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Empowering and disempowering people through our actions and speech..

We all know how easily we can disempower another person though our words – and we often do it without realising that we have done it. Something as small as telling a person that they are fat (when they really are not) will bring about the potential of disempowerment in them. This might sound ridiculous, and you might reason that there is also much to be said for that person’s state of mind in becoming disempowered by such a silly statement; but being kind to others is a sign of maturity. Trying to reason it out with yourself is nothing more than attempting to qualify your dissatisfaction with yourself and this world. There is no love in being unkind. And unfortunately, actual maturity mostly only comes with age and experience. A child might be born with remembrance of itself as part of the One and have memory of otherworldly experiences, until social conditioning and life as a human obscures that memory, but a child is not born with maturity – maturity is gained through experience, which is linked to our concept of time.

So what is ‘kindness’? Well…, we could dissect it and put it in a box, however, what is the point? Kindness, like love, cannot be truly expressed and honestly reciprocated when and if you have not expressed it to yourself first.

Expressing kindness to yourself is not only about buying a chocolate and vegging in front of a good DVD when you are down, but, most importantly, about giving yourself room to appreciate the goodness of others toward you.

To let you in on something I discovered some years ago: A secret to living this earthly life is not about what you can do for others, but what others will recognise in you for you having done rightly onto yourself. When others recognise in you, consciously or subconsciously, that you are kind to yourself, they will know that you are also kind to others. And I mean KIND in the TRUE SENSE of the word.

Kindness is not about giving to others all the time; it is also not about buying that new car or spoiling yourself with an expensive present. TRUE KINDNESS lies in your honesty toward life.

People who give lots – of anything, mostly do so to impress, but don’t tell them that, they’ll swear at you.

To be kind to yourself – and then as a consequence to others as well – is to be found in empowering your surroundings - and those that surround you.

An e.g: Last evening, some friends and myself very spontaneously decided to have dinner together – at home. It had been a very busy and HOT day – and the three of us ended up at home at the same time – all bushed. I had also gone food shopping that day, so we raided the fridge and came up with a stunning cooked dinner between the three of us. We ate around the outside table, laughed, had some wine (me = coffee), talked sense and nonsense, and generally had a relaxing and socialising dinner. We then drove out of Johannesburg to go look at the full moon and stars. And what an experience! One forgets that there are still stars in the sky and peace in this world – I couldn’t stop staring..

Empowering others is about empowering your own psyche with kindness. It is the kindness you find in your heart in allowing others to be whom they are and not trying to organise the world as you wish to have it. Kindness is not something you order on-line and it is not a prescription from a doctor – or spiritual healer for that matter; it is an empowered state that only you can have – no one can give it to you, no matter how hard they try. It is thus part of your Godly state – that secret room within you that nobody can enter – never mind what.

It has been a tough week so far, filled with giving many channellings and massages to clients; meetings and responsibilities also filled every day. And the thing that has stood out to me most was the kindness of a true friend: A couple of days ago, I met up for lunch with one of my best friends – to say goodbye. He is leaving for another country to further his career, and I realised that it was also leaving me… rather lost.

Walking him back to his car, I started to get very emotional and could not get the words out that I wanted to say. So…, in his kindness and wisdom, he put me at ease and started to say what I had wanted. Also giving me time to steady myself and to say “goodbye” in a good way.

This to me was a grand gift. Although we have so many forms of communication today – like facebook, e-mail, cellphones, Skype, etc…, nothing beats face to face communication. So if the opportunity to be kind and empowering is there, then take it and don’t leave it to tomorrow. But remember, that to be kind and empowering to the world, you have to do that dinner and gazing at the stars with friends every now and then.

With all my love and gratitude,

In love and light,



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