Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Sacred Relationships

One can easily give away one’s power in a relationship.

Personal power is invariably lost when another sees you as a substitute for some emotional hang-up -> like eg.- their absent father figure.

Personal power is gained and nurtured when we allow each other to grow and assist in uncovering each other’s fears – however, this can only be done within a high level of maturity, as pointed out by Caroline Myss.

Issues in personal relationships are a process – not a problem.

A relationship is an exchange of power (a vow) – immature vulnerability is when you have given up power to another person.
Change happens – it is a process of growth – it is what a relationship is; a sacred relationship is the arena in which we will confront our fears.
Be responsible for yourself and don’t give your responsibility to your mate. If you give your responsibility to your partner, you actually give away your free will. In this you allow another to smash your self-esteem and they will create your life for you by making your decisions for you.
A sacred relationship is when two people can exchange each other’s power through the celebration of their individual and combined strengths. If you can’t exchange your partner’s growth and/or talents, your relationship will not be pleasant, and you will ALWAYS hit a brick wall.

Here’s a question for you: Did you fall in love with the being of your partner or did you fall in love with an archetype?
In answering this question truthfully will lie your concept of the meaning of unconditional love.

Choice is everything –
Through giving and allowing yourself choice, you give yourself freedom. In giving your choice to another, you lock yourself up in an emotional jail (which, by the way, has a built-in giant roller coaster that you are forced to go on ever so often).
However, choice and growth can be terrifying! Just remember that you sabotage your own empowerment through fear of progress.

That we will get hurt in this life is a given, you cannot avoid it, because of our human set-up – those who try to avoid it are relegating a gift of life to a Pandora’s box of unconscious pain and disappointment that WILL open at some unexpected time.

Guilt-free hurt is a great gift of unconditional love as a human.

Note: A spiritual master will always teach you that you have choice in everything in life – consciously.

What one has to realise within the acknowledgement of the beauty of opening oneself up for a sacred relationship, is that a relationship will only survive for its allotted time of usefulness. This sounds callous, I know, but a relationship truly worth keeping is a relationship that is of continued benefit to BOTH partners’ spiritual realisation and mental growth – and one where BOTH partners have an immense sense of self-worth.
Please note that if only one partner is benefiting, the relationship IS going to loose its meaning.

The most powerful choice you can make and have in a relationship is to give choice to another; to allow them space and to let them go, if need be, in the full understanding of unconditional love.

Another thing to remember is that an unconditional friendship will outlast the vast majority of intimate relationships. Meaning that: a sacred relationship must also include a VERY strong friendship – above and beyond the love relationship.
I say this, because one easily, and quite unwittingly, slips into a pattern of expectancy and before you know it, all the issues that unconsciously and very quietly crept up on you, now seem, most decidedly, irreversible.

You are, in fact, that upon which you meditate.
All human relationships are but a creation of the physical world.
To understand that we are all family of the One Eternal Vibration called Life, is to understand the true meaning of friendship; and when lived as such, surpasses human comprehension and directly touches what is known as the Divine. This is the most beautiful relationship in the universe.

To know – to dare – to do – to serve – to be silent.

For as long as you require someone else to be a compliment to you, you will not find happiness; and when both partners know that they do not need to do this, they will both automatically give it – and none will rely on it.
People tend to pull away when they do not know how to accept unconditional giving; and then there are those that will give in the expectancy of receiving, as a consequence…

“It is the greatest of struggles, but one who makes peace between his ego and his mission in life can make peace between the world and its purpose of creation, between woman and man, and between Earth and Heaven.”
- Anonymous
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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Complete or Complacent Wisdom..?

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”
- Colin Powell

I have stated before that it is better to treat ourselves as our own best and most endearing friend; to willingly and wilfully evoke the Creator’s will for and in our lives; and so, to maintain equilibrium in our psyches.
It all sounds quite poofy.., but it can be done. The answer? OBSERVANCE.
Observance of yourself – always and in all ways. ALWAYS. Observe your actions before you react. Observe your thoughts – don’t react to them. Just don’t react..!

The danger here is to fall for the soft ebbing flow of complacent wisdom – I have met and know several people who suffer from this type of wisdom, including, at times, myself. Complacency is not the same as a firm belief in something; complacency is when that firm belief becomes stagnant and rigid. Opposed to this is complete wisdom such as that of Jesus who lived a life that advocated no distinction in love between male/female, rich and poor, religion or creed.
Seen from another perspective, complete wisdom is something that requires action.
How many people do you know who simply believe that intending something is going to lead to its realisation? Well, sometimes, but more not than often, intention is the only thing required to make something happen, if it is also cosmically intended. However; usually intention is not enough; although a vital step, it is only the first step.
Intending brings one to the point of generating the energy of creation, without which nothing will happen.
After intention comes observation. The observation of your choices. Observe your internal and intuitive reactions to your different choices. Then, depending on your experiences in and outlook on life (mine, for example, would be from a spiritual point of view), choose. If you get stuck here there are basically two scenarios: 1) Someone else will choose for you, 2) Life will choose for you. Either way – God does not stop “Godding”.
After you have made a choice, make decisions for acting upon that choice. A lot of people can actually get up to this point, but it is during this point that things start going pear-shaped. They masterfully weigh their options and even write down their choices. They then proceed to make decisions, but the decisions become half hearted. This is usually the point where most people become unstuck, which means that the next and most crucial step for realisation on our earth plane is not completed. And this is to TAKE ACTION. Without action you might as well have stayed at home watching TV.
There is a fine line between an obstinate control freak and a blissful ignoramus.
Cosmic intelligence may only assist you in achieving your decision when you initiate the action. Letting go and letting God is not about forfeiting your power to a seemingly higher and outer power, but about acknowledging your Higher-Self as part of you and you as part of it.
Observation of choices
Making decisions for acting
Take action

Let’s take a feasible example:

INTENTION: You set the pure and honest intention of leaving your current industry of work for something else. You have thought about this for some weeks/months and have more or less outlined what it is you want to achieve.

OBSERVATION: You observe your choices in this situation by being aware of opportunities that present themselves. You “observe” that you have the choice to stay in your current location, move to another province or even emigrate.

CHOOSING: You then make a decisive choice as to what it is you really want.
You want to move. Leave the logistics to cosmic intelligence, but nothing stops you from maybe squizzing the internet for available flight tickets or the like.

MAKING DECISIONS: Once you have decided what you want, make decisions on how to act to achieve this goal. Not about how to move and exactly where and when and all that paraphernalia, but start getting your life in order for this move – leave the grating details to your Higher-Self – you simply decide on what’s going to move with you. Fabulous!
Note: Telling all and everybody about your plans just generates unnecessary expectation from others who may just be waiting to see you fail; and this is often the point where we stall and sputter.

TAKE ACTION: When cosmic intelligence then arranges the opportunity – then take it!

Throughout all of this, you will get absolutely nowhere and fall flat like a baked pudding that has been made without flour if intuition is not your guiding language.

Darling! The kettle ain’t going to boil unless you switch it on.. and
instead of waiting for someone else to switch it on, switch it on yourself, and make a cuppa!
Never let other people decide what your capabilities and limitations are – there always will be many volunteers to tell you you’re either too old or too young or not smart enough.

The truth of the matter is that, in general, many people cannot and are unable to accept blatant honesty, raw beauty or unblemished innocence. It’s too.. toooo.. ..GLARING!
It’s like the difference between dogs and cats: A dog gets up with you in the morning and licks you in the face and sends you of to work with the assurance that they will look after the house (OK – maybe not the Paris Hilton-style doggies). Most cats will give you a one-eyed look of ‘get-your-fat-ass-to-work-and-feed-me-before-you-go’. Or so the prophecy goes. (I assure you, I am very much a lover of all animals).
Moral of the story? Surround yourself with people of like mind and people who will give you sound advice if you ask for it, especially when making life-changing decisions. Consciously avoid the opinions of those that will generate fear. If you “cannot help” yourself and announce your plans to the world prematurely, it simply points to allowing your ego to sabotage you……; the question is “why”.

“Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.”
- Christopher Lasch

‘Till next time,

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