Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Authentic Power

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn’t.”
- Erica Jong

We all have the ability of intuition; it is not a foreign tool that some people come by in their mystical studies. It is, in fact, an inherent survival tool within our DNA. But as time passed on, the human race lost much of the knowledge of this ability, and it is only becoming more apparent again in our current modern world.
However, the biggest mistake people make, is to not trust their intuition and either completely ignore it, or assign it the be-all-and-end-all over their lives. By ignoring your intuition, you shut down a very big part of the human mental works. By giving the “woowoo spirits” power over your decision making, you give away your internal and authentic power to an external force that is never going to make your decisions for you.
Weather you believe in spirits or the like, or not, is quite beside the point. Not working with a “higher power” (not just believing in it – because just believing in it will get you nowhere) deprives you of another avenue to experience your authenticity.
Believing in it to the point that it rules your life, deprives you of the exact same thing.

We are meant to live our lives within the knowledge that there is more out there – and if you wish to experience some of the “out there stuff”, then fine; and if you don’t, that’s fine too – but know that it is there. It is not there for us to live according to, but for us to live with. The reason that some people live such unfulfilling lives is because they cannot accept that there is no external entity that is going to live your life for you. These people live in fear of things not happening for them and a constant fear of other people taking advantage of them – so, obviously, it will happen. And why will it happen? Because that is what they then draw to them through the law of attraction.
Creation simply is – and it wishes to experience. You have the power to give it that experience – don’t let experience just happen to you – use experience to let you happen to and with it.


The way to get to know that you do not have to dissect God to be able to live a human life, is to let experience teach you maturity.

“Maturity does not mean age; it means sensitivity, manners and how you react.”
- Pravin Todkar

What is so, is so and what works, works and what does not work, does not.
Live within this knowledge – and try not to see it as the rules that you have to confine yourself to – and work with it to your advantage; then you have it made.

If disrespect comes your way, then it means only one thing: somewhere life is returning the output of your disrespect toward another.
- Jacques Ractliffe

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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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Roger said...

Great article Jacques.

Once again, arrived at the right time for my
personal situation.

Makeda (UK) said...

Thank, just what I needed to read...that has set me up for the month.

You know I love you and what you represent, keep the vision high and your energy even higher.

From your groupie,