Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Go with it..

One of my best friends once told me that he wished he could turn back the clock and simply unlearn what he had experienced.
It is more difficult to stare into nothingness than to live in ignorant bliss – or is it?
It took me a while to wrap my mind around this one, because sometimes it is actually better to be blissfully ignorant of universal truths and follow like a sheep, and other times it definitely is not.
The only thing here is that once you seek your own truth about something, that knowledge is created – and thought cannot be uncreated. Even when thought has not been realized into action, it still has created energy in the universal scheme of things; and energy cannot be destroyed.

This morning I was trying my best to get things done on the internet, but, apart from the most important admin, I was countered at every turn: Firefox froze, Yahoo refused to load completely (several times) and several other sites wafted off into the sunset…; I basically wasted MB after MB.
I have learnt by now that to follow the whisperings of your subconscious (Universal consciousness) is much better in the long run. I took this to indicate that I had to get onto doing something that I had been threatening to do for several weeks now (which is the writing of this article) – and here we are. Listening to your own backup (your fudge slice of Spirit) does actually get you moving much faster; it’s just that it does not seem so, because we tend to fight it rather than listen to something as subtle as a nudge of seeming inconsequential meaning. The thing is that THIS IS HOW THE NUDGING PROCESS WORKS FROM YOUR OWN BACKUP (SPIRITUAL PSYCHE). But we tend to only listen to what we can hear and / or see; especially if it comes from someone else – “because they know better” – and it is even better if it comes from far away, like a TV face or a person in power or from another country.

In the past week of spiritual coaching and psychic analysis, I have to admit that I have gained quite a lot from the people who came to see me or contacted me on email. What I have learnt is that there are too many if’s in the world. I contemplated this, this morning, while sitting on a rock on the beach and watching the crashing waves at 08:30: Just think about how often one hears other people say “if this happens then that” – just check yourself at how many times we inadvertently revert to an attitude of “if this happens, then I will have/do that.” MMMMMmmmmmm – conditional happiness.
“If I only had that, then I would feel this.” “If you do that good thing, then I will do this good thing”. Sounds like a lemon meringue pie with too many egg yolks in it. (This causes drifting of the beaten egg white on top of the lemon curd.)

It is also a good idea not to categorize people. Or box them in and limit them by some identification crisis. Like a star sign. There are many things in this world that are of help in figuring things out – one of them is astrology – however, it is only a small piece of a very large and complex puzzle. It may be fascinating, but only part of the grand design. Yet, lo and behold, there is a huge body of evidence that would suggest that people are exactly what their horoscopes or numerological charts, etc. describe, or even prescribe.
PLEASE NOTE: it is only when you unpack the box, when you read up on things and opinions and analyze yourself – and acknowledge all of these things; know your “good” and “bad” features and traits – that you are growing past your star sign and whatever chart – AND THIS IS WHAT WE STRIVE TOWARD: To outgrow the limitations that we, and others, place upon ourselves.

A man is very thirsty. He is very religious and prays for water to be given to him. Along comes another man with water, and offers it to him. The thirsty man rejects it, saying that he expects it only from God and will wait. He dies thirsty, never understanding the synchronicity of God is through other Humans! Learn to appreciate the science that is given to you to extend your life, for this is appropriate and is given to Humanity for this reason.

Listen to your backup. Whatever you call it. If indeed anything at all.

All the best until next time,

In love and light,


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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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