Thursday, 22 January 2009

True Love

( comes in many forms)

People forget that love is not a commodity; neither a tool – in fact, it is not comparable to any usual human emotion. It is also the most constructive emotion that we have, and one that permeates everything we do.

There are two ways to look at love – almost like using it: One can firstly be “bowled over” by someone. And secondly, one can love out of guilt and need. 1) Infatuation… is not wrong, however, it is based on you giving your power to another by plopping them atop a pedestal; and a relationship based on infatuation is an unstable one and can possibly only last in the short term – until the infatuation is gone and you realise you have put yourself down. The mistake people can make here is to not acknowledge that they were simply infatuated – and that the feeling was just temporary. They have not enjoyed it for what it was – and as a result, much pain and heartache is caused because of pride and shame. Easier said than done…

Starting a relationship with someone because you think they are better than you (and romance has clouded all your reason), will only end up in resentment. It is basically the same as infatuation. 2) Resentment… is a degrading emotion that is the offspring of low self-esteem and a loss of pride. It will get no-one nowhere quickly – except the anger and hurt departments.

Love also comes ‘round when life announces it all of a sudden, without warning or preparation. However, true love has an added mix → also unexpected and all that jazz, it comes with experience (a bit of a let down there?). Although love is love and so-called true love is also subject to our desires, to truly love someone, so as for them to wanna stay (that nobody can ultimately do or arrange) - true love is, or it isn’t.

So what is true love all about? It is when you allow another to be who they are within your relationship; to experience their life as they see fit within your relationship. Only two people who are secure in their identity and who are not threatened by what others think of them or what they do - only they stand a chance of long term happiness together. Not being a victim of circumstance; not being a “woe is me” type and “you have more than I”, is what is going to be the lasting romantic glue. We all know that in this world we have to compromise. It is when we can live with another, each of us compromising for the relationship – and so we contribute to the one entity of the relationship; and also not loosing our individuality as a person – that must NEVER happen! And each one in the relationship always has to be aware of what is being compromised for and contributed to the one entity that is the relationship; and only maturity in your outlook on how life works can possibly make this work.

Living with true love at your side is not for the faint hearted. It requires nothing, and yet everything on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level – when it comes to understanding it.

The higher we evolve, the more we find that we are not matched with partners for reasons of matching vibration and energy that needs healing, but more for the simple pleasure of each other’s company as companions of a higher order. In this way, our partners will be a joyous addition to our lives.

“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction”

- Antione de Saint-Expery

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Sharon said...

Thank you.
This is a great one and makes a ton of sense to me.

Hope you are very, very well.
much love.

Roger said...

Great article, Jacques! I will read and re-read it again. Gotta get you over to the UK for this.

Cheers for now.

Makeda (UK) said...

YOU my friend, are another reason why I get so inspired to write my poetry...if I have the skills to write articles, I'm sure I would...

Once again your news letter hit on so many cores within me...

wow u r a god.....

give care.