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Finding meaning in your life and work


"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."

Denis Waitley

If you are falling about and wondering if life will ever give you a break, then you have not taken responsibility for the quality of your life experiences.

The big question is whether one forces creation to obey your command and dissect every small detail ad nauseum; to imply to the Universe that that is what you want to happen through the Law of Attraction – finish.


Does one simply imply what it is you want and think about, and all the wonderful things surrounding that thought - and leave the details open for the Universe to realise the details in your life – also through the Law of Attraction?

We have to remember a few things here:

First of all it is possible to use the law of Attraction either way – however – the first way is very difficult, because it involves MUCH mental concentration and effort. If you are going to force the Universe to give you what you desire through mental effort, then you need to be sure to keep up this effort at every angle.

I know a few people who do this – and it does work – however, in my opinion, it is open to attracting unnecessary anguish and frustration, as it requires a CONSTANT and unwavering mental regimen to never waver from a thought – come hell or high water – as the thought will clash with your ego around every corner.

OR – if one is to believe that unfailing supply is the Law, then one will get exactly what one has been estimating. The trick is to entrust the process of life to bring you what you desire – simply by allowing it to arrange events and situations to accommodate your thought(s).

This can actually be seen in the time lapse that occurs between thought and the realisation of that thought in the human mind. The reason that most people think that something new and unexpected is happening to them, is because the original thought was some time ago and is only now materialising, thus we think that it is an unexpected event – I tell you now – nothing is unexpected – somewhere along the line you thought it.

To bridge this gap between thought and the realisation of that thought, is to hold the thought steadfast and unwavering – AND to embellish as you wish on that thought and think all the good results stemming from that thought. The details of what exactly it entails and exactly when it is to come about you leave up to the workings of life. You have to believe this and not change your mind (for as soon as you change your mind, you alter the direction of the thought) – and it will come to pass sooner than you think.

For example: I want a new job that is going to accommodate my current life style and desires to have time to explore and enjoy my part time practice…….blah, blah…

Now keep that thought and do not deviate from believing that something that will fit this description will come to pass – something that suits you. And let go of the details and let creation bring you what you desire. In the meantime – carry on living and enjoying life - THIS IS IMPORTANT.

You also have to take responsibility for the quality of your life experiences – also by doing something about it. Don’t just sit there – get out and go and enjoy life. Go to the movies; go see friends for coffee; go do laps in the pool; have a midday snooze; if people ask your advice, then give it – the thing is to keep positive – and to do this you have to do positive things. Be creative – complete that project that you have been promising yourself to do.

· "Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction."

— Albert Einstein

“I want my goal to be where I end up in the perfect scenario of synchronicity, whatever that is, which enhances myself and those around me.” Can you imagine how that fits into a society, into a culture, where Human Beings acknowledge from the get-go that they want to fit in to the appropriate puzzle, which is that of creation? Goal setting: Not visualizing a scenario, but an energy, the energy of appropriateness. Start now, setting the energy of appropriateness, putting yourselves into that puzzle of synchronicity and saying, “It is well wherever I end up, for it will help the planet.” That’s what the masters did, and still do.

Ending up in the perfect synchronicity does not imply suffering or hardship – wishing to end up where best you can serve will also allow for your desires to be fulfilled in more ways than you would expect.

This I have seen more than once – so it must work.

NOTHING is to big for life to let happen – your only hurdle is your own contradicting thoughts and if you allow the negative opinions of others to influence your power of using the Laws of Creation.

With all my love and gratitude,



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