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Who are you?.. continued..

Being your own highest authority can become an issue for you. Does it mean that you – the physical you – are your own boss to the extent that you can consciously create your own future, or does it imply giving your Higher-Self permission to guide your life on earth? For that matter who is your Higher-Self? Is it separate from you as a human; a case of switching beings? Sounds a bit schitzo.
The point is that although it sounds better to say that your Higher-Self is there to guide you through life on earth, you are also still very much an integral part of your Higher-Self – it’s only a word.
Yes, you should and can allow your Higher-Self to guide you, but understand that you and your Higher-Self are not separate entities. As soon as you treat your divinity as a separate entity, you will loose the plot and wind up wondering why and how you lost it. You will expose yourself to worldly influences that will only serve to enhance your worries, doubts and fears.
Because of our human status, we are not privy to some ultimate truths, for if we were we would not need to be here. Viewing the Divine world from our perceptions produces many ambiguities and dichotomies. Live itself is a dichotomy. Have you heard of the Divine dichotomy? There is no better way to understand than to experience, so ask Spirit for the experience as the means to understand.
Many spiritual books speak of the Divine dichotomy in some form or fashion. More about that later, but suffice it to say that there are many such books, enough to confuse you. The best course of action here is to confide in someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Be discerning and NEVER rush.
You have to realise that there is no right or wrong, there simply is. It is a matter of what really feels right for you. This life is yours and it is your incarnation to live, so make the best of what you have chosen. Most important to remember is that this can be achieved when living in and with integrity.
So often one hears that spiritual discussions lead nowhere as there often seem to be contradictions. This is correct, but only if you choose not to hear yourself or you might hear, but not listen. As a human individuation, contradiction is part and parcel of life on earth.
Learning to accept and transcend living in two worlds is a challenge (and can become a bit windy), it was definitely one of my biggest challenges and it is something that has to be dealt with on a daily basis.
Note the meaning of the word transcend: if one thing transcends another, the other thing does not limit it….
The day you accept who you are is the day you become freer.
It sounds simple, but it can take years to get to this point. One could say: “...what a waste of time, it should have happened sooner…”, but everything happens for a reason and I mean EVERYTHING. Yes, you can ‘get yourself there sooner’ via different decisions and actions in hindsight, but everything will happen for the benefit of your spiritual development even though you probably don’t realise it. Boggles the mind doesn’t it?

Being your own highest authority brings with it responsibility, some might say more responsibility than they are prepared to deal with. It is not so much the responsibility as the new awareness of the effects of your words and actions (and thoughts) upon others. It is nothing to be afraid of; it is simply a process of growth in realising that everybody and everything is interconnected on some level. It is a process of learning to accept who you are; and who is that? There are so many different interpretations to this question by many different people that I would rather leave it to the process of self-discovery.

Excerpt taken from:

Orgasms Of Light. Copyright ©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.

All rights reserved. Written in South Africa . No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Ractliffe, Jacques
Orgasms Of Light / Jacques Ractliffe – 2nd. ed.

ISBN 978-0-620-39107-8 ORGASMS OF LIGHT


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