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Spiritual Sight

1- Spiritual Sight

Oh, how grand! – and all that blah!
Cutting to the chase of who you are is found in what you are. I am not going to waste a lot of time here – simply put, we are energy. The scientific knowledge of this is there, the esoteric belief is firm – what we are interested in is not this fact, but what this energy is and what our purpose is, is what is interesting.  If quantum physics is to be believed, then what you think of yourself and how much you value yourself is a direct result of your thoughts about who you are and who you are in relation to everybody and everything else.
If you think you are not good enough for your lover – guess what? – you won’t be! If you second guess yourself about whether you put too much salt in the soup – well, then you will have to go out for a pizza – again!
Oh, honey! – life does not need to be an endless pantomime – it could be fun…, but too tiring.
 Now, let’s look at all this from a spiritual point of view: It’s quite simple, really. To what degree you wish to make yourself heard, felt, appreciated and/or respected is completely up to you.
Ma’am, if you are going to wear those red pumps or that shocking sequence number – then do so, but it has to be for YOU. If wearing a tuxedo makes YOU feel confident and relaxed, then by all means, PUT IT ON!
Have you ever had this nagging thought about people that they would be so much better off or come to some wondrous and spontaneous insight by just reading that specific book you had in mind – and then they would be knocked off that damned wall that they have been tap dancing on for God-knows-how-long? They are ‘hanging back’ you might think. Well……, not quite.
You have probably had the experience where you have met and know people who would really benefit from reading a particular book or joining up for that yoga class or to go see this wonderful spiritual master – in your opinion. It might seem that these people are holding back, looking out over the wafting wheat fields of expectations and possibilities. This should not be judged. If a person does not wish to enter that wheat field, then there is reason in this and it should be respected for what it is. Spirit teaches us that one of the biggest reasons for our human creation is the absolute use of free will. Free will is something that allows free choice, even if it seems that the choices presented at times are anything but free, we ALWAYS have free choice. Not even Spirit will interfere with our free will – not EVER – and sweetie-pie; this is one way you know that you are dealing with Spirit. This has been told to us in no uncertain terms from the beginning in many spiritual and religious texts. The question here is if we take it seriously or only see it as a qute cupie doll wrapped in a fluffy blanky.
It might thus be frustrating for us to see others with the potential to be more than they can be if they would just jump down from the fence and start the walk through the swaying wheat, but that is not your or my call to make.  
The goal is to achieve balance. Coming to know your own Light means coming to know the energy that is within you, and the energy that surrounds you at any one time. This is what is indicated by your Light. This Light will remind you and teach you about things, it is simply a matter of allowing this Light to be heard – so the goal is to learn to listen. 
However, it is not up to anybody or any being to decide for you. It is not up to me to tell you what to think. You decide. Take from this book what you need and discard the rest.
What we call spirituality is like an unyielding energy that is always present, whether you acknowledge it or not; and to what extent, is also your decision. Once you have become aware of the Light, it is quite impossible to un-know it. Oh, yes, well, I suppose you could try and ignore it, but it is not going to disappear. This is what I call gaining spiritual sight. Once you have some, your inner being just craves more. 

The future postings from this book are not the writings of my life experiences, but pages in which I speak to you personally about what creation is.

Achieving a state of living with spiritual sight does not imply that all your questions are answered or that you have reached some awesome enlightened level. No, life on earth will carry on, it is not other people who now change; it is your own perception and belief structure that is changing.
That which we refer to as God did not and does not change; humankind’s perception has changed over the ages to adapt to a changing world, which includes a change of the perception of what and who God is.
It is completely irrelevant whether you are Catholic or Mormon, Buddhist or Atheist or whatever! Irrespective of your wants or imagined needs, there is an ultimate reality, but this is not the point I am trying to make. The point is for you to know who you really are and to have a small inkling of where we all come from.

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Ractliffe, Jacques
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