Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Considerations, Fears and Roadblocks

Most people understand that one does need to set goals in one’s life – the snag comes in with the emerging stumbling blocks before you even achieve the goal(s).
Considerations, fears and roadblocks are going to emerge – this is just one of those things that happen – and the question is if you are going to overcome them or throw in the towel.

The objective is to treat these things for what they are and see them as part of the process; to handle them rather than allowing them to stop you in your tracks.

• Let’s look at CONSIDERATIONS: As soon as you have set yourself a goal you start getting thoughts on the things that will prevent it → e.g: You want to double your income in the next year – your mind (ego) immediately counters this thought with things like “I will have to work twice as hard and won’t have time for my family or to socialise with my friends..”
..this is a consideration – and there is an endless supply that I am sure you can think of – and considerations are a subconscious way of you stopping yourself from achieving greatness.

It is good to have these considerations surface however, for then you can deal with them – if you have the guts.

• FEARS come into play as feelings: Like feelings of rejection, fear of failure and fear of making a fool of yourself. You might also be afraid of getting hurt, or that you might lose all your money, etc. This is not unusual – fears are natural and part of the process. Fears are there as a built in safety mechanism for our ego as a preservative measure for our survival – but this does not mean we have to give in to them, we have brains after all.

• And lastly, we have ROADBLOCKS: These are simply external factors that WILL come up as a result of your course of action(s). This might be something like: you do not have enough money to move ahead with your project → possible solution = you need investors.

Roadblocks are simply obstacles thrown in your way – they are world circumstances that we need to recognize as very real, and that need to be dealt with.
If, for example, your business has shown a financial loss – then investigate – you might find it was because of bad management – so either replace the manager and/or install new management principles, bearing in mind that you will have to concentrate on what works for the business.
Unfortunately, when considerations, fears and roadblocks invariably come up, most people see them as stop signs – and they end up not pursuing their goal(s). And, of course, still bemoan their lot.

See these things as a normal part of the process and which will always appear.
If you are having your house re-modeled, you are going to put up with some temporary discomfort – are you not?

These things are supposed to appear – and if they do not, you have not set a goal big enough to grow and stretch you – with no real potential for self-development.

Learn to deal with these things.


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