Thursday, 27 August 2009


There are times when we have to consciously decide not to take away someone’s perception of the magical nuance of life.

Life is full of magical moments - moments that enamour us to life; moments that allow us to experience that part of ourselves that simply creates passion in our existence.

Almost the entire worldly societal structure is currently functioning because of one set of reasons only: and that is that everything in finance, economics, business and the way we live is based in GUILT and LACK (thus FEAR).

We are made to feel GUILT that we do not do something that “everybody else” is contributing to.

We are passionately told by most media that we LACK something and are thus not whole. (The Jones’s thrive on this..)

So when your friend or partner comments that they have been shocking everybody the whole day (zzzzztt) and that it was actually quite a scream – let them realise themselves, later, that is was probably because they have built up a lot of static electricity because of the synthetic carpeting in the office or because they were wearing lots of synthetic clothing that day- it is not your right to take away their moment of magic. Don’t add to GUILT by having to be right – and don’t add to the fear of LACK because you have to set the record straight – because you have to be right.

There are times when “setting the record straight” is called for – but many times it is not necessary for you to do it.

So the question is not really about taking away the magic…, but if you can resist the temptation to let others know that you know what’s RIGHT!!

If you cannot resist bursting someone’s bubble just because you have to prove to them that you are right and that you know what’s what, then you are falling into emotional immaturity…, and all you are showing yourself is that you need to prove to yourself that you know what is supposedly right or that you are good enough or rich enough or experienced enough or knowledgeable enough…..

…all you are proving is that you are not good enough for yourself.

I am not saying that one must live in a fool’s paradise, but to live gracefully is so much more fulfilling than always being right.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It's lonely at the top (wherever that top is).

This is probably the most important thing that anyone ever said to me – I remember it as if it were this afternoon – and yet at happened almost 20 years ago – and I will remember this statement for the rest of my life.

It was a sunny late summer morning in Cavendish in Cape Town- the leaves gently frolicking in the light-hearted wind – a friend of mine took me to visit a well-known opera singer at her house – my first impression of this international diva was one of sadness – it surrounded her like a shroud and pervaded her every thought and nuance. Even her home – in all its lavishness and comfort – spoke of good memories cut short because of self-imposed sacrifice. It felt like she had become too much of one thing that only she could direct.

I wondered about her love life – she was divorced and the pictures of her two children exuded an aura of loneliness and unfulfilled expectation.

Hearing her play on the piano, and listening to a recording of her former exquisite voice in its then prime, made me think twice about condemning this woman to a forgotten career, as one could hear how much life and passion there was – just by appreciating her vocal talent.

Over lunch we chatted about light hearted things, but yet they were all tainted with melancholy. And when my friend asked her if there was any lasting advice she would give, considering all her worldly experience, she looked at us for a few moments… and then said: “It’s lonely at the top.” And then she cried a little.

It is when we forget the people who mean the most to us that we relegate ourselves to lives where only “me” is present – and there is no “we”.

It is important to know that life is what you make of it – but how many people forget that that is two-fold: YOU are the most important person you will ever know and deal with. WE are here to experience life as an individual – of the whole. Which means that we are all part of life – and every action must therefore include consideration of the whole.

It is not always fun to have fun by yourself. One tends to buy more blankets that way.

All the best until next time,

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