Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Thought in Action

The day I wrote this it was a lazy-hazy Sunday here in Johannesburg :

After washing the car and taking the dogs for a walk with my partner; I am now sitting in our study at home browsing on Facebook and replying to work emails for accommodation for the 2010 cricket in SA. Modern technology at work.

Yesterday we were at the Thai festival here in Zoo Lake and today is gardening day.

I wanted to start writing about all kinds of fancy philosophical mumo jumbo, when I realised that through the simple action of walking the dogs this late morning, etc. – reading on the couch and listening to good music; pottering in the garden and now smelling the delicious flavours of the Thai red bean curry that my partner is preparing; life is good. I, in fact, have that which I have desired all my life – and I have realised that it is not one of those eventual goals, but a goal that is achieved through its maintenance. Living life in the knowledge that I am always responsible for its outcome in my world. It is the simple rule of letting people be who they are – allow them to love what they love – allow them to appreciate life the way they do - ..and then appreciate the same from them, ‘cause there is nothing like living within the knowledge that you may get angry and you may argue- you may question that which you perceive to upset you and you may relish in your own joy – without any untoward consequence other than expressing the emotion and openly talking about it without ridicule.

We are here to be who we want to be – while we allow others to be that which they want to be. You cannot create in the experience of another, because you cannot think their thoughts.

I suppose that it lies in the small things that we tend to overlook, instead of being grateful for.

The glue that binds us is found in the recognition of each person’s individuality within the whole. All true friendships and intimate relationships must contain this ingredient from both partners for life to be a truly incredible experience – true?

True to a very large degree, yes – and it must include respect and understanding for each partner’s view point.

One of these understanding things is the point that part of the deliciousness of this physical world that we live in is the intention to experience our creations through action. But if your action is not one of joy, it is an absolute that whatever the action, it will not lead to any kind of happy ending. It cannot, for it defies a universal law that creation lies in thought, not in action – action is only how we experience the result of our creation(s).

“Unless you are selfish enough to care about how you feel, and therefore direct your thoughts in such a way that you are allowing a true connection to your INNER BEING, you have nothing to give another anyway.

Everyone is selfish. It is not possible to be otherwise.”

- ‘The Law of Attraction’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks

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nancy said...

Thank you Jacques for this delightful post. It is living in the moment and fully appreciating all that we have now that empowers us.