Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The nonlocal Self

The following story, which derives from one of the greatest Vedantic texts, the Chandogya Upanishads, beautifully describes the nature of the nonlocal self/Higher-Self:
Thousands of years ago the great sage, Uddalaka Aruni, sent his twelve year old son, Svetaketu, to a great guru, so that the boy could learn deeply about the ultimate reality. For a dozen years Svetaketu studied under this master and studied all the Vedas. When Svetaketu returned home, his father noticed that his son acted as though he had learned all there was to learn. So Uddalaka decided to pose the young man a question:
“My learned son, what is that thing which cannot be heard, but makes hearing possible, which cannot be seen, but makes seeing possible, which cannot be known, but makes knowledge possible, which cannot be imagined, but makes imagination possible?”
Svetaketu was perplexed and silent.
His father said, “When we know a single particle of clay, all objects of clay are known. When we know a single grain of gold, all objects of gold are known. The difference between one piece of golden jewellery and another is only its name and form. In reality all the jewellery is just gold and all the pots are just clay. Can you tell me, my son, what is that one thing which by knowing all can be known?”
Svetaketu replied, “Alas, my master did not give me this knowledge. Will you?” “Vey well”, said Uddalaka. “Let me tell you. The whole universe is one reality, and that reality is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is absolute existence. It is One that is not followed by a Second. In the beginning the One said to itself, ‘I shall differentiate into the many, and so become all the seers and al the scenery.’ The One entered into the many and became the Self of each. The beings of all things are One, and the One is the subtle essence of all that exists. You are that Svetaketu. “In this same way bees make honey from the nectar of numerous flowers, but once the honey is made the nectar cannot say, ‘I am from this flower, or that.’ So too when you merge with your nonlocal Self, you become one with the Self of all that exists. This is the true Self of all, and Svetaketu, you are that.”
The young man replied, “Enlighten me more, my father.”
Uddalaka paused before speaking. “The river Ganges flows to the east. The river Indus flows from to west. However, they both ultimately become the sea. Having become the sea, they no longer think ‘I am the Ganges’ or ‘I am the Indus. So too, my son, everything that exists has its source in the nonlocal Self, and that Self is the subtlest essence of all. All is the true Self. Svetaketu, you are that.
“When the body withers and dies, the Self does not die. Fire cannot burn it, water cannot wet it, wind cannot dry it, and weapons cannot shatter it. It is unborn; has no beginning or ending. It is beyond the boundaries of space or time, pervading the entire universe. Svetaketu, you are that.” “Enlighten me more, my father,” Svetaketu responded enthusiastically.
Uddalaka said, “Bring me a fruit of the nyagrodha tree.” Svetaketu brought the fruit. “Break it open.” Svetaketu did so. “What do you see my son?” “Tiny seeds, father.” “Break one now.” Svetaketu broke open the tiny seed. “What do you see, my son?” “I see that nothing is left, father.”
“That which you do not see is the subtle essence, and the whole of the nyagrodha tree, which comes from it. So too the universe sprouts forth from the nonlocal Self.”
Finally Uddalaka asks Svetaketu to place a cube of salt in a pale of water. The next day the sage asked his son to give him back the cube of salt. “I cannot give it back,” the young man responded. “It has dissolved.” Uddalaka asked his son to taste the surface of the water. “Tell me, how is it?” “It is salty, father.” “Taste in the middle and see how it is.” “It is salty, father.” “Taste it at the bottom, and tell me how it is.” “It is salty, father.” “Just like the salt is localized in the cube and dispersed in the water, so too your Self is simultaneously localized in your body and pervading the entire universe.
“My dear son, you do not perceive the Self in your body, but without it perceptions would not be possible. You cannot conceptualize the Self, but without it conceptualization would not be possible. You cannot imagine the Self, but without it imagination would not be possible. However, when you become the Self, and live from the level of this nonlocal Self, you will be connected to all that exists, because the Self is the source of all that exists. Truth, reality, existence, consciousness, the absolute – call it what you will, it is the ultimate reality, the ground of all being. And you are that, Svetaketu.
“Live from this level, Svetaketu, and all your desires will come true, because from this level they will not just be your personal desires, they will be aligned with the desires of al that exists.”

Svetaketu practiced al that he had learned and became one of the greatest seers of the Vedantic tradition.

In love and light,
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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity. Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Universal Truth...

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”
- Eddie Robinson

Last week I mentioned five attributes in decision making that create harmony as a state of consciousness - Every choice in your life has to be tested by conscious questioning; from the biggest to the smallest everyday choices. Ask yourself the following five questions in every decision you make and you can create this harmony within your own life:


Let’s say I ask myself the question whether if going to a certain country to participate in a 3-week long hike (of a spiritual nature) is going to be of benefit to my psyche and development in whom I am?
All the above listed attributes have similar connotations and can be summed up in the last attribute – however, there are slight differences:

1 – Is there TRUTH in the act of doing this? With other words – Do I feel (remember that feeling is the way that Life-Force communicates with us) that doing this has meaning for me in my development as a human being? Does the act feel honest? Would the trip be filled with integrity for me?

2 – Is there BEAUTY in what I am planning on this adventure? I am not referring to physical beauty – although the hike will certainly have its natural beauty – I am referring to the content of the whole thing – I am interested to know if there is potential inner beauty in seeing what I will see there? Will my going potentially stir my inner perception of the world to greater heights?

3 – HEALTH. Well, what about health? The question is also whether the trip potentially has psychological health at its core. Will my going enrich my psychological health and the development and stimulation of my mind?

4 – Am I happy when thinking of going? Does the decision to go awake a sense of dread or HAPPINESS within? Does a sense of joy ensue in the thought of going on this trip? (This comes, once again, as a simple feeling).

5 - The preceding four attributes are summed up in this fifth and last one: LIGHT.
Does the entire situation of going to a foreign country and making a 3-week long sojourn on your feet appeal to you – and does that idea awaken a sense of personal development within you? With other words – does this whole scenario resonate with your being? If even one attribute is absent, you must look in another direction regarding your decision.
Live by it and you cannot ‘fail’ in your path.

Now, asking yourself these questions is very important if you wish to maintain a balanced sense of harmony and pride in your life – and they have to be asked and answered for every question you are unsure of – ANY and EVERY question. It is not meant for only the big questions, but also the small and seemingly insignificant ones.

My answer to all the above five questions is YES – the situation resonates with me significantly. Thus, the details will be taken care of.

“When a human being is following his (her) truth, it’s his (her) passion for God he (she) is discovering. It’s a path for his (her) own personal discovery to find God in his (her) life. That’s truth. It’s diverse since there are so many individual paths for Humans. Each Human Being is spiritually unique. One is working on abundance issues, one is working on health issues, one is working on self-worth issues, and one is battling fear. Many of these paths are a result of the past experiences of Humans on Earth in different expressions [past lives], creating the vast differences of personalities at birth – their strengths and challenges, their many phobias, and their gifts. Do you see how you cannot create a spiritual box and ask everyone to get in?”

You are the only one who can listen to your Higher-Self and heed the nudges of your Universal Life-Force.

Have you ever noticed that there's really only one thing you can do to unquestionably change the scenery in your life? Physically move through it.

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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.