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Who are you?

Who are You?
... The Choice is Yours and
No One Else’s

The following was told me by a woman who recently felt herself awakening to the Light (as she put it): “At first I was apprehensive of this instinctive knowing of things, it went against the societal structure of having to do something to get something. It scared me as people would say I am puffing myself up as all-important, a know-it-all.
I felt safer reverting to more concrete methods of finding things out – I am talking about spiritual healing/divination methods such as going to see a tarot reader, Reiki teacher or the like or even using my own methods, but with time, I realised that I have all this knowledge within me, not that I can access all of it mind you…
Several methods have been successful for me, but none has grabbed my innards as much as knowing that the power (power is such an inadequate word) of knowledge and insight comes from within my being – it is hard to describe, but it is the accessing of my entire being, my mind and soul.
It is not an external source – I am my own source.”

This is what I wish to convey – you are your own source.
Now think of yourself as a sauce. There are various ingredients that eventually make up the flavour of this sauce; depending on what sauce you are and/or wish to be. Who combines the ingredients for this sauce; you or somebody else? What if you do not like the taste of the sauce this somebody else has made for you? Are you a thin or full bodied sauce; creamy or bland? Are you a sauce at all? My advice – learn to cook and make your own sauce.
As for me? I am simply fabulous! A very saucy sauce indeed.

Now you may be asking yourself who I am, why I think I am qualified to write a book on spirituality and who gave me the idea that I could do this kind of thing? The answer is simple yet daunting…. I gave myself permission to listen to myself. In more understandable terms it can be described as a straightforward self-authorisation to be an emissary of peace. To be someone who is prepared to listen to others and to listen intently to themselves as well and thereby becoming aware of who they are in the grand scheme of things – to read up on or experience things that peak your interest for the plain reason of doing it for your own enrichment, never mind what other people may think. What your family or friends may say is their own judgment of a given situation; it is not for them to judge. For anybody to judge anybody else’s thought or action as wrong for that person is a waste of good energy. Don’t get me wrong here though, if the action or thought in question is deliberately harmful to another being, then I do not see any harm in advising the party in question of what works and what does not work.
Have you ever tried asking Spirit (God, Allah, etc.) a question, not really expecting an answer? (Whatever you call this Eternal energy is not the point – we have all been conditioned with some form of addressing the Almighty –, which I will refer to as Spirit or the Divine or The-All-That-Is). When asking Spirit something you actually do get a response, which often comes through as a feeling. It is a gut feeling, a feeling you have to learn to discern as there is a lot of junk that clouds that specific sense – for me it is like an instantaneous message in the form of energy. It is not a feeling I can precisely describe or bottle for sale, but then again I am of the opinion that if a person thinks they can rightly describe the Divine, they are running blindly off course and straight for the cheerleaders. 
Remember that Spirit will always answer your prayers considering your own highest spiritual ideals. It is a matter of getting to know how to listen.
There is so much to say and to write, the mission seems impossible. In some ways it almost is, words cannot possibly convey the essence of what even we, as humans, are able to grasp about our own divinity. These communications is my way of trying to comprehend the universe within all of us.

Have you ever wondered why it is that one often gets inspiring thoughts while on the loo?
It is the sudden silence... and, sometimes, directed concentration.

Excerpt taken from:

Orgasms Of Light. Copyright ©2007 Jacques Ractliffe.

All rights reserved. Written in South Africa. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

Ractliffe, Jacques
Orgasms Of Light / Jacques Ractliffe – 2nd. ed.

            ISBN 978-0-620-39107-8  ORGASMS OF LIGHT

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