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What is really going on here? continued...

In the last article, I mentioned the first of three attributes in how to know yourself – the path to know God and how to do it. The first attribute was: become interdimentional (thus, trust the parts of you that you cannot see –
- your Soul (group)/Monad).

The second attribute in knowing yourself as part of God is that you really have to understand that you’re part of the God family. To put it plainly – we are al part of the grander consciousness that makes up creation in its totality. There IS NO God on the one side and you on the other – God/Universal Consciousness cannot be separated from itself. Seeing God/Universal Consciousness as another thing over there is like playing chess with yourself. There is just no such possibility – it is a man-made concept used to explain the seemingly unexplainable. God is ONE WHOLE collective thing – although we have given God human characteristics in an identification attempt – and the true concept of God encompasses everything. God is the energy and driving force of creation, and it is the life-force that channels all realities.

The third attribute is to become compassionate. The admonishment here is to become compassionate in all things. With other words: in everything you do, say and think - do, say and think it with genuine compassion for everything and everyone around you – including yourself.

By combining and adhering to these three attributes – of interdimentional understanding, a realisation of collective family and a compassionate spirit – you will come to see the face of God.

Instead of describing to you how to do these things and how to incorporate them, I am going to give you a metaphor.
It describes a perception that will be, especially by parents – and especially by mothers - understood:

‘Mothers, remember the feeling when you had your first born – that precious moment? There is nothing like it.
Now, let’s say that you lost track of your children – let’s imagine they where living in another country – and you were no longer part of their lives. You lost contact. You missed them and yearned for their return.
Then, one day you receive a phone call: “Mom! It’s us! We found you. Can we come home?"

Mom. What are you going to say? Your children wish to come home. You don’t ask why – you just want to see them again.

The metaphor of coming home is the connection with the Higher-Self, which gets you back into remembrance and reunion with God.

One child shows up in a brown car and one in a blue – do you care? Do you care, mom?
There will be those who do care what colour car you drive, but not the Creator – for how can one part of one thing wish another part of itself to be wilfully discarded? All Spirit cares about here is the heart and integrity of the search, not how you get there – or which car you drive or what colour it is. Universal Consciousness cares about the reunion of its consciousness.

The complete message here is that the Creator wishes to be found – a message very seldom heard in hard-core religious doctrine - and does not care how the reunion occurs.
Spirit wants to be found! It’s simple, not hard. Without any special steps or suffering; no special rules or party hats are needed either.’

If you really wish to see the face of God then observe people in their own world – you don’t get to know yourself by dissecting others’ characters and placing them in a box and assigning then some type of meaning based on this box. It boils down to a matter of how deeply you trust your own guidance (Attribute #1) to how much bounce will be in your step.

Harmony and happiness are states of consciousness, not acquired attitudes:
Every choice in your life has to be tested by conscious questioning; from the biggest to the smallest everyday choices. Every decision you make must also satisfy five necessary attributes:


If even one attribute is absent, you must look in another direction regarding your decision.
Live by it and you cannot ‘fail’ in your path.

You can only say that you know how to love, and live in and with love, when you know the value of things and people that leave lasting impressions of their lives.

Copyright ©2008 Jacques Ractliffe.

In love and light,

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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

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