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Be your own best friend..

Earthly friendship with another becomes true in its meaning when we realise that it is bound to time in this life whereas friendship with yourself is something you have to face for the rest of your earthly existence. One thus faces the mastering of inner peace within yourself – and as everybody else is an extension of your personality, inner peace cannot be understood and applied without finding peace with the world’s people – ALL OF THEM!
But more to the point, how does a person master inner peace? Let’s break it down into three points:
· Get rid of survival mode
· Throw away the ego
· Pretend your gender doesn’t matter
Three, seemingly, impossible tasks – all going against human nature.

Survival instinct is built into our cellular structure, but that does not mean that it cannot be changed. The use of survival instinct was to instil in the human mind that you were alone and that you had to do everything on your own. You had to clear your own path, because nobody was going to do it for you; and, therefore, you had to compete for space, food, love and money on this planet – you had to survive.

The only way to transcend innate survival instinct is to know that you represent ultimate survival – you are the definition of survival. You are a master of humanity. You are the Light.
Begin by trusting in interdimensional forces that you will not understand, but know are always there, opposed to survival instinct, which is an old energy that says you have to compete for everything.

You have to toss away ego before you can balance it. What is meant by that? Ego is part of our design – we cannot switch it off, but you will know that your old ego triggers are discarded and that your ego is balanced when you can sit in a situation where somebody is calling you names and not feel it. Even if they are right. Becoming detached from ego-drama, irrespective of the situation, does not indicate divorcing yourself from living. Can you do that? An experiment here would be to disengage when a situation like this crops up. Simply respect the person who may be abusing you for the fact that they too are part of Humanity – recognise to yourself that they are the ones out of balance and not you. Do not join them in their abuse by accepting their unconscious invitation to revel in their drama; because that is what they are wanting and are waiting for. That is how one would disengage without airing superiority. There is no need for sarcasm from your side – that is pure ego-drama. Disengage, Scotty! Disengage.

Get rid of gender bias. Let me put it this way: A male orientated society has proven itself not to work – in looooong gone history of this planet, a female orientated society was as miserable a failure. The actual point that Spirit is interested in seeing is a society that is equal and without considerations of gender.
Most of us have been both sexes at different times and places in our incarnations. None is better than the other and none is capable of realising peace on earth on its own, regardless of what any mucho male egotist or feminist has to say. There is only one thing that will harmonise the sexes; and that is in seeing each other as spiritual incarnations within the broader experience of universal consciousness.
Identifying with certain things just because you are a certain gender and/or even campaigning against the other is nothing less than survival of dramatic ego.
Defining yourself on base of your gender (including whether one is heterosexual or homosexual or bi-sexual or a-sexual) only biases you to feel free to do certain things without expecting it to be questioned.

Just have a look at your favourite esoteric/spiritual masters, whether dead or alive – and if they have really achieved mastery you will find and see in them all three aspects that have been referred to above.
Now find and implement them in yourself. There is not really such a human as a “master” – it’s just a descriptive word, mostly used by those that externalise responsibility onto other humans they see as superior, or by people themselves who feel that the title of “master” hides their own inadequacies…
…and the system that will guide you in discovering your own mastery? Divine intuition. It is something that will assist you in knowing how fast to go and which way to turn. It, however, will not happen in advance. And that is what keeps many people away from their own intuitive abilities – the insecurity of not definitely knowing future happenings.
Intuition is a language that is spoken through symbols. It is our innate capability to read our surroundings – through animals, people, radio, billboards and events in nature. Our own inner Divine being also “speaks” to us through the actions and words of our friends and family. Inspiration is often unknowingly given by someone you hardly know or have met in passing – and sometimes we just need the unwitting push of a really good friend who might just be in your life for a season.


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