Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Childlike joy

Yesterday, I was profusely working on the internet, when I came across an article on YAHOO regarding some political stuff (Sky News) - I cannot remember what the article was about; all I remember is that the female reporter was seriously reporting on something wildlifey in South Africa in some National Park somewhere: The reporter had very big hair - as black as the night. Her entire outfit was black - and she looked a bit like Jenifer Rush on a bad hair day.
Behind her there was a Giraffe - grazing lazily in amongst all this hullabaloo - as "Jenifer" was prattling on about something evidently less serious than what she was trying to impress upon the camera, Mr. Giraffe lifted his long neck and looked directly at Ms. Reporter's back - probably wondering if her hair was a danger or something to eat. At that precise moment, a bird came to land on the giraffe’s head - this completed the scene and ended "Jenifer's" 15 minutes of drama with a flourish of hilarity.

...and so is life.

We take it too seriously sometimes..

All the best, and have a great week ahead.

...and please laugh.

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