Wednesday, 6 August 2008

What is really going on here?

“A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak.”
- Michael Garret Marino

What is really going on here?

We hear that the world is going to cease existing the way we know it - from fear-mongers, metaphysicians, astrologers and scientists alike; we also hear that our planet is going to become home to an enlightened and spiritual world society from the general New Age community – when? when I’m 96? or in my next life time? or the one after that?

Whatever your path to God (and, believe you me, EVERYBODY has their path to God – even those that classify themselves as atheists), is of little significance (and in the eyes of Universal Consciousness – completely insignificant). It is relevant to us, however, how one does it.
What I mean is that Universal Consciousness is just that – it is a consciousness that is only interested in YOU (the Human part of the whole Creation thing) finding YOU (the Etheric part of ultimate reality – and thus to access YOU in the consciousness of the universe).
This so-called shift that is taking place is no more or less a way than how Humans are starting to think. We are NOT going to poof into the sunset by December 2012, and neither is the world going to magically change into an esoteric paradise; it is just a change to the next time period – as with our current astrology time line. It is also undeniable that times ARE a-changing – the only difference now is that it is happening much faster than it used to. This is simply a result of Human consciousness awakening to the fact that there is more to know – and that we have the abilities to make new knowledge and/or opinions known at a much faster rate (through the media, internet, world travel, chat facilities – even with cell phones, etc.). There is much more scrutiny taking place now than before and hiding places are growing scarcer. The percentage of people who can be truly viewed as “those nutty ones that speak of the light and know that they are a complete part of it – and REALLY know and live it”, are but less than half of 1 percent of humankind. Yet, they make an enormous difference – a difference that will change the way much of Humanity thinks – not because they try and change the way we think, no, their impact lies in the power of allowing others to think for themselves. Whether Jesus Christ or Nelson Mandela, they made/make people think and ponder in peace.

The reason I say that everybody has a path to God/Universal Consciousness, even the atheists, is because everybody has some kind of belief system; and THAT is what God/Universal Consciousness is about. The path to seeking out your intelligence, authority and knowledge for yourself is a fact – NEVER MIND the way it is done or how.
The above might sound like a dangerous way of thinking, but just think of it this way: A person who has accessed their own intelligence, wisdom and knowledge and who sees themselves as part of the whole set-up is actually unable to wilfully harm another part of the whole set-up.

The answers are always quite simple – only our implementation of them (or deciding which one is best) create the complications.

Let’s look at three attributes in getting to know Universal Consciousness and how to do it:
Number 1: Become interdimentional in thought.
When a human heart hurts emotionally, it hurts; we feel the pain no matter what is said. This is so because of our Human make-up. Becoming interdimentional in thought allows you access to your “other parts” that are not in Human form. These “other parts” are always there – and even include those that have died in our reality. This is not necessarily a comfort when your heart is breaking, for example, when a loved one has died. And it is not meant to be a comfort at that time – but the knowledge that all is part of a grand consciousness that creates, becomes a comfort when the pain subsides and produces the knowledge of interdimentional reason.

For those who do not believe in this (or cannot bring themselves to do so for their own reasons) – they might create more confusion for themselves, but they are following their own belief structure – and thus their own path. There is no such thing as a non-believer – it cannot be, it is not possible – for not believing is belief in something, and this is just another path.

Remember: Universal Consciousness is just that. It is a consciousness.

The reason that the New Age movement has been seen as a threat to religion is for
absolutely no other reason than the fact that most New Agers do not follow a specified doctrine – because there is none – irrespective of those New Agers who have succumb to making their belief system a religion. But however that may be, the New Age (or the current New, New Age) thought is no different in its meaning as a belief system than any other belief system.
By the way – “New Age” is simply a term that implies that we are moving into a new age of thought – like moving into the next astrological age (which we will be doing soon enough) - our next linear time period.

In the next distribution email, I will highlight the next two attributes in getting to know Universal Consciousness and how to do it. And then also tell a little story..

“I don’t need props, because I am the prop.”
- Jacques Ractliffe

In love and light,

- Holistic Life-Coach & Empathic Psychic
- Usui Reiki Master
- Motivational Speaker {Self-Empowerment} & Writer

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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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