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Finding divinity within yourself..

Finding divinity within yourself..

You also have your own divinity as does everybody else. The point is to find this divinity and to balance this with a human existence, knowing that you are part of eternity, whether pop idol, gay president, black nurse or confused student. There is no need to be afraid of unity. It’s simple, if you can find your own divinity within yourself; you have found the divinity within others. And darling…, I mean WITHIN YOURSELF! It’s not floating out there somewhere like some helium filled balloon. It also does not mean that we can now become one big doughnut with sprinkles of happiness on earth, nor does it imply that we are one day going to disappear in a puff of spiritual smoke and overpowering incense for having reached such a high level of vibration. No, the goal is to be able to live in both worlds – one of enlightenment and an earthly life as a human. Knowing ultimate reality in its totality will defeat the purpose of our existence, so there will always be things hidden from our human view. This is hard for many and even impossible for others to accept, but living in a state of grace is so much more fulfilling than not knowing who you are.
When you truly know that you are part of the Divine and that ultimately you are the Divine as there is only one Divine and that all there is, is the Divine, you will understand that you are Eternity expressing itself in Human form.

If Divinity is everything..
then science is Divine

This is not to say that every human being must now get in line to becoming a spiritual master with turban and toga; each to their own – and that is how it should be.
Achieving unity within yourself and humanity is not an overnight process, good God, if that were the case I know some people who would have been invisible by now! If more people actively seek their own divinity and find it, they will lay a foundation for others and it will become easier to balance your human existence with your divine presence, no matter what you wear, how you wear it or with whom.

Mine is not the way, it is just another way.

It is not for anybody to willingly influence another’s opinion about who they are and what they should be or how they should act in regard to the rest of society. If you do this then you are showing disrespect toward others and more importantly, you are showing yourself disrespect in that you are living vicariously through others’ eyes.
If you can respect others for their opinions, even if they might be different from yours, allowing each to grow as they see fit, then you have mastered a great lesson in self-realisation.
You do not have to like another person’s ways, but this does not have to include a disregard for the fact that they are still part of the wondrous process of life.
If we could all see ourselves as the actual process of life then we would know that we are Life. We are the ones creating our own destinies; we are the ones creating us. Whatever you call your Deity that does not matter, but if you see this Deity as the be-all-and-end-all over humanity (yourself), then you will fall for the temptation to also blame this Deity for EVERYTHING, whether this be conscious or unconscious. The outcome of your emotions, well-being and life in general will depend on what you think this Deity wants and needs when, in fact, THAT WHICH IS LIFE needs and wants nothing from or of you. This Divinity requires nothing, it is you who are doing the requiring, needing and wanting. Choosing to give so much power to an external factor/being/god-head is choosing to give away your personal authority to decide who you are and who you wish to be and blinding you to the possibilities of self-discovery.

I have to add, though, that one must also bear in mind that there is no such thing as right or wrong (as stated in many esoteric/self-help books over a long period of time), there is only what works and what does not work in any given situation – that is a very wise criteria to follow if you wish to discover yourself.

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