Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Getting out of your comfort zone…

…it is never wise to be typecast – not because of others,

but because of your own sanity.

Remember – people can only identify with others in what they know of themselves;

and that can be rather limiting at times.

However, people do know everything;

the thing is that a person only knows as much as their hitherto and current human experience(s) has taught them.

What I am saying is that a person can only affect two frequencies within themselves and/or another person – and that is: HARMONY and DIS-HARMONY. The trick now is to get yourself to a point of personal development in empowering your self – NOT against other people, but against yourself. With other words – make a definite effort in realising how not to give away your power to others.., and things (emotions).

Stop making up excuses to stroke your own sense of righteousness – so if you have e.g. wasted someone’s time; don’t try and excuse yourself - own up to it – end of drama. If you have p’d off a client, don’t come up with all the personal hoohaa as to why – they are the client, they have nothing to do with your personal issues – take responsibility for yourself.

It may sound trite, but admitting to yourself that you cannot be right all the time and that you cannot possibly do everything is not about defining these dramas and putting them in their respective emotional files, but about accepting the situation and recognising that it exists.., and then.. moving on.

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche


The world does not revolve around its axis because of what an individual human thinks, nor does it depend on any individual effort or conviction on any individual’s part.

We are life; we are the experience of it and the sum total of it.. on earth.., and thus we are all responsible for the continuation of our existence – as a collective entity..; as individuals, we experience life from an individual perspective on behalf of that which is pure consciousness – no wings, no agenda.., and no expectation or requirement. The molecules and atoms and bombobulations that make up creation come from pure creative consciousness.., and pure consciousness has no preference.

The world is not going to stop revolving or evolving because someone moved your crystals or paperweight.


It is also true that people can be quite disappointing to us – that is because of two things: First of all, one can perceive their actions as disappointing and thus personalise it, and thus make it insulting to your psyche. Second, ACTIONS speak louder than INTENTIONS – It is so that, in this earthly existence, our actions mean a hell of a lot more than our intentions - to other people – no matter how you look at it or try and convince yourself otherwise. The thing to note here is that it is not necessarily WHAT you do, but HOW you do it. Always think again why people might get agro with you – it is usually not about you (they are really not even angry with you), but about the way the situation was handled. Take a simple matter of not informing someone of a change of plans that you have known about several days in advance of an event that you have planned. You only tell them a day before the event was supposed to take place. The change of plans was unavoidable, but cost the other person extra time and effort to rectify things on their side – the reason they might be gritty toward you now has nothing to do with the change of plans, but the fact that, because of your failure to notify them in due time, you had wasted their time.

IT IS ALL ABOUT RESPECT! And respect is something you always show – one does not take it out at certain times – it is a constant companion.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

- William Arthur Ward


The other thing that people also tend to do is place their power in exterior “stuff”, so as to avoid responsibility of experiencing life for Universal Consciousness.

It is nice and good to know about all stuffs spiritual; however, to go and place your future and happiness squarely ”in the hands” of Archangels, Guides and Ascended Masters and the like, is simply stating to Spirit that you are not prepared to experience the Earthly creation on its behalf. WE ARE HERE FOR A REASON – and you are NOT going to sprout wings – what’s then the point of being here!? Our angels and guides do exist – and their reality is on another plane. They will not interfere with our sovereign experience – not even Archangel Michael. Their only relevance to our plane of thought is one of very subtle assistance (mostly emotionally and psychologically).

All the “stuff” is not important – and giving “it” your power through not believing in your own power, is not spirituality. Spirituality is living this earthly life with what you have and what you can make – within the knowledge of what Spirit is and believing that we are all part of the bigger picture – our part lies in experiencing this particular life as a person – in a human body, with human restrictions, emotions and within an EARTHLY REALITY – for Spirit.

As I said in my book – REALIZING YOUR AUTHORITY – “being too spiritual is no good…, and living without spirituality is no good either…”

What your spirituality is, is your choice alone – Spirit does not care what it is – just let it be a spirituality that allows you to think and reason for your self – a spirituality that will empower YOU as an emissary of peace on earth.

With all my love and gratitude,

In love and light,



- Holistic Life-Coach

- Psychic Intuitive & Channeler

- Motivational Speaker (Self-Empowerment), Writer & Trainer

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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.

Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely said - and its a message I needed to hear today, so, its in my blood and I shall try and act on it, so I may find the river again in these crazy days.