, and then one day I said it as well…, and meant it.

This world of ours has forced me to my knees…, and then slapped me. This is not the doing of some outside force, this is not the fault of my parents, nor is it some other person’s responsibility.
In the few years I have been on this earth, I have had the fortune to gather a fair amount of life-experience – what that has taught me is self-respect.
What I have learnt is that the reason most people do not respect others, is because of the fear of them not respecting you. It is a vicious cycle; and a self-perpetuating one at that. We fear that others will do us in; we fear the judgemental opinions of others; we fear that our religions and/or belief systems are ultimately not true; we fear.
The first snag is that you can only successfully participate in creating the world around you, while you allow the world – as others see it and choose it to be – to exist also.
The second snag is that while other peoples’ choices in no way should hinder our own, our attention to what others are choosing for themselves do indeed – and notably so – effect our own choices – and common sense……………. – because we fear rejection and ridicule of those that have different opinions.

Love of self includes so much that it can only be summed up in one word for me. “Service”. You become a server of life and it becomes you. It will make more and more sense (but not completely) as time rolls on..; we can all learn a very important thing here – and this is found in the theories of several scientists, physicists and astrologers: The universe makes complete sense in the fact that it is chaotic. If ever you have watched a program on celestial happenings, you will most probably have heard that what happens with the formation of stars and other space bodies appears to be chaotic and random…; and out of this comes…, well…, what is. There is no such thing as perfection. The universe cannot exist in perfection. That is how creation happens physically. Very generally put: To jump start the mechanics of our creation, an imperfection needs to occur within the perfection. Thus the imperfection is perfect.
NOTE: No one can understand the entirety of how this works. It just is. Do not attempt to understand it; it cannot be reasoned. Do not attempt to detail it; it will drive you insane. Just live it as it happens every day. And, by the way, I do not know (and have heard of only very few) anybody that consciously lives day by day – conscious of that moment only. Why not? Because we fear it being nothing but a ruse.

In my innocent, adolescent belief in all that is good, I wanted to know what it was like to live life day by day – I forgot about it – so when it happened I was surprised and righteous.
I learned that detachment of that which is human expectation of what life should be like - and very much including the expectations of people who advertise that they follow a spiritual path – is the only reasoning that brings any type of clarity.
When one expects results in the form of “good deeds deserve reward”, one’s life will forever more spiral out of control. The reward and punishment system is a tool devised of a system based in greed; a system to control the human psyche; whether that be through religion or ANY spiritual conviction, economic or social conditioning.

Questioning what was previously believed to be a given is the first step toward an open mind.

One answer to being able to move with life instead of against it is to give thanks.
Let me ask the question: How far does one then actually go with this detach thing?
All the way, honey!, all the way.
But most of us cannot go all the way with this. Detaching from your environment and expectation, spiritual/religious expectation steeped in the indoctrination of punishment and reward from God, and finding the balance between letting go and letting God and you create your own reality, is no easy task. It’s.., well.., ….., challenging to a large extent.
The reason being that not many are prepared to go through the time periods of loneliness, heartache and frustration that is an unavoidable, albeit temporary (but necessary) result of following the path of detaching from the expectations of a material world – to be able to eventually understand and work within the boundaries of what it is to be a Human individuation.
One might demand that there are other ways of doing this, but in our world it cannot be gained in a different way. Your level of commitment will divulge your attainment.

Start with giving thanks for something every day – silently and to yourself – it makes a difference in the way you experience your belief.