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Sacred Relationships 2

The energy of creativity

…to truly love, is to love without surrendering your unique personal power.
(Think about the above statement; it holds the answer on how to love AND receive love – IN EVERYTHING.)
If someone is prepared to give up their personal power to you, then stay away – it is not a question about whether it will work, it is simply a question that it won’t, because it cannot. In today’s reality, no relationship can include true love if there is dependency from one in finding their identity in another person, or even to find the excuse that one did not have the opportunity to become something, because of the action (or no action) of another.
- even when and if you find yourself in such a relationship with some form of emotional dependency, because most of us do, then the above explanation still holds true.
It is hard to always follow what is obvious, that, in my opinion, is a given. However, it would solve so much perceived heartache…

Creativity is part of the life force, which exists to create YOU – from this perspective you are thus literally born to create (and thus to enrich your own life).
Creative blockage creates illness in a person – usually around the heart and solar plexus areas and an inability to loose weight. I am not referring to creating in the sense of artistry only, but also the normal creativity within all living life on earth, inherent in every human being: Creating your life and creating for your own soul is to liken what breathing is to the physical body.
If you want to know if you are a person who is uncreative in your outlook on life and within yourself, just ask yourself if you hang onto the predictability of dissatisfaction. If the answer is yes, then you are the type of person who finds solace in the predictability of mundane life, bad habits, arguments – and even, so-called, divine prediction. You are the type of person, who cannot go forward, because of your creative blockage that exists out of fear of living within a self-empowered state and seeing yourself as your own highest authority. You might even live a life where you feel subconsciously secure in the excuse that “it is not yet time” and that “the gods” are simply alerting you to “potential upcoming change”.
Your heart-energy should guide and direct you. With other words: if your heart honestly feels good about something, then look into it (the “something”, I mean). Inspiration is your emotional life-blood as a human being, whereas looking for approval keeps you in stagnation and does not allow for maturation. Approval is power – your own approval is your own empowerment. The process of realising your own inspiration will remodel your life and bring the necessary people into your life, such as new friendships and even renewed eating habits.

View the economics of life as an energy – no more and no less. Giving more value to something will lend you to attach ego to it; and that will simply lead to resentment.
Don’t let your ego run rampant with indiscriminate sharing in the need to be seen as something. The need for attention is a gross habit that is fulfilled with the need to always be surrounded by unnecessary drama within the need to be “right” and “justified”.
A parent or family that is not approving of you will also create a dire need in you to be justified – do you have this scar tissue? And, unfortunately, this kind of heartache makes a victim of many more than we realise.
Do not sabotage or prostitute yourself mentally or emotionally, but learn to fall in love with yourself.
Remind yourself that you are following the processes of natural creation – witness yourself thinking and doing all the time and beware of becoming a contented murderer of your own and others’ inspiration.

“A mark of an individual with healthy esteem is the ability to spend time alone, without constantly needing other people around. Being comfortable and enjoying solitary time reveals inner peace and centering.”
- Denis Waitley


Only benevolence rules creation

The reason that you make choices is what is important and valuable. If you question the vastness of universal consciousness, you will never see the blessings of the future. Acknowledge all happenings, but only recognise the blessings – assimilate and release the “stuff” that contribute to your “pot”. Universal consciousness is infinite, and our paradigm is finite – so: I say again: Acknowledge all happenings, but only recognise the blessings – assimilate and release the “stuff” that contributes to your “pot”.
Remember that creation is a continuous process that does not stop for anything or anyone. Surrender to living and enriching your life and you will understand life. Inner guidance does not produce a certified level of outcomes; however, it produces more life – life for YOU. It is what you decide that matters – it is exceptional folly to surrender such extreme power to another.
Remember that Divinity (Universal Consciousness) has no logic - as we see it, as everything is in service to Creation. Learn to anticipate the “bigger picture”.
Be the love of your life and love will be drawn to you – it’s a simple equation.

This might be a strange example, but here goes:
You cannot eat organic lettuce and expect better health if you are not organic in being – you might as well then eat dog food and it will probably be better for you.

This brings us to the intention of intuition:
There are two types of intuition –
Please bear in mind that intuition is NOT a psychic ability!
1) Survival intuition
EVERYBODY has survival intuition. Your five standard senses are part of the human body’s make up and are there as sensory responses to life in general. Your innate 6th sense is a perception of creation.
Survival intuition is strongly connected to one’s ego and is reflected in your decisions and quality of life. To have control of your 6th sense, you need to be mindful of your “inner voice”.

2) Visionary intuition
With visionary intuition, you do, in fact, not need to eat, meditate or the like – it is a creative intuition that is our guiding force in co-creation. Co-creating can be simply explained as utilizing the life force around you to create a reality other than accepting the reality that unfolds in a set pattern for you, if nothing is done to alter it. With other words: Life will make your choices for you if you do not do it for yourself.

And remember that the size of your personal vision will always be shown you in direct proportion of your enlightenment and inner authority.

Also -
Co-creating must happen anonymously – so the question is: are you capable of living an anonymous life?
You do not need to know the intricate details of how and why the universe works the way it does – don’t try and figure it out – your task is to live your life to the best of your ability as a sentient being, utilising all your senses and innate intuitive abilities. Thus you make your own choices with Divine guidance to assist you.

Compassion is the grace to know that in everything, you are there by divine choice.
Get out of your own way.

“People are where they are because that is exactly where they really want to be whether they will admit that or not.”
- Earl Nightingale


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Makeda said...

Hey Jacques,
That was another master piece that just resonated with myself.

Thank you! -Higher Mastery


Liz said...

Hello Jacques
I just must tell you how I absolutely love your stuff - truly, you are so in touch with your soul and I appreciate the lessons in all these missives enormously.