Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Victim to Victor Mentality...


Who said one cannot rise above our worldly reality? All one needs is courage to face one’s difficulties - that comes from the reserves of the mind, which is more powerful than any outside circumstance.
One CAN rise above one’s issues by recognising that you are bigger than your problems; however, one’s obstacles will appear small or large in direct proportion to whether YOU feel big or small.
The capacity to confront that, which blocks your path, lies in COURAGE.
The problem that faces humans in solving their own issues is found in the reliance in and on outside paraphernalia. BLIND FAITH only gets one onto a path of being strewn along by what happens TO YOU in life.
Are you one of those people that believe they are too weak to make things happen? and consequently justify their own inadequacy through this belief? Displaying your apparent spiritual incapability for all to have pity on?
Disempowering yourself like this plays directly into the hands of the orthodox education-, religious- and media-reinforced world.
Through such a belief system, one bows down to accepting that all that is apparently of “higher origin” is self evidently superior – whether this is your boss at work or a belief in Ascended Masters.
Quite frankly, the above stated could only imply that one is scared of taking responsibility; and through such a belief one severs any challenges of growth and the inspiration attained through personal experience.

RIGHT! Enough ranting and raving. Let’s look at it in a bit more detail:
Many entrap themselves in roles that cause pain and disillusionment (much of the time, completely without conscious effort or knowing).
If you do not take responsibility for your emotions and behaviours, but leave the decision making to someone else and forego any form of courage, you end up blaming others for your own mistakes – YOU BECOME A VICTIM.
Victimhood surely results in ANGER, as you do not take responsibility for your own actions – and anger results in “taking it out” on others, by making them responsible for your misfortune. WITH THIS ATTITUDE YOU DISEMPOWER YOURSELF COMPLETELY.

An attitude of such disempowerment in a person can also unmask the RESCUER attitude in you – the rescuer of other peoples’ perceived misguided thoughts and actions; thus giving unsolicited advice and indulging in unwanted interference.
Rescuing is not giving love! Becoming the victim is not how one receives love! This is simply co-dependent behaviour.
Taking charge of another’s behaviour and choices is to not trust them (and remember that everybody is a mirror of your own behaviour and choices). People can take care of themselves – you take care of yourself. Life your own life – and show yourself some unconditional love.

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