Sunday, 16 December 2007

Here’s to old acquaintances.. Cheers!

I ran into an old acquaintance again this past weekend. After all the “hi, howzit and how are all the children (she actually asked me if I wanted to take over one of the sweetie-pies!? jokingly, of course.., God forbid!), and all that jazz”, we got to reminiscing and talking over a cuppa chai tea.
Well, lemme tell you.., I was astonished and “awfully delighted” (she’s terribly Queeny British) at what we ended up chatting about (we each went trough copious amounts of Mugg & Bean tea and elasticised bladders – and welcomed a sunset).

Here’s a run down:

· Achieve greater awareness in living and experiencing life.
· To evolve human consciousness to higher levels.
· To change lives and transform the universe.
· To revolutionize the way we understand the mind and reality.
Interesting lady wouldn’t you say?

OK, so, however, at one point during the nitty-gritty of the conversation (which centered around self-acceptance) I asked whether, after all the “run down” has been taken into consideration, some people might end up fearing that if we accept ourselves as we are, we will have no motive to improve ourselves?
If it were that we have to accept ourselves for who we are and accept our lives for what it is, – as part of our incarnation – then the implication would be to continue living with our issues and perceptions? Do we then discard them?
Setting her second cuppacino down, she said: “No, we simply recycle them.” Uuuuhhhh?

All right, let’s break it down further:
There are several popular and less popular spiritual authors out there who have written that it is way more beneficial to admit to ourselves that our personal and life issues are part of our incarnations, and to actively realise their value and learning to live with them and especially to see and live past them, and using them as a development tool to enhance the experience of life.

A mouth full for sure…

Contrary to what one may think, self-acceptance is usually a prerequisite to moving beyond aspects of our selves, which we would like to leave behind.

Once energy is created, it is created. It is now pointless to try and undo that which cannot be uncreated; but we can learn to enhance it as a life-lesson – a lesson that will always be available to draw on.
As creating on earth requires two aspects to be fulfilled – that of intention and that of action – we can use the knowledge gained of our so-called negative aspects to understand our own minds; and also in the unfolding of our individual and global realities.
There is also no truth in the fear of an apparent feeling of emptiness and insecurity if we come to accept ourselves, as the human will never loose the innate drive for improvement and growth or the need to love and be loved and be creative; when it is natural and not connected to the fear of rejection and failure, learning brings pleasure – scientifically and biologically.

Love & Regards,

Life-Force Channeller
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