Wednesday, 18 August 2010

You are your own highest authority..

Although, in my opinion, there is an ultimate reality, who you are is who you choose to be. Although the process of creation in our earthly reality is a slow one, you can choose to learn how to actively co-create your own reality on earth or choose to simply have creation happen to you.
How do you learn how to co-create? You find out about whom and what Spirit is all about and who you are in relation to that. Now, before I continue, I just have to say that there are so many layers of what Spirit is that it is a seemingly impossible task to explain them all. You must come to understand that Spirit is everything. It is the water you drink, the wind you hear, and the trees you see. Whether it is a rock, a person or the stars in the night sky, all is Spirit. I could elaborate on this topic to such an extent that it would become a book on its own, but suffice it to say that when the world realises that science and the spiritual are in fact not separate, many of our day-to-day problems will be solved.
What is it to actively seek your own divinity (and by this I mean the Divine within you)? It is not about reading everything you can find on spirituality or trying out every meditation technique known to man etc. It is about being open to reading and listening to different opinions and to try a few different things/techniques over time to find those that might grab your innards.
Back to co-creating: To do this you actively seek your own divinity. This hardly ever would all happen in a day, it is a process; a process of discovering though reading, asking questions, experiencing and cultivating inner silence through meditative means.
If you are fortunate enough to find someone to guide you spiritually, absolutely fabulous for you, darling; just bear in mind that you will come to understand that there are many spiritual teachers who come and go in your life and eventually you will grasp that all beings are your teachers to some degree. If you do not have a personal guru, do not lament your position, you will find that you will encounter several other teachers. I am speaking especially in regard of our modern life style where we travel more and are much more exposed to worldviews through use of the various forms of media.
The final points here are to always be aware that too much activity will drown out the all- important inner silence necessary to achieve spiritual sight. The person who makes too much noise will not hear the knocking at the door. Also, you should not forget that it is always your decision to open that door or not.
I know from experience that enlightenment mostly happens in stages. What you believe today is not necessarily what you know in a few years’ time. A thought might grow and expand and change and even be discarded.
Spirituality seems ambiguous at the best of times and on the perimeter it is since we cannot see the complete picture from here. Ultimate reality, however, does make perfect sense. The catch is that you cannot completely know this reality until you are experiencing it.
The divine experience we are now having is that of being human – the inn’s and out’s of this individuation is discussed by several other spiritual teachers; this is another subject altogether and will not be discussed here. All the life inquiries of the human mind cannot be explained in a few sentences, so keep exploring – with books, with other teachings and so on until you find You. Bear in mind, though, that you will not find your Self in the pages of a book.

Thus you are your own highest authority.

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Joseph Kozan said...

There is only one truth. Opinions are just that, opinions. There is one who said,"I am the way, the truth and the life."I suggest you seek the truth and not settle for anything less. May you be blessed in your journey.