Tuesday, 15 April 2008

You/I are the source and the mirror...

…well, that’s it in a nutshell – that’s God for you. The really one, I mean. Not the one that has needs and demands. God is just a word.
True divinity is it’s own source and, quite frankly, it’s own mirror. We are part of that mirror.
We do tend to live up to our expectations. Living life with a victim mentality is not knowing that success is also determined by how one deals with supposed failure.
Divinity speaks to itself all the time – it is in not knowing how to listen that the perceived pain lies. And since we are a part of divinity, we are the ones being “spoken” to.

Treat people as if they already are what they ought to be according to their own highest vision that they hold for themselves – and you help them in becoming what they are capable of being.

How does one listen to divinity? There are many different ways and modalities whereby one can learn the etheric language of symbolism and feeling. Reading the energy of life is easy. The hard part for us is in the getting to the point of understanding it. The language of creation is not a verbal one – but it is a universal one, because it deals with images and impressions.
It is not a language dependent on vowels and consonants and is open to interpretation. It’s meaning is oftentimes ahead of the concrete understanding of it’s intention(s) and it’s truthful translation requires no preconceived notions.
I am speaking of psychics, clairvoyants, channellers and the like, and I am speaking of those that truly only have humanities best interest at heart – not their own and not for any gain.
I spoke of how to discern the difference between those esoterics that are genuine and those that are not, in my book Orgasms of Light – A Spiritual Conversation for the Individual, so am not going to say much more on this subject except that a genuine esoteric will also be an altruist. A person that is truly devoted to the New Age will not hold forth that they are in ANY way the only source of enlightened information.

The essence of love is the expansion of your own identity as the lover.

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of a genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.”
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The person who is going to end up walking a balanced life is the one who has mastery on the inside – the one who realises that they are an equal partner with God – taking the hand (so to speak) of that which we cannot see in our 3D linearity and not put it on an unreachable pedestal and make of it an unattainable goal. That’s the person who has mastery and that’s the one everybody wants to be with.
There must be no misunderstanding; the passion for a spiritual path that enhances a person is the result of the melding of the human heart with the love of God.
A person who is bound to the sway of life-drama – thus living to survive – is the one who will place stock and expectancy in being let down by others, including the one(s) closest to them. You will allocate blame – including blaming new loves for past lovers’ transgressions.
Roots are for insecure people. Your “rootedness” must lie in yourself and not in outer structures and external ideologies. A belief in exterior “rootedness” (when others’ opinions mould our identities) will lead to a letting go of your dreams and ideals – replacing your creativity with dogma. Once you have assumed a particular definition, you will feel strongly inclined to defend this assumptive identity – this is furtive ground for the ego. All possible strategies will be devised by your egoic mind to convince you that you are not capable or self-sufficient.
If you believe that you are inadequate, other people will believe it also.

How do we silence the ego? Learn to love the moment that you are in at any given time. Spirit has lots to say – actually, there are times when you just want the communication to shut up!
Believing that you are inadequate is quite simply a fear in your ability to deal with something. Believe that you are more than good enough and you will be amazed at what life will reveal to you – you will see and hear and do things that you have seen and heard and done before, but this time you will encounter them differently.


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Natalie said...

Thanks Jacques. It really cleared my head and opened my heart! You are greatly blessed and will help many people!