Wednesday, 26 November 2008

This is not a time to worry...

Recently I have been dealing with a client who is constantly asking me questions on how to rid herself of her jealous streak.

I have warned her that her insecurity (because that is what jealousy is) is going to cost her the relationship with the man she loves. So what to do? The only mature thing to do is to teach your self how to look at things from the perspective of the silent witness. And who are you supposed to witness? yourself, of course. To try and change other people into what you deem fit, will never work. A person might very well become the very thing you do not want, just because you realised the fear of that worry – thus, eventually, resulting in its action.

What always happens when someone worries?...

Basically, one generally thinks of a 100 reasons why something might go wrong. And all of those thoughts then struggle to become things, sometimes overriding one’s more constructive thoughts.

It's like a train wreck. It ain't pretty. But that's the power of worry.

Now, let's say you want something fantastic to manifest in your life…

Well…, have you sat down yet and listed 100 reasons why it might come to you easily, fast, and harmoniously?

I think you should,

…and, by the way, today works too.


This is not to say that one is refusing to see potential pain and/or turmoil, but…

  • Wondering how else you could view life when you're experiencing emotional pain, is a sign of spiritual maturity.

· Wondering how else you could view life when things are already going really well, however, is a sign of a spiritual rock star.

· And wondering how many licks it will take to get to the centre of a Lolly Pop, is a sign of eternal youth.

Your job is to set the Law of Attraction in motion with the thoughts you think, the words you choose, and the things you do. The Law will then do the rest – unless you defeat It by constant worry; which is still, currently, and mostly, the case with the vast majority of humans who live in fear.

So! On the flip side of that coin, we have the issue of those that cannot accept their own happiness, because that will remove them from the drama that they so need to get the attention of other people.

* It takes a BIG person to accept full responsibility for their own happiness.

* It takes an even BIGGER person to accept full responsibility for their own unhappiness.

* And…, it takes a spiritual GIANT, who upon realizing any degree of unhappiness, decides to be the change they seek - in spite of having to endure the "same old, same old" that may still linger on for awhile.

However, then the question arises if we should also always “read” another person’s actions…

Though this might be tempting – it only leads to “reading into” another person’s intentions. NO-ONE can avoid pain or sadness, as that is part and parcel of human existence, but we can make it affect us differently by looking at its reality:

1) Be your own highest authority and consciously step away from becoming a slave to your worries and other people’s imagined what-if intentions.


2) When we know the soul purpose of another, we are then able to
support it in all ways.

Many times when we think we are helping, but we are actually hindering, as with good intentions in mind, we really do not know that all is in order when we see
what appears to be suffering on the part of another. Supporting the soul purpose of another places us in alignment with ourselves.

Nobody can ever truly be happy in this life if they keep on worrying about what others might think or do; and then again, one will find in this same scenario those who would take advantage of this thought and simply be rude and disrespectful – those kinds of people are also not sure of themselves; and it is only when one is sure of him/her self that others are tempted to be the same.

With all my love and gratitude,

In love and light,



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Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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Bev said...

Fried brain!!!! I thought it was brilliant and right to the point. I thing it's inspirational and may help anyone who does all of the things you warn against.