Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Conscious Power - ..what you think, do and feel is directly an indication of who you are..

There are only two modes of mental power – the conscious and the unconscious. The question is which one you allow to create your mental perception. One might be likely to say that the ‘unconscious’ is supposed to create your reality, but be careful here – one first needs to consciously teach the mind to create before it can then become unconscious in the use of creating your reality, as ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the conscious mind. We forget that we tend to create an enormous amount of negativity in our lives – just through thinking negative thoughts. How often do you think up destructive thoughts about people? imagining a possible negative scenario and the argument(s) you would then face and what you would say? imagined and embellishing thought after or during watching violent TV programs and the like? etc. The value of the subconscious lies in its irreplaceable function to warn us of danger, its inner sense of guidance, the automatic control of the vital bodily processes and its importance as the seat of memory; it, however, does not have the ability to discriminate or reason, as does the conscious mind.
The conscious mind is thus ‘reasoning will’ and the subconscious ‘instinctive desire’.
What am I getting at? to intend the power of the mind to use the Law of Attraction consciously as a tool in its creation of your tangible world. I think the reason that so many people have not understood this natural law is, because of the fact that generating negative though also produced such in reality – so much so that it either negates your positive thoughts or, in most cases, completely overwhelms and replaces them. ONE HAS TO CONSTANTLY STIVE TO BE POSITIVE AND REJECT ALL NEGATIVE THOUGHT – whether that is about the petrol price increasing or not getting something right from the word ‘go’ in practice - or thought.
By the Law of Attraction we really are what we think, do and feel – and it is thus very literally a direct indication of whom we are.

In this light, one also needs to realise that tension will only lead to mental unrest and feeble mental activity, which produces worry, fear and anxiety. To be able to use conscious mental power, relaxation is a priority, for without a relaxed and awake mind, conscious creation is not possible. Make this a daily exercise – to relax the mind; for conscious power can only be attained if one practices it - like anything else.
Our greatest power, as humans, lies in the ability to think, but not many people know how to think constructively and thus mainly achieve only indifferent results. When you allow your thoughts to dwell on self-serving purposes, the mind remains underdeveloped. A mature mind develops through practising silence and it comes to understand that the crux of defeat is found in every selfish thought.
Also bear in mind that one can only think for oneself and create for your self. Attempting to create for another and/or influencing another’s mind to what you deem appropriate will only lead to your own eventual unhinging of mental power over your own life.

Also remember that over-work, over-play or over-bodily activity of any kind produces mental apathy and stagnation in the realisation of conscious power. When we are still, we can think – and correct thought is the secret of all attainment.

Physical stillness is the first step to self-control and self-mastery.

“Matter is powerless, passive, inert. Mind is force, energy, power. Mind shapes and controls matter. Every form which matter takes is but the expression of some pre-existing thought.
But thought works no magic transformation; it obeys natural laws; it sets in motion natural forces; it releases natural energies; it manifests in your conduct and actions, and these in turn react upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the whole of your environment.”

- The Master Key System
- By Charles F. Haanel



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Anton said...

I read your post this morning and thought it quite true and inspirational. I am definitely going to apply this as of today.

camilyn said...


You've a really great weblog. Most people usually do not realize what mind power can do to one's good results.

Mano said...


You have an incredibly wonderful weblog. To turn into a productive man or woman the essential thing is always to have positive thinking.