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TRUTH. What and who is a person who is individually enlightened and empowered?

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

We are each a highly complex and interdimentional group of melded entities with spiritual purpose – your Higher-Self. Yet, we only “see” one face in the mirror. Although there are many truths, there is only one core truth – that truth is very simple; it is the love of God. Each will then have their own truth, which is based on the core truth of God within themselves. This is then your truth and what enlightenment is for you.
God can thus not do anything on this planet unless it is through the Human Being.
People who have come to work with this truth are generally referred to as Lightworkers. But to really identify a true lightworker – have a look at their eyes.
A lightworker’s eyes are very stable (w.o.w. they do not look all over the place – their attention is not diverted from their momentary focus). Yes, their eyes seem to reflect a brilliance that is found in clarity of the eye (sparkles) and the eyes seem to “smile”, but more important than that, a lightworker’s eyes have a soft and penetrative look (not stare) that conveys a knowing of peace and honesty.
A true lightworker knows that there is no pushing and pulling from an outside source – there is, instead, a dark/light balance in each Human heart. This is what is known as duality; and that is the test of the Earth.
What holds the cosmos together?
Our free will lies in the choices we have in either blindly following dogma or listening to our own life force.
Following dogma usually results in an unending host of do’s and don’ts that need to be adhered to.
Following a built in guidance system also has rules; the difference is that cosmic rules are requested and activated by pure intent. Set rules are inflexible in their interpretation – and worse yet, they can be bent to suit needs; whereas cosmic rules stand above the need to explain and cannot be altered to suit adaptation. Cosmic rules are there to enhance an enlightened being’s life, not to encase it. Did you ever think what an enlightened being actually is? I would propose that it is a person who relishes in the essence of the understanding of pure love, knowing that it cannot be explained to one who has not yet encountered it, and that to explain it takes away the energy of peacefulness that surrounds this understanding.
An enlightened person knows that there also has to be an element of trust when taking the “hand of Spirit” and moving forward. There has to be faith in cosmic intelligence:
Let’s look at some..
The core emotion of the universe is that of love. All spiritual masters that have ever been, are and will be on Earth know that all too well. Love is the key for enlightenment of the Human Being.
We are all dearly loved, irrespective of anything. It is a cosmic given; it is a built in part of cosmic existence. It is.
This is the most difficult cosmic law to accept and believe - for most.
In every Human being there lies a profound divinity. It is, however, not intuitive. It is felt enough to lead people to find/or reject God in some form or fashion of worship. The knowledge that you are God is not intuitive. Why? So that if you search for God, you mean it. For if it were a flirtation, you will never find any answers.
This is duality.
No Human can willingly un-know anything. Once energy is created, it is created. Experience can also not be erased. It becomes part of you for life, forever embedded within your knowledge. It is how you work with it (or not) that counts. This also counts for the ways one chooses to receive communication from Universal Consciousness. If, for example, one chooses to communicate with the Divine through altered consciousness, or cards, or numbers; this manifests as its language with you – it might, in all probability, not make much or any sense to another, but this would be the way that cosmic intelligence knows how to nudge you. Even if you choose to ignore it, it will not become unlearnt.
You can never return to a less aware state.
Do we have to re-learn it all when we come back next time? Well, if that were the case I would most decisively have huge issues with the faeries!…, and then some!
The next cosmic law states that whatever has been learnt spiritually in one expression will carry over into the next.
Just think of it in this way: Why then do those (who choose to recognise it), who seemingly had no spiritual training, have profound wisdom?
The reason most people are afraid to open this side of their God-given perception, is because then they have to face it; because once that symbolic jar is opened it cannot be closed. This is the reason most do not ever realise their own altruistic nature, because of the fear of their own mastery.
How does one not realise one’s own intuition and psychic nature as given tools in the dance of life? By not acknowledging that those mentioned abilities are innate to every living Human Being; some just cannot bear the risk of fitting on that particular frock.
Another fear that goes along with the one mentioned above is the fear of allowing change to occur in your life. Change is, to many, a horrendous swearword. Rather the devil you know than the devil you don’t!?
When pure intent is given to know who you are in this world as a spiritual being, you give permission to the cosmos to start rearranging things around you.
Finding God within you is by no long shot esoteric candyfloss.., it does change your life.., and this is what is so difficult to accept. Becoming enlightened is not for the faint hearted.
It is not that God finds pleasure in taking away love in any situation; however, the earth plane demands compensation for the honing of skills.
When a human decides to move into an interdimentional state, the whole cosmos knows it. Your “universal family” recognises it. That which is you on the “other side” feels it. The God in one will always greet the God in another – the cosmos awakens when you do.
When you are not sure why you like someone, but you feel comfortable in their presence (I am not speaking romantically), it points to an unconscious recognition of spiritual life force emanating from another.
And lastly, have you ever wondered if that light for peace that you send to the war torn areas of the world, the political offices, and the downtrodden actually has an effect? It does. Every person affects the fabric of our cosmic existence. Our so-called future. Only one half of one percent of the human population is energetically needed to awaken peace on Earth. Governments will start making wiser decisions and ignorance will turn to wisdom. Sending light to other areas of the world and to other peoples of the world follows an intelligent design of cosmic proportion and has an effect on the minds of the cosmic participants. These are the Old Souls. It’s the Old Souls who will make the difference; and many of these are children today.
Note: Even if a child is an Old Soul (currently known as Indigo/Crystal children), the emergence of their Light depends overwhelmingly on the upbringing they receive from their parents; and will consequently give to their own children. Parents are the focus, because without enlightened parents, the light of a child will in almost all cases fizzle and die, or at the very least be grossly delayed or just not come to fruition.
It is how one looks at things that matters…
E.g. the way I write is by completely trusting Spirit to bring me the right material at the right time. When I am writing, I know that the material that I have gathered will be presented in the right order, even when I pick up a peace of paper I have scribbled on or underlined something on to lead me into a specific subject.
But for someone who doubts that something like this could be, it will simply not work.
For Divine inspiration to become Divine guidance, it has to be believed by the individual who receives it, as it has no obligation to anybody else.
…and with that, I truly love you, because I truly love myself.

“To be brave is to love someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return.
To just give takes courage; because we don’t want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt.”

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True enlightenment manifests as the unconditional desire to be of service to all of humanity.
Knowing that you are a spiritual being living an Earthly existence is to live Life here and now from the Soul’s perspective– in all ways and in all things.

Friday, 2 May 2008

How does one know God?

“The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he thought he would never be found out.”
- Lord Macaulay

So how does one know God? By knowing your self.

A master will know that he/she never needs to explain themselves to anybody. If a person really appreciates you for the sake of being you – that’s who they met in the first place. A true lover or friend will make every effort not to fall for the temptation to change anyone to suit his or her outlook, because they don’t need to; and besides, the person who dislikes you for whatever reason won’t believe in any reason to like you anyway. So, stop wasting your time! Not in the light of becoming judgemental and all or slamming your mind into superiority overdrive, but learn to work with it and avoid mincing around with people that do not appreciate your outlook on life – it is also quite pointless to judge them and will only exacerbate a discontented situation.
On the other hand, in any friendship or intimate relationship, to make anybody a priority in your life when you may just be an option to them is just going to, eventually, land you up in some dingy pub somewhere holding passionate conversations with the peanuts.
Relationships do work better when they are balanced and not entombed in unfulfilled demand.

The same goes for something like e.g unnecessary healthy eating; (oh, God, I can just imagine all the health fanatics torching my home tonight) but there is a problem with becoming a fanatic about something. Always trying to preserve a healthy, pristine and sexy body, unfortunately, also leads to a slightly uptight mind. Believing that a some-specific-thing is going to save you from a some-specific-that is out – O-U-T! There is really an overflow in the buffer of the worldwide health server regarding people who spend way too much time watching their health in every teensy-weensy detail that they have no time to enjoy life. Being aware of general health and eating and acting accordingly is simply recognition that a healthy body promotes a better state of mind for clarity of thought and energetic output (I am not referring to justified medical conditions). Just like jumping off some building is not going to stop its demolition. There is a huge difference between passion and fanaticism.
The World Health Organisation would tell you that health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

What is it then like to live from the soul’s perspective?
Living from the perspective of your soul is to know and accept others as they are, really! Not just saying it. Always. It is a life style, a way of life and part of your outlook on life. It will be with you every waking moment and transfer to every conscious and unconscious act. From there you will understand where others have been in life and you will accept who they have become. You will also, without question, accept who you have become and allow and invite others to grow.
And above all, you will gain immense respect for other people; you will acquire an unfathomable respect for life (understanding that everything comes from the one Life that is universal energy in its various states of motion); you will be awed at your part in all of this – and you will come to know that wisdom is truly much more than intelligence.
To be consciously aware of whom you are in relation to others, you will have to be your own best friend.

“The man who views the world at fifty, the same as he did at twenty, has wasted thirty years of his life.”
- Muhammad Ali

How do you show others that you live from your soul’s perspective?
You don’t – that would be wholly inappropriate. If you are tempted to prove yourself to others, then you do not understand what it is to live a soulful life yet.
Just like one should never force one’s own opinion upon another in any matter; if you were to be offended by another’s “faults”, then turn to yourself and study your own “failings”. In this way you will be able to see that your belief creates your universe – what you are attempting to achieve here is that it is what you know within yourself that will master your universe.

People ask me what is meant by self-acceptance – I mean, what is it really all about and how does one do it? My own belief is the following:
To accept who you chose to be is found in the knowledge that God has no preference as to what you do with yourself; as you do come into this life with certain abilities, looks, etc. – the interesting and meaningful part lies in seeking perfect acceptance from yourself and not a perfect life.
I don’t mean to make this sound like God finding an interesting TV channel on a Friday evening and munching buttered popcorn under a blanky on the couch, but this is when God experiences its human existence.

And where are we going to find this acceptance within ourselves? This is a life-long pursuit of finding, accepting, assimilating and finding more… God does not stop growing and experiencing.
However, to give you one example: True happiness is found in fidelity to a worthy cause. Believe in something “bigger” than you. Live your passion and you will begin to unearth the answers to your existence without asking. This will be “given” in direct proportion to your current knowing. Godliness will never intend to overwhelm.

Most people make the mistake of trying to find contentment within themselves through seeking it elsewhere. Whether this is by making someone else more important than you, like within a marriage or succumbing to addictions and thus making that addiction your God. By appointing overriding importance to another person, thing or sensation, you will give away your power of self-actualisation – most do this out of fear and/or loathing of looking at themselves without judgement. They cannot bring themselves to believe that they play a part in experiencing God’s Human creation – never mind creation as a whole.
From an esoteric point of view there is no past and there is no future, but to us, who are living in a linear dimension, the “past” and “future” are two very “realistic” things.
However, the past and future should be seen as tools: Our known past as humanity and our personal past is what is reflected in emotion - the future is a concept based in feeling. Neither should be deemed important and is only there to concretise the reality of our world. It would also be completely dilly to ignore our concept of time, as it is something we live with – and we also need to understand that it is a tool used by Divine consciousness to propose a potential result. Knowing this means that you will also know that you do not have to be a linear slave.
And on the note of slavey-people – an altruist is nobody’s slave, an altruist serves humanity by knowing that he/she is ultimately serving him-/herself. And I mean really knowing it!
One of the main purposes of being here on earth is to discover where our true purpose lies in the service to humanity and the earth as a whole – and then, once discovered, to live it. Either you are going to believe this or you are not. Ultimately, nothing can force you to believe anything. And that, in my opinion, is how you know God.

Truly believe in your self to truly believe in Divine Consciousness..

‘Till next time,


Life-Force Channeler
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