Thursday, 12 November 2009

Point of Attraction

Repeated frustrations and disappointments are always a reflection of repeated misunderstandings and presumptions.

This morning I got the distinct impression that my Higher-Self wanted me to look at something. …as I was rummaging through things that I need to pack for my next trip into the world, I came upon a quote I had written down a while ago, which comes from the Law of Attraction, and relates to how we can succumb to other peoples’ thoughts, not because people influence us through their thought, but because we allow those thoughts to influence our way of thinking:

“You are here to CREATE the world around you that YOU choose, while you ALLOW the world – as OTHERS choose it to be – to exist, also. And while their choices in no way hinder your own choices your attention to what they are choosing does effect your vibration and therefore your own POINT OF ATTRACTION”.

For me this relates to the people who talk out of presumption and misunderstanding; people that have been cautioning me about my next life-altering adventure. It is not that one must get upset or angry at opinions that do not gel with your own; it is simply a matter of knowing your own truth and not reacting to other peoples’ thoughts – which are their own – and thus not altering your perception. Do not react to life – and do not get angry with it. Just live your own life and thank people for what they have to say and contribute – but that does not have to alter your own belief. Thus keeping your ‘point of attraction’ intact. Take what is useful and discard that which encumbers you. And always show respect.

I leave you with the above for now. I have another experience to get to.

With much love…, and respect,


Psychic Intuitive
Empathic Life-Coach

True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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