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“Every human action, whether is has become positive or negative, must depend on motivation.”
-Dalai Lama

This weeks Lilac Master is a bit different – and this is what Spirit wished.
I was shown two different topics and only came to understand it all when I put the two together. It started when someone asked me: “What do the people of South Africa and the World specifically need to look at in the year 2008 - spiritually?”
…………that then led to a question on the use of visualisation…

Numerlogically, 2008 adds up to the number 1. This is the number of new beginnings. Without giving a whole long explanation on the number 1 in numerology, suffice it to say that 2008 holds the energy of a new beginning after learning experiences.
2007 was generally a very tough year and demanded a lot – and was also an exceptional year within spiritual learning for the individual. 2008 is also a highly spiritual year, but not necessarily on an individual basis. The spiritual learning experience is now much more for the earth and world society itself and leaves the individual free to express. 2008 has started with a huge “doing” energy. In general, this is a year for getting things done and establishing your own identity; an identity that will most probably be updated as the year progresses, so don’t knock yourself – just respect yourself and avoid consciously bringing harm to another. The energy at this time does not support fence sitting or cowering away from situations just because you think you might upset or disappoint people. Don’t be malicious, and also don’t be a fool. For South Africa specifically, the life force energies are ones of not compromising in your own beliefs – and before that the VERY IMPORTANT factor of speaking your truth in all things and all ways. This will bring eventual success – and only this. Please note that this also counts (in a big way) for the country as a whole.

The question of visualisation came up in relation to how one attempts visualisation to materialise one’s desires and plans:
As the topic of visualisation is one that has been well ridden and also one that has been enshrouded in differing opinion and misunderstanding, I was elated when Spirit showed me the perfect writing on this subject. I am going to quote you the words of Saint Germain (an Acsended Master who’s energy has embodied several other incarnations) from a book called UNVEILED MYSTERIES (ORIGINAL) by Godfré Ray King, Volume 1; Chapter 3, The Royal Teton – Saint Germain Press, Inc.

ג Question: What is true visualisation and what happens when one does visualise?
ג Saint Germain: (The answer is given with masculine reference for ease of writing)
“True visualization is God’s attribute and Power of Sight, acting in the mind of man. When one consciously pictures in his mind a desire he wishes fulfilled, he is using one of the most powerful means of bringing it into his visible, tangible experience. There is much confusion and uncertainty in the minds of many, concerning what actually happens, when one visualizes or makes a mental picture of something he desires. No form ever came into existence anywhere in the universe, unless some one had consciously held a picture of that form in his thought, for every thought contains a picture of the idea within in. Even an abstract thought has a picture of some kind, or at least a picture that is one’s mental concept of it.
I will give you an exercise by which one may develop, consciously control, and direct his visualizing activities for definite accomplishment. There are several steps to the process which every student can use at any and all times. The practice does bring visible, tangible results, when really applied.
The first step is to determine upon a definite plan or desire to be fulfilled. In this, see that it is constructive, honorable, and worthy of your time and effort. Be sure to examine your motive for bringing such a creation into expression. It must be honest, both toward yourself and the rest of the world, not merely to follow a whim or gratify appetites of the physical senses. Remember there is a vast difference between use, desire and appetite. Use is the fulfilling of the Great Universal Law of Service. Desire is the expanding activity of God through which manifestation is constantly sustained and is Perfection enlarging itself. Appetite is but habit established by the continued gratification of the feeling nature, and is but energy, focused and qualified by suggestions from the outer activity of life.
Be very sure that there is no lurking feeling within, that you would be glad to benefit at the expense of another. A real student, and only such a one will get the benefit out of this kind of training, takes the reins into his own hands and determines to discipline and consciously control the human self. He chooses what shall or what shall not be in his world and, through the process of picturing within his mind, designs and brings into manifestation a definitely determined plan of life.
The second step is to state your plan in words as concisely and clearly as possible. Write this down. Thus, you make a record of your desire in the outer, visible, tangible world. The third step is to close the eyes and see within your mind a mental picture of your desire or plan in its finished, perfect condition and activity.”

“Contemplate the fact that your ability to create and see a picture within your own consciousness is God’s attribute of sight, acting in you. The activity of seeing and the power to create are attributes of your God Self, which you know and feel is within you at all times. God’s Life and Power are acting within your consciousness to propel into your outer world, the picture you are seeing and feeling within yourself.
Keep reminding the intellect that the ability to picture is an attribute of God – the attribute of sight. The power to feel, experience, and associate with the perfected picture is God’s power. The substance used in the world without, to make the form in your picture and plan, is God’s pure substance. Then you must know, God is the Doer, the Doing, and the Deed of every constructive form and action that ever has been sent forth into the world of manifestation. When you thus use all the constructive processes, it is impossible for your plan not to come into your visible world. Read your desire or plan over, as many times in the day as possible and always just before retiring, because on going to sleep, immediately after contemplating the picture in your mind a full impression is left upon the human consciousness undisturbed for a number of hours enabling it to be recorded deeply in the outer activity, and allowing the force to be generated and accumulated, which propels it into the outer experience Life. In this way you can carry any desire or picture into your consciousness, as it enters the Great Silence in sleep. There it becomes charged by God’s Greatest Power and Activity which is always within the Heart of the Great Silence.

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