Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Don't give up..

I was asked what the number one way is to reverse a global recession:

“Recession? What recession? Who said anything about a recession…? Onwards to the mall, I say!”

These were the words of a very good friend of mine who has the most unbelievably positive outlook on life I have seen in a while.

Sure – our world markets are slumping and all that jazz…, and this friend of mine has no blinkers on, believe me; he sees as much reality in the current global situation as anyone else with a few brain cells to spare.


The thing is that as soon as one starts to plot an approach that is specifically designed in your head to deal with a sagging economy, all the various animal flues and your bad hair, a tipping point is reached in your life that will make these threats a reality in your life.

Not to say that you will not feel the fear of all the fear mongers and doom saying woowoo! people. NO. You will see the reality of the fearing people, but that does not mean you have to revel in it as well.

Have a glass of wine with your lover,
Go have coffee with friends,
Traverse a mall and see a movie,
Bake a double chocolate mint fudge cake and have a gettogether,
Attend that “voodoo” talk you have wanted to go listen to,
Visit your auntie in far-and-beyond-village,
…and think big – no matter how little you have, if you believe abundance, speak it and act abundantly – you will eventually have it in greater measure.

This is the difficult part – not actually doing it, but not giving in to outside fears and opinions. AND not giving up.

Do not stop believing in yourself – the world will be a lesser place for it if you did.

Some things should also just be done for the fun of it - Not because they're inexpensive, practical, organic, logical, fashionable, modest, brilliant, green, expected, proper, spiritual, thinning, fattening, prudent, or allergen-smoke-chemical free.


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