Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Elegance and Serenity (It is all in your attitude)

I have realised that I have come to a final stance in my belief in God. I have been given the thing my psyche has yearned to know all these years – ultimately: In my own belief system I know what God is to me; in my own belief system I know that I am supported by the invisible realms, but there has always been that nagging thing of ‘is it real’? ‘am I really part of God and creation’?

While listening to Beethoven, it struck me that although I have seen, heard and experienced the invisible support of life – in my life, I have never fully accepted it. My mind got in the way. And now Life has provided me with the means to accept: For the past nine months I have been forced to face my own demons and some of my deepest fears and hurts in a society that is undergoing much change in difficult times.

If your safety and security lie only in worldly affairs – you are especially vulnerable, for nowhere in the world is there safety and security. Things are galloping along quickly and much is being shaken up (forget the stirring!).

It is all about attitude; and the prevailing attitude at the moment is one of defining morality and establishing self-worth and individual empowerment.

My own attitude has been grossly eschewed in many respects; I started seeing no meaning in our earthly life…, and worse yet, I started detesting the life style of human society and becoming disgusted with humanity in general.

…What I have learned through all this is that it is I who am responsible for bringing joy into my own life. I have learned that there is no point to it all if life cannot be shared with those that matter. I have learned that instead of pleading with Christ to give purpose to my experience(s)…, simply ask for Life to provide your highest good in every situation – and then to really trust…, and then watch for synchronistic events that support your desire, and then act on them.

Also: be loud and proud of your self and do not let what you do define your attitude, but to let your attitude define what you do.

Take the lead and be decisive – and know that your passion lies in that thing that you know you can do without much thinking and/or effort (and sometimes that is not even something you have considered yet – and sometimes there is more than one).

The choice that I now have is to believe that I am worth something as a human being, and that either I believe it – or I don’t.

You cannot be held responsible by Life for someone else’s happiness, but you will be held responsible for your own.

Start by giving happiness to others; and do not believe in loss or gain.

Your goal is to eliminate unnecessary drama from your life.

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