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Vision - Own Your Experience

“When I think of vision, I have in mind the ability to see above and beyond the majority.”

- Charles Swindoll

All of us have vision; we just tend to not believe it. We tuck our vision for ourselves away like a used cuddly toy – remembered, but put aside in respect of reality; or rather what we see as our only reality. We forget that we are also beings of natural joy. Our inner cores and basic psychological belief is that we are meant to be happy and joyful. So why are the overwhelming majority of us not?

The reason for this is that we look at life as a chore. It is quite obvious why we look at life as a chore – so there is no reason in discussing it other than saying that we view life as one enormous and unfortunate necessity and pressed-upon-us responsibility. Although Mr Swindoll might have a bit of an unfortunate surname, his quote (above) rings very true in respect that one has to see above and beyond the humdrum of placid expectation. Only then can one actually see the meaning of things. It is not about being able to cast aside this and that; we all are exposed to the things that make our current world society chug along, what we are missing is the ability to know that we can look at things from a different perspective – we literally can drive ourselves to the point of not being able to see the wood for the trees – and this is a major reason why the world has gotten into the state that it has and that our youth are as angry as they are, as they realise that they have been stuck with all this hullabaloo.. (let’s remain descent, shall we).

Now, the question comes up from the adults: “Well…, what are we supposed to do about this?”

Let me tell you – reversing what we as a species have done in one magical spell is not going to happen. What needs to be done is that we need to take responsibility as a whole – the entire human race. Even the children and teenagers need to stop playing the blame game, as many of them have been here before in previous incarnations and have as much part in this as anybody else.

The solution?.......................................................................... OWN YOURSELF.

With other words, own your experiences. Don’t sit in a corner and blame God for having given you this creation and having made you the way you are. We are all part of creation and not a result of random atoms and molecules. Creation is a force that permeates everything and everyone. It created the universe and everything above, below and beyond it. Humanity is only starting to discover what was previously thought impossible. You only need to hop onto the internet to read up on the most mind blowing discoveries that defy logic completely!

“You have got to be willing to put yourself through the paces of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable and until you realize your dreams.”

- Jim Rohn

OK, enough talk – let me discuss an example closer to home and more individual:

I was invited to speak on a TV program last week regarding channelling – and also to channel information for a lady who has recently experienced a miscarriage. I joined a psychologist on the set and it was amazing to realise that we completely agreed on owning individual experience. We advised the woman in question that she needed to accept what had happened as part and parcel of her experience in this life. There was no purpose in her putting the experience in a box and hiding it up in the attic – even though unbelievably traumatic, hiding an experience as upsetting as that to better serve social conditioning or to try and convince oneself that “it is really nothing” is soooooooo destructive. She was destroying any chance of happiness she could have in her marriage and forever loose touch with those that care about her.

Note: A wise friend will also never tell another that “it is nothing” to try and make them feel better. By doing that you potentially take away a perspective that is not yours to take away…

We also have to remember that if we do not care for our own wellbeing, even those that care for us will eventually feel they are wasting their time – and turn away. This, of course only then strengthens the pain body – and the situation spirals into oblivion.


Well, one of our house cats - called Boy – has just decided that I have done enough typing for one day and is pawing my hands and attempting to lie on my laptop – I can just imagine him saying: “You love me long time now.” – end.

Take ownership of your life, your thoughts and desires.

Just thinking of or wishing for something is not enough – you have to do something to make it happen.

"In truth, to attain to interior peace, one must be willing to pass through the contrary to peace. Such is the teaching of the Sages."

-- Swami Brahmanada


Next time, we will be talking about the way one can empower or disempower another person simply through one’s actions or words..

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